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Astro on the Go turns everything into TV

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Watch your favorite Astro channels on tablet, Smartphone and computer.

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Visit on On the Go Astro website and familiarize the website. Get an account then started to explore. The "GO PACK 3" contains mostly Mandarin-speaking channels favored by Chinese including one extra South Korean channel "S ONE". One could choose to subscribe one day package which is RM5 for a testing. Satisfied with their service, you are allowed to subscribe much more cheaper package which is RM30 for a month.

There are "GO PACK 1 and GO PACK 2". The Malay-speaking channels comes with Astro Oasis, Astro RIA Plus, Astro Warna, Astro Belle and S ONE. Astro-on-the-Go is good to use when one really needed to watch a drama or movies in any of their devices at anytime and anywhere. Imagine you can watch love dramas in a park with your girlfriend without bringing out laptop just your Iphone or Android phone. 

In order to subscribe any paid contents, there is only one way to pay them. It via Paypal. You will be redirected to a Paypal website with green highlighted tab. 

Astro on the Go S ONE channel

The above image depicting the the success of subscribing 1 day pass on "GO PACK 3". This is Astro S ONE channel. As you can see, there is a caption subtitles below. Someone has put Malay subtitles on this Korean drama to ease language barrier.

Some of the channels supported in Astro on the Go. The channels is in constantly updated more and more channels will be opened in the future !

Free channels 

  1. Hlive
  2. Awani
  3. Astro Arena
  4. Ceria Popstar Season 2

Available channels

  1. Animax on Demand
  2. Astro AEC
  3. Astro Shuang Xin
  4. Astro Zhi Zhun
  5. Astro Xiao Ta Yang
  6. S One
  7. Astro Oasis
  8. Astro RIA Plus
  9. Astro Warna
  10. Astro Belle