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Astro on the Go turns everything into TV

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Watch your favorite Astro channels on tablet, Smartphone and computer.

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Visit on On the Go Astro website and familiarize the website. Get an account then started to explore. The "GO PACK 3" contains mostly Mandarin-speaking channels favored by Chinese including one extra South Korean channel "S ONE". One could choose to subscribe one day package which is RM5 for a testing. Satisfied with their service, you are allowed to subscribe much more cheaper package which is RM30 for a month.

Astro On The Go Fan Choice Awards 2014

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Vote the best TV series, Actor, Actress, Movies that you like ! You only have 6 entries

Astro Fan Choice Awards
Astro's Fan Choice Awards

You will count as one vote per Facebook account for your favorite one. There are 6 category. "Gempak", "Vaanavil", "Hen Hao" , "International ", "Sports". 

Each category is different. Gempak category is more focusing on Malay actor/actress, Malay movies and TV series. Besides, Vaanavil category is more focusing on Indian TV. Moreover, Hen Hao category will be focusing on what Chinese like to watch in Astro. International category will be focusing on international movies and celebrity. For sports, it mainly about Malaysian favourite sport channels

On April 30, the highest voting for Gempak category is Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013. For Vaanavil, it is Gala Gala Vaanavil. For Hen Hao category, the highest will be the movie The Journey 2014. As for International category will be Korean variety show Running Man.   Last category in Sport, the highest vote given to Cristiano Ronaldo

Beside voting, there are attractive prizes to be won. Iphone 5S, Ipad mini, Free access to Astro-on-the-go, Logitech headset, Powerbank

Visit main official contest page : Astro Fan Choice Awards

Astro's Game App based on Apokalips X Movies

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Astro Shaw made a game app inspired by the movie Apokalips X aired on local cinema on April, 2014

Login with your facebook account to save your game scores and unlock the feature to compete score with your friends

Speaking about local game app we are not aware we actually can make a good game or either we have such a talent to develop a good smartphone game app?

No such things that Malaysian does not have the talents. We have plentiful talented young smartphone app developers. 

The game app is named as "Larian Maut" Have you figure out how is the overall game content ? It actually like pyramid escape but more excitement. I called it as escape & slashing game category. It is not just escaping and jumping obstacles. It actually slashing bad guys off the screen as the bad guys will slow you down and big bad guys from behind is rushing to caught you.

Most of the time you are running in the game but you actually have extra fun. Let say riding a motorbike and utilizing super slashing move. Besides, the game mechanic is top notch. Do not expect you can buy new weapons or upgrading your gears but you actually can unlock new character to play.

I will give score of 4/5 because it game graphic is eye-catching and plentiful of wow factors. Definitely worth you to download it is only 40 MB. Moreover, I do not seen any heavy ads built-in the game.  

So much to catch up if want to enter top 5 in leaderboard

Fear Factor Malaysia new season 2014

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New season of Fear Factor Malaysia will be aired on Astro Ria Saluran 104, 9PM , February 15, 2014

39 Challenges awaiting 16 teams. Which team will win away RM320,000 prizes ?  Stay tuned every saturday and sunday on TV.

On the first episode, 1 of the team has been eliminated. They are Ungku and Fifi. They tried their best in the first elimination round.

There are 2 groups with 8 teams. Each team consists of 2 persons. It seem like every team consist of at least one celebrity and one non celebrity.
Fear Factor Malaysi 2014
Aaron Aziz is the host of Fear factor Malaysia 2014

All of the Fear Factor Malaysia participants 2014.

Following are profile of participants

  1.  Dira + Azura
  2. Kairul + Nas T
  3.  Erin Malek + Redha (Winner of season 2 Fear Factor Malaysia)
  4.  Norman Hakim + Zarina (Eliminated)
  5.  Ryzal Jaafar + Samsuri
  6. Sari Yanti + Anbia
  7.  Syed Ali + Tatt
  8.  Ungku Ismail + Fify (Eliminated)
  9.  Azura + Rachel
  10.  Bambang + Faizal
  11.  Izzue + Emri
  12. Shah Iskandar + Kartini
  13. Syuib + Zakaria
  14.  Thanuja + Joy
  15.  Yana Samsudin + Janice
  16.  Zain Saidin + Akmal

Fear Factor challenge
In Episode Two, Team are up to find gold coin in a full of cow dung.

Astro is airing the Fear Factor 2014.

Redha and Malik won the grand prizes. Source: Fear Factor Malaysia online portal

March 11, 2014(UPDATED) - Fear Factor Malaysia 2014 is now on episode 4.
May 12, 2014(UPDATED)   - Fear Factor Malaysia concluded winner