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Malaysian Participants The Voice of China Season 3

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The Voice of China Season 3 in 2014. Two Malaysians successfully stolen couches attentions  

Both Malaysian participants have been shortlisted in a blind audition held by Voice of China Season 3. They are both females and like to sing songs from Wang Lee Hom, popular Taiwanese pop singer. There were 4 judges who will screening the process of the audition. If the judges like a particular singer in that audition, they will hit a button and turn their seat facing the singer. If they do not like the singer, they will never turn their seat facing the singer.

Chen yongxin The voice of China season 3

All 4 judges said "Yes" or turned their seat facing Melody Chen Yongxin who hail from Malaysia. She is 21 years old. Her amazing singing performance amazed everyone including four judges. Her ground-breaking performance will secure her singing career. A new and talented Chinese Singer in Malaysia emerged. If you wanted to know more about her, this is her official Facebook page Melody Chen Facebook page

Wendy woo The voice of China season 3

Wendy Woo accompanied by her mother, stepping up the the Voice of China season 3 blind audition. Singing the son originated from Taiwanese pop singer, Wang Lee Hom. 3 out of 4 judges said "Yes, we want you" ! Congratulation to her. In her Facebook page, she shared her happiness with her friends and many wanted to see more performance for her. She is a veteran and talented singer practicing many China cultural and traditional songs at an early age. Wendy Woo Facebook page

Due to some issues, videos on Youtube about the blind audition of both Malaysian in Voice of China season 3 could had been deleted. The purpose of deleting videos is unknown but, there is a chance that they deleted the video and uploaded it to China's video streaming website instead of Youtube.