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14 Robbery Cases in Malaysia Caught On Video

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Robbery Cases caught on video. A successful move by setting up public surveillance camera at various places

We are all fear unfortunate event happened to our loved one. Many years ago, we have been so actively advocating to call upon authorities setting up public surveillance cameras. There were budgets allocated to this area of concern. Did this move impacted the security of the nation??

After so many robbery cases caught on video We must not reduce the significant of setting up more public surveillance cameras. Before this, we cant even get a glimpse on how all of these criminal plan work , now we do !

Although the video is not as clear as our smartphone camera, I think it is a standard procedure or protocol that public surveillance should not have clearer and cutting-edge image technology. The police image detection software should be able to detect any criminal face within minute even though the video is quite blur and remain unidentified by viewers. So, 2 mega-pixels camera in public surveillance camera should be enough ??

Besides, surveillance camera should be made compulsory to every business premises and districts. Personal surveillance camera should be made available either authority enforces legislation on setting up surveillance camera or provide financial assistance for setting up one.

Should we still supporting tax payers money to be put into building up public surveillance cameras to improve nation's security ? You can tell by watching all the video clips below !

1. Get robbed by a group of armed criminal

Criminal intended to scare off by wielding dangerous and sharp weapon to the public.

2. Robbing at Public Bank

This video must have been recorded by civilian who parked at road side. The robber got surrounded by public. He was no where to run but condemned by public waiting to be sent to nearest police station.

3. Robbery at a closed car maintenance shop

This video is captured of a robbery case happened to a Chinese women at Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya. The thief apparently hit his target with a hard metal causing the women fell to the floor unconscious. Handbag was stolen by the thief. This is a broad daylight robbery case. The video is uploaded to Facebook

Video link >> ' <<

4.Robbery Case at Kota Kinabalu

The incident happened in front of the Plaza Grand Millenium department store, was shared on social media via the Crime Awareness Group and went viral about 3,700 shares.


5. Car robbery at Melaka

6. Using of pepper spray to ward off robbery 

It is so unclear to the point that I don really see any pepper spray at the victim hand. Is pepper spray to powerful that enough to ward off two car hijacker? 

7. Don sit at the restaurant entry

A women bag has been successfully snatched by the criminal while talking to her friend

8. Indian Restaurant robbery

Crime and robbery is universal problem that we cant deny. I know many of us pointed finger to authority for as it is their responsibility. Malaysian authorities commented that we should protect ourselves by not wearing fancy and precious jewel at the streets.

9. Robbery happened at Taman Maluri Cheras

This is long time ago as you can see on the date embedded inside the video clip. It was 2009. They were  using motorcycle as transportation.

10. Robbery when owner is ordering

This robbery is certainly very fast and agile. He know the best timing to go in and snatch victim belonging without alerting both peoples. Did the snatcher purposely dropped something valueble and prompt victim to pick it up ??

11. Rob you while you are at hotel


12. PC shop get violently robbed

13. Failed robbery by shop patrons

I don really know what is this facility or nature of business but 3 guys trying to subdue apparently shop employee after they made a short mouth communication. Some said this incident occurred at Bandar Sunway.

14. Failed Robbery tried to steal motorcycle

Walk in to victim house and steal motorcycle. Eventually, the motorcycle pedal stuck at the gate. Victim found that the incident quickly grabbed a sweeper to scare off robbers.

The most common characteristics or physical appearances a typical snatcher and criminal

1. Wear hat
2. Motorcycle
3. Jacket
4. Safety Helmet
5. Mask

This is not an attempt to undermine any parties but merely compilation of robbery cases happened in Malaysia. All of this sources are provided by searching the Internet. Well this is not a move to strike fear to common people but to learn the tactic of many snatcher and criminal. We should see on the brighter side !

Want to see more robbery case videos at WhiteEastern Youtube channel