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Video Angry Crowd riots at Shell Lundang

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This video dubbed as Riot at Kota Bharu Kelantan or Shell Lundang. The motive is unearthed when you have watched 3 related video clips 

It happened on the night July 28, 2014. A group of teenagers at 7-Eleven have been caught in a video lighted up firecrackers and someone filmed at nearby Shell Lundang. This is a profound finding that it explained why there was a riot at Shell Lundang. Besides, some people claimed they had threw the firecrackers towards the direction where car was passing by.

They threw on people walking by and the situation got intensed when they decided to threw at Shell station where at that time, there were many patrons filling up their car 

The second chapter of this incident was believed to be employer and employee of Shell went to the nearby 7-Eleven store spraying black pepper on them as a warning. Before this chapter unveiled, Employer of the Shell have been reporting this case to nearby police station but they never came to ease the tension.

When overwhelmed tension reached boiling point, a group of teenagers swarmed in Shell station. It is unknown what were their intention. However, there were evidence of act of stealing and vandalism. There were no apparent police intervention it might be due to festival period.

After the incident, 7-Eleven management had paid compensation to Shell station Lundang. Thousands of Malaysian had shared this video to their social media page. This is one of the viral video in the month of August 2014.