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Humanitarian Fund From Malaysia For Palestine

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An Official channel for whole Malaysian donation to Humanitarian Fund to Palestine people 

Humanitarian fund for Palestin UntukmuPalestin
Source : Media

Your donation can be channeled to Maybank 5642-7651-0331 with the collaboration with Mercy Malaysia

Contributions is great for Palestine people as it will lighten up their burden. Funds will be enough to buy medications, foods and warm bed for needy.

Offcial website for Media prima #UntukmuPalestine at

Humanitarian fund for Palestin UntukmuPalestin
Source :

Watch the replay donation night by Prima Media themed as #UntukmuPalestin at Full links at TV3's donation night themed Palestine humanitarian fund

During that night, Misha Omar was invited to a performance, Besides that, Tomok was invited too. Furthermore, Maybank representative attended the event and wish to giving out RM10,000 in exchange for the trophies. On behalf of Celcom, Celcom representative has wholeheartedly giving out RM10,000. Moreover, Telekom Malaysia (TM) representative presented a mock check as many as RM50,000.

10 Malaysian did ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Support good cause, Ice Bucket Challenge spread like fire, An Idea that infected everyone 

If laugh is the best medicine and contagious it usually right. Ice Bucket Challenge is funny, good cause, celebrities, water and ice. In my point of view, Water and ice usually mean water as life,vital and cleansing, ice means refreshing and awareness. When someone poured ice water to me daydream and sleepiness were gone. Besides, this contains a hidden gem message to tell us that the world care about the illness. ALS raised more than 50 million in a short time for research purpose.

There is no doubt this will be a viral message and video in August 2014. The world has never seem something like this before. If Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake were the trend and viral video, then this could be one of the biggest of all of the viral video combined. Why would I so confident about it ?? Just go to Youtube and search " Ice Bucket Challenge ". You will have the result back Oprah, Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Cristiano Ronaldo, Triple H, CEO of WWE, Andy Lau, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Siwon, Tom Cruise, Running Man TV series members, Google CEO, Jessica Alba. What more, if you want some exaggerate video, go for Paul Bissonette 's Ice Bucket challenge. Surely there are more videos out there.

If you are seeing this that means it has gone so viral that all the viral video combined. Have you seen David Beckham make Gangnam Style or Harlem Shake parody video ?? I have no idea or maybe Katy Perry and Lady GaGa ? Lady Gaga, Beckham and Katy Perry do not Harlem Shake or Gangnam Style. Although it viral and funny but it lack of good cause. All the name mentioned above have done Ice Bucket Challenge.

Are you ready for some Ice Bucket Challenge videos from Malaysia ?


-He attributed and dedicated to greatest footballer in Malaysia Mokhtar who were suffering from similar disease

Youtube link :


-Best female DJ

Youtube link : Leng Yein ALS challenge


- Celebrity with 2 million followers in Facebook fan page

Video link at :  Lisa Surihani Ice Bucket Challenge


- Red people members. Challenge everyone in rising-popularity red people members.

Video link at :


- Malaysian Youtuber

Youtube video link : Joseph Germani ALS challenge


- Malaysian Youtuber

Youtube video link : Ling Bing Yong 's ALS challenge


- MYTEKSI crews

Youtube video link : MYTEKSI ice bucket challenge


- Hotlink from Maxis accepts ALS challenge

Youtube video link : Hotlink's Ice bucket challenge


Top model in Malaysia

Facebook video link : Amber Chia ALS challenge


Politician and minister of Tourism

Video Link : minister ALS challenge

Tribute and Charity Dinner MH370

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Nationl Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia to organize a charity in commemorate MH370 

Source : National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) Facebook

This charity event posted on NUFAM social media Facebook on May 2, 2014. It is not clear how well received the public on this charity. Besides, they posted on who want to be volunteer in performing at the charity.

They have called out local singers and performers who is willing to be part in this MH370 charity dinner on June 7. Contact them if you wish to join at . The Venue is will be at Emperor Ballroom, Empire Hotel, Subang. 

This charity main goal will be channeling the fundraising to families of crew members in MH370 flight. Besides attending this charity dinner, your other alternative to help families of the crew member MH370 is by deposit to Public Bank 6330386721 .

We have seen news about help hands extended on MH370 passengers however there were very few news on crew members of MH370 flight involved in this unfortunate event. Although there were financial aid been given but I think there are many kind peoples out there would like to extend their love and care to the families crew member of MH370. This will be a very great platform.

 What can you possibly say to help them get through the hard days ? The misery and pain of their children without father or mother. Your act of kindness will be definitely help them get it through somehow . Your acts will be their biggest hope to shield them from any bad days ahead.

More information please visit at

Donation to Malaysia charity through McDonald Prosperity Burger

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Eat at your nearest McDonald outlet now order a prosperity burger RM1 will be contribute to Malaysian Charity fund.  

It is not mandatory like "Zakah" in Islamic term that everyone need to contribute. McDonald Malaysia decided make a campaign for Malaysian unfortunate young and old living in charity-sponsored home. For your information, some of this home cater more than 100 peoples. You would not believe that their expenses are whopping up to RM10,000-RM15,000. 

In conjunction of Chinese New Year 2014, We already know McDonald will make prosperity burger available for the period of CNY. It only available for very short period of time and many wanted to taste the prosperity burger every year it must be done in this time. This burger is special because it has different drinks. You should try it yourself.

Although Chinese people are discouraged to buy foods at outside as they keen for family prepared foods during Chinese New Year, It does not mean they do not. The tradition is not keeping them going to McDonald ordering as there will a unique burger set meal signify Chinese New Year spirit. Some of the Chinese like to eat at outside when there is a meal designated for Chinese New Year period such as Oranges, Nian Gao, Spring Roll and luxury Yusheng in Chinese restaurant.

If you feel eating McDonald Burger or You feel that there is a responsibility call on Malaysian society, remember to order prosperity burgers at this coming January 18 and 19, 2014. Bring your family and friends. RM1 is very powerful when be like 100 peoples it will be RM100.00 for Malaysian charity.

Watch this below by McDonald Malaysia made a video clip for charity programme.