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Tribute and Charity Dinner MH370

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Nationl Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia to organize a charity in commemorate MH370 

Source : National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) Facebook

This charity event posted on NUFAM social media Facebook on May 2, 2014. It is not clear how well received the public on this charity. Besides, they posted on who want to be volunteer in performing at the charity.

They have called out local singers and performers who is willing to be part in this MH370 charity dinner on June 7. Contact them if you wish to join at . The Venue is will be at Emperor Ballroom, Empire Hotel, Subang. 

This charity main goal will be channeling the fundraising to families of crew members in MH370 flight. Besides attending this charity dinner, your other alternative to help families of the crew member MH370 is by deposit to Public Bank 6330386721 .

We have seen news about help hands extended on MH370 passengers however there were very few news on crew members of MH370 flight involved in this unfortunate event. Although there were financial aid been given but I think there are many kind peoples out there would like to extend their love and care to the families crew member of MH370. This will be a very great platform.

 What can you possibly say to help them get through the hard days ? The misery and pain of their children without father or mother. Your act of kindness will be definitely help them get it through somehow . Your acts will be their biggest hope to shield them from any bad days ahead.

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