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Tribute and Charity Dinner MH370

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Nationl Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia to organize a charity in commemorate MH370 

Source : National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) Facebook

This charity event posted on NUFAM social media Facebook on May 2, 2014. It is not clear how well received the public on this charity. Besides, they posted on who want to be volunteer in performing at the charity.

They have called out local singers and performers who is willing to be part in this MH370 charity dinner on June 7. Contact them if you wish to join at . The Venue is will be at Emperor Ballroom, Empire Hotel, Subang. 

This charity main goal will be channeling the fundraising to families of crew members in MH370 flight. Besides attending this charity dinner, your other alternative to help families of the crew member MH370 is by deposit to Public Bank 6330386721 .

We have seen news about help hands extended on MH370 passengers however there were very few news on crew members of MH370 flight involved in this unfortunate event. Although there were financial aid been given but I think there are many kind peoples out there would like to extend their love and care to the families crew member of MH370. This will be a very great platform.

 What can you possibly say to help them get through the hard days ? The misery and pain of their children without father or mother. Your act of kindness will be definitely help them get it through somehow . Your acts will be their biggest hope to shield them from any bad days ahead.

More information please visit at

Missing Malaysia Airline MH370 Movie

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The Vanishing Act inspired by the real incident of Malaysian flight MH370 

United State's Hollywood movies industry have been occasionally related and association with grand unfortunate event such as 9/11. Some even made a statement that "if they can make Avatar, they can make 9/11". It really self explanatory whether which is is true of false. I mean we do not know who started and behind every war happened right ? perhaps we will know the truth after the war is over. Or maybe someone just put a name accusing him start the war.

The Vanishing Act is a movie but not a documentary. A movies always dramatic, fancy and overwhelmed story telling. Movies are not entirely true and it is based on one side opinion how and what to show in your screen. Will we condemn such an act to make a movie inspired by the real incident ??

To start telling everyone "The Vanishing Act" movie is inspired by MH370 is fairy unfair. Because all we know about the real event MH370 they lost contact with airport controller tower. So in this movie, there will be a plot about the airplane lost contact with airport controller tower ?

How much similarities of true event MH370 will be put inside this movie ? In fact, this movie is marketed largely using the real event missing Malaysian Airliner MH370 title. This movie is still in the state of getting new investors. Meanwhile, a trailer of the movie have been made available to the public.

Do you really have to watch this movie ? I strongly encourage this is just a movie made out of investor money. It may or may not be similar to the true event. For the marketing part, they were using MH370 true event that is entirely legal in some country.

Will this movie be produced and aired to the public if they have enough investor ? It is likely will happen because in the past we have seen much more exaggerated movies that so called inspired by 9/11 and so forth.

This movies unveiled by Bollywood director Rupesh Paul. The trailer has cost him $3.5 million or (RM11million).

Percaya Malay version song in remembrance of MH370

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There are Malay, Chinese and English version song in remembrance of MH370

Song of the year ! because it related to MH370 Malaysian airline and very well related to all Malaysian. A song that truly touch all of the Malaysian heart and mind. A positive force from this song is undeniably strong ! We will never forget you MH370.

Singer : Dina, Hazama and Astro All-stars

Title : Percaya


Berlalu awan, langit dan suran
Membawa aku cahaya baru
Hari semalam ku lepaskan
Besok hari bawa harapan, teruskan

Biarkan jauh dari mata 
Takkan hilang di hati
Terus gagah menlangkah pasti
Hari hari yang aku lalui
Pada tuhan ku berdoa
Waktu kau mengubati pasti

woah ~ Percayalah 

Hentikan lah semua air mata
Tuhan sentiasa bersama
Segalanya akan berlalu
Pulang aku pasti padamu
yang satu

Biarkan jauh dari mata 
Takkan hilang di hati
Terus gagah menlangkah pasti
Hari hari yang aku lalui
Pada tuhan ku berdoa
Waktu kau mengubati pasti

Woah ~ Percayalah 

Biarkan jauh dari mata 
Takkan hilang di hati
Terus gagah menlangkah pasti
Hari hari yang aku lalui
Pada tuhan ku berdoa
Waktu kau mengubati pasti

Woah Percayalah 

ku takkan biarmu sendiri

A Song remembrance of MH370 by MY FM and Melody FM

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MY FM & Melody FM presents to you a song about MH370. 

This song does not belong to the author of the blog. A song dedication to missing Malaysian flight MH370. A mandarin song with translation to English.

Singer:  MY FM > Royce, Wayne, Geraldine, Nicole. Melody FM > Jentzen, 菲比

English lyrics

Song Title : Believe 相信

Starting speech (Ashwad Ismail) : (0.1) Rescue mission of MH370 is the mysterious in the history of modern aviation  

(0.15) Look at the blue sky with your eyes
Then close you eye while looking and make a wish
(0.28) Life is full of trial that make us stronger
I am like most of you always falling and stumble 


1. (0.46) Who's life journey does not face lost and gain
Close your both hand and pray
(0.53) Life is sustained by loving

 Embrace closely loved one when you have all the chance
(1.02) When the time is difficult, ther are the time to forgive
Life needs every moment of faith 

(1.09) Woah ~~ Always keep your good faith 
Woah ~~ Always move forward

(1.21) Yesterday mistakes and struggle do not be too much sensitive
Today realizing mistakes of the past are brave and courage
(1.33) You deserve to be loved and be appreciated
What you yearn for tomorrow let do it together

2. (1.49) Who's life journey does not face lost and gain
Close your both hand and pray
(1.56) Life is sustained by loving

Embrace closely loved one when you have all the chance
(2.05) When the time is difficult, there are time to forgive
Life needs every moment of faith

(2.13) Woah ~~ Always keep your faith
       Woah ~~ Always move forward

3. (2.49) Who's life journey does not face lost and gain
Close your both hand and pray
(2.55) Life is sustained by loving

Embrace closely loved one when you have all the chance
(3.04) When the time is difficult, there are time to forgive
Life needs every moment of faith

Woah ~~ Always keep your faith
 Woah ~~ Always move forward

Share this message and spread the faith to each other !! We are together to mourn with this song ! Chinese lyric in readily available on Youtube !

See here for Malay version "faith" song in remembrance MH370

Speculations on Missing Plane of MH370 Photos and Videos

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A series of speculations and rumors about MH370  in the Internet have been incredibly amazing to see how people reacted to this incident

Someone have pointed out the fact read the red letters
This had been circulated on Internet someone took a picture right after the MH370 crashed. This is not the MH370 people are looking for !

It is not MH370
Don believe what you see in Internet ,Okay? Malaysia Airline does not look like that. Boeing 777 is much bigger than this ! 

Some said it is Atlantic Ocean rather than Indian Ocean. Source said it was captured on 2013 Atlantic Ocean when the storm raged the sea. Incredible right? 

This guy believed it is located at Diego Garcia. He is not the first to say this. I am repeating He is not the first to say the plane flew to Diego Garcia and landed at secret U.S military base

This is some serious title " Boeing Uninterruptible Autopiolt " claimed by author is retired Delta pilot. It means that the autopilot in Boeing can be overwrite by remote control. No one in the plane can drive it manually after autopilot taken control by unknown people flew the plane to unknown location..

TB Joshua's Prediction on Malaysia Airlines MH370 Prophecy. Kind of shock right ? The prediction was given during 2013. He say it would be an Asian country and huge aircraft.

Few days later after the incident happened, news reported the airplane diverted the direction is solid proof. It could ended up at Indian Ocean. As soon as it announced, at India TV show, Memory and soul healing expert from India, Ramachandra Guruji speaks to the souls of missing passengers of Malaysia Airlines on Live Kannada TV show. It was March 12, 2014 night.

Anonymous have something to say about MH370. Mainly speaking of semiconductor employees "Freescale". The conspiracy and etc

Allegations, Accusation, Speculation & Rumors

This is what she drew. Unbelievable !

Courtney Love found the plane . Well she claimed to found many things previously ! Come On (Disbelief) !

I know but It is way too much exaggerated right? 
Do not trust what the all of the Internet article . Do not !! Well, now you know You cant trust local newspaper too especially from Sunday Sport !

I am not MH370 nor the passengers and crews
I really hope this is real in the week of finding the MH370. They actually found the plane with survivors but it turned out the image is not MH370.

Lost TV Series poster
Have You watched "Lost" TV series? In "Lost" TV series, the plane crashed was a Boeing 777. However, the plane is found and recovered they did not said how much time they needed . The passengers in "Lost" TV series were all dead but they were trapped somewhere else ! It is just a dramatic Hollywood TV series

1. Political Fanatic & Pilot hijacking

The day before the incident, Captain Zacharie attended Malaysian opposition leader trial Anwar Ibrahim. The court is ruled not in favor Anwar Ibrahim. Some parties believed it was injustice action.

2. South China Sea Plane Wreck Satellite Imagery

At the first day of Search & Rescue mission, they starting to search South China Sea but later it found the plane took a turn flew to Indian Ocean. China and Vietnam both claimed their satellite captured imagery of debris.

3. Vietnamese found the plane wreckage said according to oil rig workers

On March 8, The day the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 from civilian radar. Vietnamese reporter claimed to have sighted the plane wreckage site.

4. Chris's Goodfellow 's Electrical Fire Theory

Plane devoured by fire. They were unable to rescue the plane as all of the manual option inside the aircraft was malfunctioned.

5. Landing at Kunming province, related to terrorist attack, Taiwan received a call claimed to provide intelligent on terrorist organization. They received the call on March 4. 4 days prior the missing Malaysian Airlines.

Some claimed that It was at Kunming province the plane landed according to DigitalGlobe's satellite imagery website.

5. Lithium Battery in cargo burned the whole aircraft

Malaysia Airline Chief executive officer said there were significant amounts of Lithium battery at cargo. Some people developed a theory that Lithium battery is the cause of aircraft crash. There were a series of airplane crash incident due to lithium battery in the past

6. Stolen passports and Iranian boarded the MH370. Hijacking Theory

Two Iranian men carrying stolen passports boarded the plane.

7. Based on satellite ping signal, they developed theory the plane flew to North & South corridor. It could be landed at Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Malaysian officials unveiled it plans to seek the missing plane at norther corridor. They were requesting civilian satellite imagery and air traffic control tower information at each country. It involve Thailand, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and many more.

8. A distraction of news between Russia and Crimea Crisis

Amid the MH370 incident, there was a crisis between both nations. MH370 news quickly catch the world attention instead of focusing on the nation crisis. Do you believe MH370 was a distraction ? I don believe that but coincidentally everyone focus turned on the missing Malaysia Airliner while conflict at Crimea worsen

9. Blaming on Rothchild

It about the patent. 5 patent holders including J.Rothchild. When 4 of them gone missing in this incident. Patent right will be distributed to those who are alive. J.Rothchild got 100% control on the patent.

10.  LaWS weapon deployed

On March 6, U.S said they arey deploying weapon in a response to Putin's action on Crimea. Some individual or group claimed they launched LaWs weapon system on MH370.

11. Payback for the verdict convicted state of Israel guilty of genocide

In 2013, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission established by Mahathir.M to investigate war crimes. Convicting state of Israel guilty of genocide. So the whole MH370 is about revenge??

12. Russian know where is the location of MH370

On April 13, 2014 - Russian newspaper published that the plane was hijacked by a guy codename "Hitch". Pilot was innocence he was instructed to do that by Hitch. The plane passenger are safe now at Afghanistan near Kandahar near the border of Pakistan.

13. Company found the debris of MH370 

Shocking that after the Russian newspaper published. Australian company based on Adelaide using high technology to find any lead. They pretty sure they found the debris but not confirmed. They are finding any MH370 debris on the north far away estimated 2,000 KM from where the authorities have been looking.

14. Malaysian women claimed saw debris on the way back from Umrah

Raja Dalelah Raja Latife claimed she saw a wreckage of plane which was partly submerged and partly arise in the Andaman waters. She was in Saudi Airlines's aircraft departing from Jeddah SV2058 at 3.30 AM Saudi time (Malaysian time about 8.30am). The plane passed over Chennai in India before entering the airspace of the Andaman Sea.

What altitude she saw the plane debris??

There are more to come. Some conspiracy theory have yet to surface. It will stop when human stop being critical thinking while authorities trying to stop us from speculating with reason it will emotionally and mentally hurt passenger and crew families badly. Stay tuned for #15 !! 

All of the above and articles were written by someone else I hold no responsibility on any of the above. Be moderation !

History of the article

-UPDATED on April 28, 2014

10 News Stories in Malaysia on March 2014

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Top news stories in Malaysia in the month of March. Flashback & Throwback

1. Missing of Malaysia Airlines Commercial Jet Boeing 777 MH370 

Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing midnight time 1205AM -6.30AM lost contact with Subang Air Traffic Control Tower. Search & Rescue mission established with international help.

2. Kajang By-Election

PKR Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail won the the Kajang by-election with 16,000 votes in Sunday more than Barisan Nasional 's representative MCA vice-president Chew Mei Fun.

3. Opening Second Penang Bridge 

March 1, 2014 marked the second arrival of Penang bridge. It will be named after Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah. The bridge is constructed with sophisticated engineering and state-of-the-art machinery. It took 6 years to complete, a 24 Kilometers long.

4. Future Music Festival Asia Cancelled 

3-days FMFA event featuring popular DJ around the world cancelled due to police investigation on overdose drug case in the event.

5. Anwar Ibrahim lost the court case

Malaysian court overturned opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's acquittal of the charge that he sodomized a former political aide.

6. China families of victim MH370 

After the announcement of Prime Minister on the night of March 24, The plane concluded fell to the Indian Ocean sparked street protest by MH370 passenger families at China. Street protest is heading to Malaysian embassy. Moreover, Chinese celebrities joined the escalating protest through social media fuel more oil to the fire. Besides, China's travel agency reported ban travelling with Malaysian Airlines as a result drop in Chinese traveler to Malaysia.

7.  Visit Malaysia 2014 Suspended

Ministry of Tourism did not expect this will happen. He proposed to Parliament Visit Malaysia 2014 will be suspended until the aircraft is found. When the truth surface by discovering black box information, the truth will help boost the confident of traveler to Malaysia.

8 Shalwati Norshal and Azizul Raheem Awalluddin have been found guilty

Found guilty at foreign court by the Solna District Court for repeated assaults and violation of their children's integrity. Under section 4A of Chapter 4 of the Swedish Penal Code. Aisyah 14, Ammah 12, Adam 11 and Arif 7 abused by Azizul Raheem Awalluddin was sentenced 10 month jail.

9. Selangor Water crisis

Signing agreement between Federal Government and Selangor Government occurred. Water crisis have affected gravely to people until the point they have to ask water company distributes water supply to area by using large container truck. Under Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Selangor will take over operations of four water concessionaires. Syabas, Puncak Niaga, Konsortium Abbas, Syarikat Pengeluar Air Selangor Holding (SPLASH) for 9 Billion.

10. Balingian seat won by Barisan Nasional

Barisan candidate Yussibnosh Balo polled at 8,194 votes defeating PKR Abdul Jalil Bujang on March 30, 2014 By-election.

Malaysian performed collective Prayers for MH370

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The World is saddened by missing commercial airliner jet since March 8, 2014. We are not less sad than them

The world and us share our sadness. They are mourning the same thing what is going on to the plane flying to Beijing From Kuala Lumpur. We all thought technology and science is so advanced that anything that missing we could find them immediately with the help of advanced and sophisticated machine. We are fear the uncertainty and novelty environment.

Malaysia Airline MH370 gone missing were speculated tremendously by many parties and individual. But among all speculations, there will only one truth and most of the speculations circulated were unlikely come close to the truth.

While others is speculating, some of the community is having strong faith on the passengers and crews on bard MH370. When we start to believe again regardless the outcome it is the most beautiful way to achieve a common hope that is to hope everyone on board the MH370 is safe.

Their faith, belief and positive thoughts brighten up the day as we gradually hoping the best instead of crying and producing negative thoughts

What Malaysian have done for MH370 ??

1. Made press conference twice in a day to inform the incident to the world in a week. Subsequently, one press conference daily.

2. Interfaith prayer begin. Unity of religious in Malaysia  is formed for a common purpose

3. Malaysian prime minister Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Najib Razak headed the official press conference on March 14, 2014

4. Pavilion shopping complex set up initiative for public to display their message of hopes

5. TV3 channel made a small banner written "Pray for MH370"

6. Awani news channel set up a "MH370" group focusing on newest update on the missing airplane. You also can find a "MH370 tab" on their website

7.CEO Malaysian Airlines, Department of Civil Aviation and Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein attended most of the official press conference sharing newest information to the public indicating they are with the public all the time in this sad moment.

8. Invited China relatives staying in Hotel Everly for at least a week without charge upon family members of the passengers

9. Malaysia is as a coordinator in search and rescue mission involving 26 countries. They are fully aware of the situation. Sending several aircraft Lockheed C-130 and Navy vessels KD Kasturi, KD Lekiu, KD Selangor and much more.

10. 10000 jemaah joined solat hajat at masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainah Abidin mosque joined by Prime minister of Malaysia and Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat.

11. Jakim organized 13 and 14 solat hajat

12.  Prime Minister wife Datin Rosmah Mansor joined members of the Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti) and 300 women praying for solat hajat at Sri Perdana. They were with prominent preacher Datuk Dr Fatma Az-Zahra

13. Sultan of Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah arrived at Every Hotel 11.50AM. He spent more than hour with families of passenger. He was accompanied by his consort, Sultanah Kalsom, and sons, Tengku Muda Pahang Tengku Abdul Rahman and Tengku Fahd Mu'adzam Shah.

14. Twin Tower Alive 2014 cancelled due to many said it is a "sign of respect" to the MH370 incident.

15. Prime Minister of Malaysia promised to give the latest information to the public. On March 24, 2014, 10PM. He gathered Department of Aviation Chief, Minister of Transport and CEO of Malaysian airline, officially announced the confirmed location Malaysian Airline MH370 Boeing 777 fell to the Indian Ocean. Family passenger received SMS on their mobile phone notify the sad news.

16. Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah ordered Pahang and Malaysian flags be flown at half-mast for three days as mark of respect over Malaysia Airlines aircraft tragedy.

17. Tony Fernandes Airasia boss joined worldwide grief over MH370 missing and fell in Indian Ocean

18. Mercedes Formula 1 team's two cars will carry a sticker with the words "TributetoMH370" when they race in the Sepang International Circuit.

19. Minister in Prime minister department Joseph Kurup proposes that March 8 to be made " national prayers day" in remembrance of MH370

20. Johor and Perak flag on half-mast a sign of sympathy and sadness of the people towards the families of the passenger and crew.

Source : Former Prime Minister of Malaysia and members of the young Buddhist Association of Malaysia recite prayers for missing MH370 --NSTP/Yazit Razali

Penang police praying at Sivan Temple

Solat hajat at police contingent headquaters

Penang police praying at Mahindrama temple

Christian, Hindus, Buddhist and Muslims pose for a portrait after a special prayers held at Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin mosque for missing Malaysian Airliner MH370. Source: Getty Images
Teh Su They, whose global peace foundation co-organized the gathering of all religious in Malaysia to perform interfaith prayer on missing commercial jet MH370

Pray for Malaysia Airline to come back spread this message out, gathering million faith as when faith is strong enough miracle will happen !!  

Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines jet at Indian Ocean

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Finding the aircraft based on satellite images and analysis took more time than expected

This is second article in this blog about missing commercial jet MH370. All of the important and essential information will be compiled started from March 22, 2014. For those seeking information before the date you must visit our first article ! See the latest status at Malaysian airline gone missing since March 8

The plane remained missing with the help of international effort for more than 2 weeks. Developed countries France, Australia and US are eager to find out the mystery behind the missing commercial jet boeing 777. A huge airplane carrying 200+  passengers with cargo went missing on radar on Saturday, March 8, 2014.

March 22(Day 15)

Telegraph news reported and published on their website that they have the detailed transcript last 54 minutes of communication from MH370. The last word were recorded on 1.19AM (Malaysian time) "All right, Good night". Full information at Telegraph UK

Australia, China and British naval ships have already streaming the search area after China contacted Malaysian authority they have found a possible debris based on satellite imagery taken on March 18. 

Six planes, four Orion anti-submarine aircraft packed with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, scoured the area for a third day without success. 

Malaysia authority said the transcript of the missing airplane with traffic controller tower were kept safeguarded and could not publicly address. He implied the Telegraph's finding of transcript MH370 could be not accurate.  

CNN reported quoting environmentalist M. Sanjayan the difficulty to find airplane debris is high as there are many garbage discarded to the sea daily. 

Many countries are sending assets to aid SAR mission at southern corridor

Rumor & Speculation

1. Aviation experts said the plane might devoured by fire due to lithium battery in cargo

2. China found debris floating at the sea taken from satellite imagery on March 18. The location was given as just 120 kilometers distant from where March 16 satellite images.

3. 54 minutes transcript between MH370 and control tower revealed by Telegraph news could be not accurate.

March 23 (Day 16)

French satellite spots possible MH370 debris in search area. Malaysian SAR team received new satellite images from French side the third satellite images after Australia and China. Malaysia transport said that all relevant information had been forwarded to Australia as they are leading the search at southern corridor.

Australian officers said today that a wooden cargo pallet along with belts or straps have been spotted in the remote Indian Ocean by one of the aircraft

Sunday today, four military and four civilian aircraft had been deployed to search the area in southern corridor.

Strong warning by weather department tropical cyclone Gillian could hampered operation in southern Indian Ocean. It is currently at near Christmas Island 1,000 miles southwest of Australia.

The depth of the Indian Ocean between 3000- 5000 meters as if location is confirmed search blackbox mission to be carried out.

Rumor & Speculation

1. French authority suspected a satellite imagery related to MH370

2. Pilot received a mystery call from a woman

3. Australian authority and oceanographic experts believed that two objecteds spotted may have drifted 500 kilometers from original point due to date different both satellite imagery taken from March 16 and 18. The current weather in Christmas island have affected the SAR effort.

March 24 (Day 17)

On precise 10PM(Malaysian time), Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak made Press conference. He said the plane is confirmed fell into Indian Ocean based on IMMARSAT satellite date. 

CEO of Malaysian Airlines said there were 200 kilogramme lithium battery, mangoteen and several radio equipments inside the cargo of airplane MH370

US navy deployed "black box" locator at southern corridor after sighting possibly debris of MH370 provided by 3 countries's satellite images It is a precautionary measures in case those sightings confirm the location of debris.

Official press conference at Malaysia said 18,500 square nautical miles searched in the Australian search area. Two orange objects approximately 2 meters and one white colored drum were sighted by
search aircraft. However, it is remain unidentified.

HMAS Success captained by Allison Norris steering the ship through world's most hostile area. It is the only ship in vicinity on search area. China ships will be reached there on March 25.

French's satellite imagery on possible debris sent to Malaysia on March 22 and it sent to Rescue Cordination center Australia on March 23.

Meanwhile in northern corridor, Turkmenistan have confirmed they have not had any sightings of MH370 on their radar.

Japanese and China aircraft are due to reach to Perth. Japanese has sent two P3-Orion to aid the SAR mission.

Rumor & Speculation

1. Objects is undergoing careful investigation whether it related to MH370.

March 25 (Day 18)

The Commercial jet boeing 777 MH370 confirmed crash at remote area at southern corridor. Prime minister of Malaysia announced yesterday night around 10PM.

Official press conference at Malaysia's PWTC . When asked by reporters to Transport Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein whether they will still search for the plane, He replied, "we will still search the plane". 

UK Air accidents Investigation Branch and Inmarsat new analysis show that strong possibility the plane drop to Indian Ocean. The study of handshakes yield the result. The analysis called " The Doppler effect"

Victim families largely disagreed the news due to lack of evidence to support the data analysis. They still bear the hope safety of the passengers.

Northern Corridor search & rescue mission has been called off same goes to near Indonesia. 

Chinese held a protest to Malaysia embassy at China. Holding banners " Malaysian government murderers", "We want our relatives back". They protest location near Lido Hotel at Beijing.

Rumor & Speculation

1. No rumors & speculations

March 26 (Day 19)

 Families of passenger is provided with the press release issued by UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

Weather improved since yesterday the operation was halted yesterday due to weather uncertainties on the sea. Chinese ships and Korean planes joining the hunt for MH370 at vast sea. Accounted for 12 planes will be flying today to the search and rescue location.

Malaysian ambassador to China Iskandar Sarudin arrived to meet with the crisis and angry families.

Satellite imagery provided by France which is captured during March 23 showing 122 objects floating at Indian Ocean, about 2557KM from Perth.

Rumor & Speculation

1. Investigator are speculating suicide mission 

2. Malaysia authority believes that the plane was deliberately diverted by someone on board.

March 27 (Day 20) (Updating)

Thailand has detected nearly 300 floating objects in the Indian Ocean, about 200 kilometers from the international search area for missing Malaysia Airlines MH370.

FBI Chief James Corney said the investigation on simulator owned by pilot recovery of deleted files is in process. They are working on it. FBI will soon complete it analysis.

Rumor & Speculation

1. Possible debris image taken by Thailand officials

I wish to discontinue effort on compiling everyday MH370 news. I have compiled from March 8 news - March 27.

For more "MH370" on unitedmy

  1. Speculation, Rumors, allegations on MH370 photos and videos

Smartphone Game Apps created inspired by Bomoh Malaysia

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Smartphone Apps developer inspired by the event of Bomoh performing ritual finding MH370

Creativity and innovation ideas to make Bomoh apps available in Playstore since March 14, 2014. It had been downloaded by so many Android based smartphone users. 

Most of the game developers use the title "Bomoh" to attract users download the highly sensational subject associating with the missing airplane. They have taken the golden opportunity to make the title but the game is not just plain. 

I have downloaded most of the game developed by different persons but it always use the same game concept. The first one would be Bomoh + flappy bird concept. Developer simply recreated or replaced the flappy bird with something related to "Bomoh". It just a man flying with magic carpet or Bomoh using magic to fly. 

That is just one of the game concept they have used. I have found some of the apps actually are fun to play ! 
The title are "Bomoh Fly 3D" and "Flying Bomoh"  

Game developers usually utilize a highly sensational and eye-catching title for their app in order to attract user to download. They rake in substantial amount of advertising income putting ads in their highly downloaded app. Did they make a wrong decision or Do you think they have insulted some entity ? 

Bomoh app
Bomoh apps taken from smartphone
Some of the apps related to Bomoh I have downloaded were Bomoh MH370, Bomoh Fly 3D, Bomoh Shaman, BomohMH370Parody, Flying Bomoh, Bomoh 2, Flying Bomoh, Slap the Bomoh.

Bomoh Flying 3D
Flappy bird concept but replaced to bomoh in 3D developed using Unity platform. One of the best and fun. It is easier to score compare to flappy bird
As you can see above, most upper and most bottom part of the game have advertisements. Developer earns income if you clicked on it. It is not really very instrusive type and not really annoyed in some point.

Missing Malaysia Airline MH370 Review

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Missing MH370 Commercial Plane type Boeing 777 Shocked the world 

This article are following critical and important news on MH370. Updating daily and rest assured when the plane is discovered, You will see it here .

Searching Airplane: Yes (at Indian ocean comprises Northern and Southern corridor)
Found Airplane : YES ( At Indian Ocean)
Rescuing Airplane : None of the passengers could have survived the crash
Retrieve Airplane : No

Malaysian Airline is one of the pioneer in using Boeing 777. Boeing 777 manufacturer company decided releasing the boeing 777 aircraft for selling to various qualified airline company, Malaysia listed in top 10 countries who will buy and use Boeing 777 due to qualified technical teams. The information is telling us that Malaysian Airline has the capability and manpower handling new and sophisticated aviation technology. This statement is based on Former senior pilot in Malaysia Airlines.

Are you look for new information about MH370 scroll down to the current date. If you never follow or new to follow MH370, you can watch every critical and important information about MH370 from March 8. The day MH370 missing from radar

March 8 

1.When is the Search & Rescue mission started ? 

Search and Rescue Mission started 1400hrs March 8, 2014 . Collaboration with international help

2. How many passengers are in the plane ?

239 passengers on board , Two infants and 12 crew members

3. How old is the plane and how many fuel does it have ?

i) The plane is about 12 years old
ii) The commercial plane is carrying fuel that can fly estimated 8 hours.

4. Who is the pilot and first officer ?

i) Zaharie Ahmad Shah , 53 years old, 18,365 flying hours, 1981 joined MAS.

ii) First officer Fariq Ab.Hamid, a Malaysian aged 27, 2763 flying hours, joined MAS 2007.

5. Fight Itinerary MH370 

MH370 Boeing 777-200 aircraft depart at 12:41 AM , to arrive Beijing 6.30AM

Nationality/Passenger Manifest

152 Chinese Nationality, 38 Malaysian, 12 peoples from Indonesia, 7 from Australia, 4 Americans, 3 French, two from Ukraine, New Zealand, Canada respectively and one each from Russia, Taiwan, Italy, Netherlands and Austria. After contacted most of the passenger family. MAS CEO Jauhari said, there were 5 Indian on board.
MH370 passenger manifest
Source : MissingMalaysiaAirlines Facebook

6. When the plane went missing? 

Subang Traffic Control lost contact with flight MH370 at 2.40AM.

7. Where is the location search and rescue held ?

South China Sea

8. Who are leading the international effort rescue mission ?

Malaysian civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman

9. Condition of the Plane ?

Boeing 777-200 aircraft with bearing registration number 9M-MRO. The plane had underwent maintenance on February 27. Further maintenance date will be June 19. Flying hours recorded at 53, 465.21.  Statement by CEO MAS

10. Where is the last location the plane went missing ? 

065515 North (longitude) 1033443 East (latitude) . South China Sea.

11. Where are the passenger family staying at Malaysia?

Officials have invited them to come Kuala Lumpur half of the family took the invitation. They are staying at Everly Hotel . Malaysia Airlines pledged all of the expenses incurred by family passenger will be all waived at least one week.

12. Official Press Conference of MH370 in Malaysia?

Official Press conference are being held at Hotel Sama-sama since March 8, 2014. In the first few days, press conference were held twice a day. 9AM and 5.30PM . The new schedule for official press conference is 5.30PM (Malaysian Times)  at same location.

Controversy & Speculation

1. VN Express (Vietnam largest news site) reported that Vietnam Emergency Rescue Center just announced that has found signal of the missing plane at 9.50am 120 miles south West of Ca Mau cape, the Southern-most point of Vietnam. The signal believed to be ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) Which can be activate manually or automatically upon impact occurred.


2. There were rumor MH370 landing on Nanming, China

Refuted : China Xin Hua news reported that the plane did not enter China. Radar did not detected MH370 commercial plane.

3. Military radar in Vietnam detected the plane went down about 153 miles south of Phu Quoc Island, just off the coast of the Vietnamese / Cambodian border.

Refuted : Vietnam verify the sighting of the wreckage of an aircraft near an island in southern side of the country. It is untrue Defense minister said in 2PM PC

4. Oil Slick found 

Refuted : Malaysian agency has collected sample from the location. It is confirmed it is not oil slick from MH370

5. Credibility and Reliability of Vietnam News

Basically all of the Vietnam news on MH370 has been all denied Since March 8 and 9. 

March 9

There is a lot of speculation. Why the plane did not send out distress call ? It is still a mystery.

Sweden-Based flight tracking service "Flightradar24" reported that Malaysia Airline MH370 lost contact 50 minutes after departure. 1641 UTC time or (Malaysia time 12.41AM) disappeared from radar at 17.20 UTC (about 1.21AM Malaysian time)

On the same day, United States deployed Destroyer class vessels to help in search and rescue mission. It is US Pinckey. China deployed their assets too. Jinggangshan the name of the vessel, loaded with lifesaving equipments, underwater detection devices and supplies of oil, food and water.

Singapore joined the search and rescue mission as well as Philippine. Sending warships and planes.

22 aircrafts, 40 ships and 1 helicopter. Based on the statement quoted by Armed Forced General Tan Sri Zulkefli Mat Zain

 Italian and Austria authorities said respectively that their citizens are not on board despite in the passenger manifest came up with two nationality Italy and Austria. Subsequently, They concluded the original person lost their passports and they are safe.

The stolen passports case has been thoroughly investigated. Press Conference held had seen Malaysian police head and Malaysian Immigration director spoken on the matter. Images have been provided by them but it seem like the men with stolen passports images had been edited by photoshop. ( Two different men with two same bottom pose )

Both men purchased their ticket through Southern China Airline. The flight itinerary start from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing then onward to Amsterdam.

US FBI is to assist in passports stolen cases.

Rumors / Speculations

1. Two passengers are suspected using stolen password boarding Malaysian MH370.

2. Royal Malaysian Air force spoken up about possibility "Air Turn Back" MH370 . RMAF General Tan Sri Rozali Daud according to military radar, it is possible the commercial plane has performed air turn back. He said MH370's Emergency Transmitter Locator(ELT) cannot be found


Officials investigating stolen passports yield result. Their name is Luigi Maraldi and Christian Kozel. Both of them are not linked any terrorist groups.They seem have the ability to go undetected at Malaysian Immigration in the airport and boarded the MH370.

Stolen passports issue has been discovered after passenger manifest released,  the original person contacted relevant authority they did not board the plane.

Freescale Semiconductor employees in 20 peoples were on MH370. They were working on sophisticated making of chips. They were mostly engineer and other experts. They were working at Tianjin, China. Senior executive of Freescale expressed condolences and commented they are very important persons to the company. It is a big loss to the company.

1. Malaysia Airlines allocated 31,000 Yuan (RM16,577) in initial financial assistance to all families 

Malaysia Airlines would bear all expenses for at least one week for the families who decide to stay in Beijing or leave for Kuala Lumpur ( Capital city of Malaysia ). 

2.. Bearer of stolen passports revealed 

Inspector-General Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the suspect is Iranian youth Pouria Nour Mohammad Mahread, 19 years old.

Malaysian police identified them through biometric data taken from him when he first entering country. He was on 90 days social visit pass.


Controversy and headline in Malaysia. Bomoh performing at KLIA. The ritual purpose is to locate MH370.
Well-known Malaysian Bomoh Ibrahim Mat Zin known as Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP. Ibrahim speaks when asked by media, he was invited by national leaders. He will use fish tap hook and bamboo binoculars to aid his search for the victims.

Following that, T.B. Joshua from Nigeria, preacher and televangelist. He predicted a plane from Asian country will go missing carrying 200 peoples. The action has been recorded and uploaded to video hosting site "Youtube".

US Airways Captain John M Cox who spent 25 years flying for US airways and is now CEO of Safety Operating Systems commented He is confident the airplane will be found.

The Financial Times reported that Iranian involvement. They had arranged  for their tickets in the Thai resort town of Pattaya, bringing focus to Thailand as a hub for crime rings selling stolen and fake passports and human trafficking syndicates.

On March 11, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Indonesia, United States, Thailand, Australia, the Philippine and New Zealand, they are in collaboration facilitate the search and rescue mission

Us deployed USS Kidd for enhancing mission.

Prime Minister of Malaysia said the use of satellite data cannot detect things at water. Indicating as if MH370 fell to sea, satellite data cannot detect it.

Rumors / Speculations

1. New Searching location 

1,000 peoples and more than 34 planes and 40 ships were deployed to find the missing commercial plane. They were searching at a radius of 100 nautical miles around the last known location of Flight MH370.

Searching location exploring new territory at strait of Malacca. Instead of expanding search at South China Sea, some experts believed that searching at west coast of Malaysia are very much essential. The focus searching at Andaman Sea and strait of Malacca intensified. Only after they have thoroughly searched the South China Sea.

Most of the assets are still searching on the same location where the plane last known location.

2. Possibility of Terrorist attack or hijack theory

Under investigating

European Security source and US source, there was no explanation and no evidence suggest it as an act of terror.

Us government extensively reviewed imagery taken by spy satellites for evidence of a mid-air explosion. There is none evidence about it.


In this video, Australian was invited to the cockpit and taken photos with the same co-pilot in MH370. This video clip shocked the airline industry. The attractive Australian went a holiday but were being asked by co-pilot by the name Fariq Abdul Hamid. Breaching cockpit security video . This particular video shocked everyone but left many speculations of course. They claimed they were at the aircraft cockpit during takeoff and landing, they also imply smoking in the cockpit, engaging conversation with them while flight is taking place.

Some of the people believed that the video is partly true and not what they said it was. They might have taken the picture with the co-pilot in the cockpit not during takeoff and landing. As many other peoples have claimed they have the opportunity taken photo at cockpit with pilot during plane was not in takeoff and landing.

Malaysia government has been demanded to use it submarine in this SAR mission. However, it turned out the submarine is a military type submarine. It is not suitable for SAR mission. Adding that, using submarine to find black box is impractical.

SAR officials have expanded the search and rescue mission to include Gulf of Thailand between Malaysia and Vietnam and land along the Malay Peninsula.

DigitalGlobe operates "the world's most advanced constellation of commercial imaging satellites.Two of the company satellites collected imagery evidence suggested the aircraft may have crashed into the water. where the Gulf of Thailand meets the South China Sea.

As soon as the news came out from DigitalGlobe that they are crowdsourcing effort to seek MH370, their computer network overloaded with "unprecedented" amount of traffic. The satellite firm DigitalGlobal posted a message on website that they are down 

March 12, 2014 (Malaysian date)  China put more resources on finding MH370. Pointing 10 satellites to the area look for the passenger jet. Besides, Vietnam has said would increase number of vessels.

Inspector General Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu bakar said "We are looking for 4 possibilities, hijacking, sabotage, psychological problems of the passenger and crews, personal problems among passengers. 

On this day, Indian Navy joined SAR mission in the strait of Malacca. Navy satellite Rukmini or GSAT-7 has also been activated to pick up any clue that may lead investigators to the missing of MH370 plane. To this date, there were 42 ships and 35 aircrafts involved.

Vietnam suspends it air search due to Malaysian authority did not reply message about South China Sea SAR mission. Focus diverted to Andaman Sea. 

South China Morning Post quoted Dr Chi Tianhe, a researcher in satellite imaging with Chinese Academy of Sciences said no China's satellite was observing the incident. Chi said, China had enough satellites to monitor large area around the clock. Furthermore, a professor Xie Tao, an expert in ocean satellite remote-sensing at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology said " the longer the search takes, the father the debris would be carried away by currents from the crash site if the plane did crash on the water.

Chinese researchers have been using high-resolution satellite imaging equipment to search MH370 commercial plane. This included satellites with many sensors, high resolution optical telescopes, infrared camera, synthetic aperture radar and microwave detectors. 

1, International probe on two men with stolen passports

They are more like migrants rather than terrorists. Two mystery passengers triggered an international terrorist probe into a missing Malaysian jet now appear to be young Iranian migrants seeking a new life overseas. 

Interpol said two men were believed to have traveled to Kuala Lumpur via Doha using Iranian passports. They are under the names of Seyed Mohammad Reza Delavar, aged 29, and Pouria Nourmohammadi, 18.

Controversy, Hoax and Speculation 

1. Malaysia airlines steward and stewardess held captive or being captured. The source is coming from edited images

2. Opportunistic purchased Domain "" in a bid to sell at a higher price. Listing on Ebay with a catching sales pitch. Subsequently, it was believed Ebay staff made a decision take them off the screen as it garnered criticism on cyberspace.

3. Several peoples claimed to have found MH370 using Google Maps Satellite images. They have made the move to send location of MH370 to authority. One of the location is Vietnamese island of Cau Ma Thien Lanh, located south west of Ho Chi Minh City. Another individual sent a different location at Kenyir Dam at Terengganu.

Google Malaysia representative said images may be there, but it is not real time satellite images as the images may have provided to us several weeks. Google Maps and Google Earth images are usually contributed by third party sources. It cant be presumed as a possible crash site.

 4. Transponder stopped working could be human error

5. It could be power problem rendered the flight and power backup only last for a hour.

6. The aircraft was flying away from Beijing and on opposite site of the peninsular from it scheduled route.

7. Anthony Roman, a trained pilot and consultant said that a fast moving fire might have moved through cockpit and rendered everything, including the crew, effectively powerless to do much more than turn the plane around. Fires are insidious, they can happen quickly and knocked down multiple systems quickly.

8. March 12, 2014, Fishermen Port Dickson claimed to see an object resembling an aircraft rescue raft. According to the news Herald.

9. Malaysian civil aviation chief, Azharuddin also drew scorn of social media by referring to black Italian Mario Balotelli as one of the passenger facial feature using stolen passports

10. Hong Kong news reported Malaysian Airlines financial loss over the decades with 19,000 employees worldwide might have linked to the incident of MH370.


Malaysian authority denied rumors MH370 passengers relatives flown to India by accident.

Us spy satellites detected no sign of mid-air explosion. In the past, US government had used satellite network to identify heat signatures linked to exploding aircraft but in this case, nothing was found.

Datuk Mahaguru Ibrahim Mat performing at KLIA for second times. After an unsuccessful attempt on the first time, This time he is performing ritual using two coconuts, a mystic cane and a magic carpet.

Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang commented on "China satellite detected a suspected plane debris " as the imagery were released by mistake. 

Acting Malaysian Minister of transport said they had not search houses of the crew boarding MH370 including pilot and co-pilot. The statement later provided by Police chief of Malaysia they had not search all of the crews of MH370 commercial jet, some of crew members house have been searched.

China has supplied Malaysia with the photographs and profiles of the 152 chinese national onbards. Authorities is keen on the passenger with Uighur nationality.

Malaysian send aircraft to search the area of possible crash site source provided by China's satellite.

Malaysian Airline retire plane's flight code MH370 & MH371. MH370 was used for Kuala Lumpur-Beijing route and MH371 was used for a return flight. They are replacing it with new flight code 318 & 319.

Dinh Viet Thang, deputy director of Vietnam' Civil Aviation Authority, told AFP that two planes sent to inspect "possible crash site source provided by China satellite" did not found anything related to MH370.

Boeing and Roll Royce did not receive any engine data from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, CEO of Malaysia Airlines said, He deny plane maker and engine builder had received Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS). Last ACARS data transmitted was on 1.07AM, March 8 , 2014 (Malaysian local time)

Boeing and Roll Royce teams had accompanied the United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) officials here to aid investigations. They have arrived at Malaysia since Sunday the day after flight MH370 gone missing which is on Saturday.

It is sixth day finding the missing aircraft MH370, Chinese Premier Li keqiang criticize Malaysia handling the crisis. As tension build up, Chinese is very serious on finding the plane. They have deployed advanced satellite and advanced warships. These full display of Chinese military build up in a bid to find MH370 rendered neighboring countries nervous.

Controversy, Hoax and Speculation 

1. China satellites detected a suspected plane debris.

2. Photo of Obama watching bomoh performing ritual at KLIA

3. China civil aviation chief  Li Jiaxing said, Chinese satellites have found smoke and floating objects but not confirm or determine it was MH370

March 14

Associated press reported on MH370 that the plane sent signal to satellite for four hours after aircraft went missing. One of the official from US who spoken on condition of anonymity described that the plane was not transmitting data to satellite but was instead sending out a signal to establish contact

"Because of new information, we may be part of effort to open a new search area in the Indian Ocean", White House spokesman Jay Carney said. Meanwhile, US is directing one of its fleet, USS Kidd, into Straits of Malacca.

Three suspected debris source provided by China' satellite. This matter has been brought and commented by Malaysian officials after investigation done "There is nothing, we went there and we found nothing related to MH370.

Malaysian authority have reached out to India government to provide them sufficient information in order to aid the SAR mission.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) has joined the search hunt for the missing Malaysia Airline flight.

Controversy, Rumors and Speculation

1. US experts theory on missing plane it could have been plane disintegration.

2. Investigator are still probing deliberate action switching off transponder communication device.

3. Possible crash into Indian Ocean by US investigator.

4. China researchers detected a "seafloor event" near the waters between Malaysia and Vietnam, an area suspected to be linked to Malaysia missing airline MH370 on March 8.

March 15

Official press conference in Malaysia started 5.30 PM with Malaysian Prime Minister statement saying that the aircraft last confirmed location was at Saturday, 8 March at 8.11AM . MH370 tracking systems were "turned off" . Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) tracked MH370 airline turning back. Flying over Peninsular Malaysia, turning northwest into Straits of Malacca.

MH370 Northern and Southern Corridor
New search area released on March 15, 2014. Northern and Southern Corridor.

Search and rescue mission in location South China Sea officially closed on March 15, 2014. Statement delivered by official press conference in Malaysia. The new search area is Indian Ocean divided with Southern & Northern corridor

Acting transport minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein, denied reports that the aircraft had continued to send technical data and said there was no evidence that it flew for hours after vanishing from radars on Saturday en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian authority said they had not received report about seafloor event or "seismic event". China scientists believe it is consistent with a plane crash. Chinese university said signals came from two seismic monitor stations at Malaysia which indicated that a slight tremor had occurred on the seafloor at about 2.55am on March 8, 2014. 

US Navy are sending P-8A Poseidon to assist SAR mission. USS Kidd from Gulf of Thailand is heading to Strait of Malacca. USS Pinckney is being sent to Singapore for planned maintenance.

Six Indian Ships deployed in search for Malaysian jet. Indian navy said it has nearly doubled the number of ships and planes deployed to search the Andaman Sea for missing Malaysian jet. five aircraft and six ships were now scouring for any sign of vanished plane in Andaman sea, which surrounds India's Andaman and Nicobar group of islands. " We want to cover all of the area and it should be strictly done," Indian navy spokesman D.K. Sharma told AFP.

Multinational SAR involves 13 countries and more than 57 ships and 48 aircraft scouring sea and land. 

Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) & National Transportation Safety Board(NTSB) confirmed one vital information that whether the plane made " Air Turn Back" .

British satellite Inmarsat said : "Routine, automated signals were registered on the Inmarsat network from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. 

Vietnam authority switched SAR mission from emergency to regular as the focus is now on Indian ocean far away from it territory. 

2.3 million people worldwide are giving up time to search missing commercial jet at Tomnod website. The online search party scanning more than 24,000 square kilometers of satellite imagery in hopes of finding a clue that will lead to the discovery of MH370. Some of the people are happy because they deem it as contributing searching of missing plane. He also said most of them are not plane crash investigator or receive any training on how to look a satellite imagery but we have common underlying of hope. Tomnod has a very big history as some claimed people use the website in the past to locate missing plane in Arkansas, lost boat in New Zealand and map Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippine.

Controversy, Rumors and Speculation

1. Possibility of a "manual intervention", based on the belief that the shutdown of two communication systems on MH370 separately and "systematically" according to ABC news report.

2. US investigator saying they believe the data reporting system was shut down at 1.07AM while the transponder which transmits location and altitude at 1.21AM.

March 16 (Days 9)

Malaysia authorities is checking on pilot on the missing aircraft houses. An aircraft or flight simulator machine and two laptops has been taken away for investigation in the house of the pilot Captain . An independent body has been set up to investigate personal belonging of the pilot.

Indian military said the Malaysian Airline could not have flown over our airspace. If it did primary radar would have picked it up. The Navy, IAF and Coast Guard are searching an area spanning over 250,000 sq kilometer in the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal with six warships and extensive aerial surveillance by aircraft like P-8I long range maritime patrol planes, medium-range Dornier-228s and a C-130J Super Hercules with electro-optic and infra-red sensors. So far, no sighting or detection has been reported.

Malaysia officials is asking for help on countries concerning on the search & rescue mission MH370. They have asked Kazakhtan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgzstan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand , Indonesia, Australia. 22 countries comprising southern and northerin corridor. Requesting support from various countries on general satellite data, radar playback both primary and secondary , provision for ground, sea and aerial search, and assets as appropriate.

Malaysia Air Force Chief General Tan Sri Rodzali Daud openly acknowledged the existence of radar signal for the first time, five days after plane went missing.  Malaysian military did not react and reaching out blip on radar screen. 

National police Chief General Khalid Abu Bakar said background checks had been requested on all passengers aboard the plane.

British based satellite provider Inmarsat involvement since March 15, 2014. They had claimed receiving signals from MH370 after it gone missing from radar.

New MH370 searching area
South China Sea search is over after a week. Prediction on new locations where commercial jet might flew there 

Controversy, Rumors and Speculation

1. Pilot hijack MH370 as a political protest arresting politician leader Anwar Ibrahim. Politician leader in Malaysia has been convicted at court on the day before missing Malaysian Airlines MH370. Pilot captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah had gone to court on March 7 the day before incident happened. 

2. Indian officials are of the opinion that MH370, hijacked or otherwise,  probably went down in the Bey of Bengal or southern Indian Ocean after being diverted.

3. Interpol are feeling suspicious on passport held by few passengers on board MH370

4. Investigators found that Aircraft Communications and Reporting System (ACARS) was disabled just before the plane reached the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia after taking off at 12.41 AM  on March 8 from Kuala Lumpur International Airport

MARCH 17 ( 10 Days)

Crew members on board Poseidon P-8A finding missing jet airline

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said He did not have any information Malaysian Airlines MH370 flew toward Australia. He said Australian has two Orion surveillance aircraft assisting with the search of the plane. He want to know the fate of the commercial jet and felt sorry there were six Australian on board.

Malaysian Airline CEO exposed that the MH370 cargo are carrying tonnes of Mangosteen fruits to China.

New Straits Time reported the investigator are checking flight data revealed that plane descended 1,500m or even lower to evade commercial radar coverage after it turned back from its flight path .It last contact was 8.11 AM north of Strait of Malacca. The plane had flown low and used "terrain masking" as it flew over the Bay of Bengal headed north towards land.

Officials who formed the technical team were looking into the possibility that whoever piloting that aircraft at that time had taken the advantage of the busy airways over the Bay of Bengal and stuck to a commercial route to avoid raising the suspicious of those manning primary radars. It explained why military radar of Malaysian forces did not reacted on suspicious on the airspace. 

Controversy, Rumors and Speculation

1. Reuters reported the last words from cockpit of missing MH370  "all right, good night" were uttered after someone on board has already begun disabling one of the plane's automatic tracking system.

March 18 (Day 11) 

Royal Malaysian Air Force and Royal Malaysian Navy have deployed assets to the southern corridor. Two Malaysian ships have been deployed. The offshore patrol vessels KD Kelantan and KD Selangor. Besides, a Super Lynx helicopter also deployed. 

Australia had already moved a P-3 Orion aircraft to region of the Cocos and Christmas Islands. Australian prime minister confirming  that it would send an additional two P-3 Orions and a C-130 Hercules while a US P-8 Poseidon aircraft would be traveling from Perth today.

Civil Aviation Administration of China and officials from French Office of Investigations and Analysis for the Safety of Civil Aviation joined investigation team today

Opposition Leader sentenced to jail after a court verdict on March 7, The court attended by Captain Zacharie. The plane went missing from radar 15 hours after the court ruled the verdict. Opposition leader of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim replied He is not denying Captain Zacharie is his relative relating to daughter in law

 The area of searching comprising southern and northern corridor become more complex and wide. Approximately 30 million square mile. 

Pakistan Taliban replied "We wish we had an opportunity to hijack such a plane " denying the missing airline has anything to do with them

Assets has been added in SAR team . Republic of Korea committed P-3 Orion and one C-130 Hercules. Japan deploying two P-3 Orion, two C-130s and one Gulfstream Jet. Besides, United Arab Emirate, committed C-17 aircraft and one Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft. 

Chronology of last known minutes flight MH370
An expert illustrate possibility or speculation on MH370 flight path

Controversy, Rumors and Speculation

1. Pilot missing airline MH370 is a political fanatic.

2. Pilot is relative of opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who sentenced to jail March 7. Pilot Captain Zacharie attended the court and heard the court verdict. Next day or 15 hours later, He is piloting the Malaysian Airline MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

3. Plane few 5,000 feet to utilize terrain masking. The skill trained and used by military air force.

4. Dr Govindaraf Swami, a Shiva Siddhar Guru live in India. Rumor said He possess the eight supernatural power of Siddhar. He predicted that the MH370 was hijacked by two terror groups. Possibly LTTE or foreign terror group. The hijacker landed the plane near remote island near Sri Lanka. He also said all of the passengers are in safe condition.

March 19 ( Day 12)

As the search goes on, Southern Corridor is mostly water covered . It could mean challenging mission for Malaysian authority. The leading SAR mission to southern corridor will be lead by Australia and Indonesia. 

Austria-based comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) which has extremely sensitive sensors throughout the world, say it did not detect any crash or explosion both on land and sea. CTBTO executive secretary Lassina Zarbo said plane accidents could be detected with three or four technologies used by the organization's International Monitoring System.

Malaysian authority said this incident is bigger than politic. They will not making it as a national politic. Malaysian foreign minister said in press conference, Anifah Aman, 12 diplomatic notes had been sent to countries in northern corridor and two nations in southern corrider. This will be a complex matter as to figure out how to coordinate these 25 countries with different ideologies and systems of government.

Family members of the passengers stormed inside the official press conference in Malaysia where full of international and local reporters were waiting there. They have disrupted the press conference and escort out by police on duty. Rumors and speculations about MH370 and deny of Malaysian authorities to those news affected them.  Meanwhile passenger's family members in Beijing, They vowed to go hunger strike in a bid to protest.

Investigation on pilot's flight simulator at home commented by Malaysian police chief, some of the data log has been deleted. Recovering the data of the flight simulator will take time. 

Controversy, Rumors and Speculation

1. Indian Information Technology analyst has found a satellite images possibly of missing airplane. Anoop Madhav Yeggina, said the plane fly low over the Andaman Islands. He obtained the satellite data from crowd sourcing project.

2. Air Marshal Montol told AFP that Thailand radar picked up "unknown aircraft" possible related MH370. They could not confirm that as the plane was not considered threat. The information surfaced after missing Malaysian Airlines for 9 days. An unknown aircraft was detected 6 minutes after vanished on 1:21AM (Malaysian time) . That data shown plane altitude and location. He added it is not confirm it was MH370. Thai Air Force did not check the record earlier because it is not flying on the Thailand airspace and it was not a threat to Thailand.

3.The plane may have landed at Diego Garcia. an island south of the Maldives occupied by United State Navy. They suspected Missing Airliner pilot is practicing runways there based on the investigation to
his flight simulator at home.

4. Maldives islanders from the Kudahuvadhoo believed to have sighting low flying aircraft possible to be Boeing 777 type commercial jet. There were many sighting of this incidents.

5. Landing at several airports in the area including Turkmenistan, Kyrgystan, Nepal or capital of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in China. It was believed that Uighur is rebellion against China. As soon as the commercial jet gone missing, there was a letter circulated which seem to claim that it had indeed been seized by the Uighurs. 

6. The abrupt U-turn made by missing jet is believed to have been programmed into the on board computer before the last radio contact was made by "co-pilot"

March 20 ( Day 13)

Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott called Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on 10.00 AM(Malaysian time)  informing possible debris found at the sea near southern corridor at Indian Ocean.

New lead from Australian side

Official press conference in Malaysia which held daily said the source of debris found by Australian authority is very credible and reliable on today March 20, 2014 . Investigation is ongoing. In His statement included, many trusted sources claimed in the past they have found debris by using satellite images were all debunked. Most notable lead "three floating objects" detected by satellites on March 9 at South China Sea was "wrongly leaked". Besides, a claim by IT analyst from India, the information disputed as the images may have been taken between 2009 and 212.

Multiple "handshakes" between Inmarsat satellite and the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could help plot the aircraft trajectory before it dissapeared.

Australian is sending assets to a site after detected it is related to missing commercial jet MH370. AMSA's John Young said the images indicated that one of the objects measured around 24 meters in length. He emphasized that it may be difficult to locate and may not be related to the search. Five planes were deployed to search the area 2,500 kilometers southwest of Perth. Three Australian RAAF P3 Orions, one long range corporate jet and United State Navy P8 Poseidon as part of the global effort to find MH370 vanished on March8.

Controversy, Rumors and Speculation

1. Australia Maritime Safety Authority(AMSA) says it has received an expert assessment of commercial satellite imagery of objects it suspects may indicate a "debris field"

March 21 (Day 14) 

Black Box battery only last for 30 days but it will not hamper international effort to retrieve it if it fell into sea.

Official press conference in Malaysia stated assets deployed by China to southern corridor to aid search-and-rescue based on the lead given by Australian authority, China send 3 aircraft to the area. Besides, Japan send 2 P3 Orion aircraft to Perth. Subsequently, United Kingdom will also join the SAR mission.

French delegation lead by France ambassador to Malaysia include the man who led the investigation into Air France 447  crash. They have agreed to join SAR mission. Full Official Press conference speech by Datuk Seri Hishamuddin, Defense Minister of malaysia at NST Malaysia 

Today, they are still waiting for the debris lead found by Australian satellite near southern corridor 2,500 kilometer southwest of Perth. One of the plane flew on Friday returned home without any debris found.

President of United States said it is a priority to search the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft. US president Barrack Obama and Japan Shino Abe told the leading SAR team that they will provide sophisticated aircraft and ships to aid if asked.

Controversy, Rumors and Speculation

1. India barred China warships searching Indian Ocean near Andaman island.

2. Pilot Captain Zacharie made a call from inside the cockpit shortly before take off. UK based tabloid The Sun said investigator are trying to establish who Captain Zacharie Ahmad spoke in cockpit.

3. Searching Indian Ocean for potential lead of debris

The search effort continues marked the second week to find missing Malaysia Airline jet MH370. This article will be include all of the highlighted news. Compilation of highlighted news will end every 2 weeks due to overly crowd information. Please proceed to next article the link will provided if you wish to see March 22, 2014 and further, visit at Missing Malaysia airplane Part 2 starting March 22

Hotlines regarding MH370 

Emergency Call : 1 300 555 135
Emergency Call (oversea) : +61 26261 3305

Social Media Facebook regarding MH370 : Facebook Missing Malaysian Airlines

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