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Smartphone Game Apps created inspired by Bomoh Malaysia

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Smartphone Apps developer inspired by the event of Bomoh performing ritual finding MH370

Creativity and innovation ideas to make Bomoh apps available in Playstore since March 14, 2014. It had been downloaded by so many Android based smartphone users. 

Most of the game developers use the title "Bomoh" to attract users download the highly sensational subject associating with the missing airplane. They have taken the golden opportunity to make the title but the game is not just plain. 

I have downloaded most of the game developed by different persons but it always use the same game concept. The first one would be Bomoh + flappy bird concept. Developer simply recreated or replaced the flappy bird with something related to "Bomoh". It just a man flying with magic carpet or Bomoh using magic to fly. 

That is just one of the game concept they have used. I have found some of the apps actually are fun to play ! 
The title are "Bomoh Fly 3D" and "Flying Bomoh"  

Game developers usually utilize a highly sensational and eye-catching title for their app in order to attract user to download. They rake in substantial amount of advertising income putting ads in their highly downloaded app. Did they make a wrong decision or Do you think they have insulted some entity ? 

Bomoh app
Bomoh apps taken from smartphone
Some of the apps related to Bomoh I have downloaded were Bomoh MH370, Bomoh Fly 3D, Bomoh Shaman, BomohMH370Parody, Flying Bomoh, Bomoh 2, Flying Bomoh, Slap the Bomoh.

Bomoh Flying 3D
Flappy bird concept but replaced to bomoh in 3D developed using Unity platform. One of the best and fun. It is easier to score compare to flappy bird
As you can see above, most upper and most bottom part of the game have advertisements. Developer earns income if you clicked on it. It is not really very instrusive type and not really annoyed in some point.