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Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines jet at Indian Ocean

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Finding the aircraft based on satellite images and analysis took more time than expected

This is second article in this blog about missing commercial jet MH370. All of the important and essential information will be compiled started from March 22, 2014. For those seeking information before the date you must visit our first article ! See the latest status at Malaysian airline gone missing since March 8

The plane remained missing with the help of international effort for more than 2 weeks. Developed countries France, Australia and US are eager to find out the mystery behind the missing commercial jet boeing 777. A huge airplane carrying 200+  passengers with cargo went missing on radar on Saturday, March 8, 2014.

March 22(Day 15)

Telegraph news reported and published on their website that they have the detailed transcript last 54 minutes of communication from MH370. The last word were recorded on 1.19AM (Malaysian time) "All right, Good night". Full information at Telegraph UK

Australia, China and British naval ships have already streaming the search area after China contacted Malaysian authority they have found a possible debris based on satellite imagery taken on March 18. 

Six planes, four Orion anti-submarine aircraft packed with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, scoured the area for a third day without success. 

Malaysia authority said the transcript of the missing airplane with traffic controller tower were kept safeguarded and could not publicly address. He implied the Telegraph's finding of transcript MH370 could be not accurate.  

CNN reported quoting environmentalist M. Sanjayan the difficulty to find airplane debris is high as there are many garbage discarded to the sea daily. 

Many countries are sending assets to aid SAR mission at southern corridor

Rumor & Speculation

1. Aviation experts said the plane might devoured by fire due to lithium battery in cargo

2. China found debris floating at the sea taken from satellite imagery on March 18. The location was given as just 120 kilometers distant from where March 16 satellite images.

3. 54 minutes transcript between MH370 and control tower revealed by Telegraph news could be not accurate.

March 23 (Day 16)

French satellite spots possible MH370 debris in search area. Malaysian SAR team received new satellite images from French side the third satellite images after Australia and China. Malaysia transport said that all relevant information had been forwarded to Australia as they are leading the search at southern corridor.

Australian officers said today that a wooden cargo pallet along with belts or straps have been spotted in the remote Indian Ocean by one of the aircraft

Sunday today, four military and four civilian aircraft had been deployed to search the area in southern corridor.

Strong warning by weather department tropical cyclone Gillian could hampered operation in southern Indian Ocean. It is currently at near Christmas Island 1,000 miles southwest of Australia.

The depth of the Indian Ocean between 3000- 5000 meters as if location is confirmed search blackbox mission to be carried out.

Rumor & Speculation

1. French authority suspected a satellite imagery related to MH370

2. Pilot received a mystery call from a woman

3. Australian authority and oceanographic experts believed that two objecteds spotted may have drifted 500 kilometers from original point due to date different both satellite imagery taken from March 16 and 18. The current weather in Christmas island have affected the SAR effort.

March 24 (Day 17)

On precise 10PM(Malaysian time), Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak made Press conference. He said the plane is confirmed fell into Indian Ocean based on IMMARSAT satellite date. 

CEO of Malaysian Airlines said there were 200 kilogramme lithium battery, mangoteen and several radio equipments inside the cargo of airplane MH370

US navy deployed "black box" locator at southern corridor after sighting possibly debris of MH370 provided by 3 countries's satellite images It is a precautionary measures in case those sightings confirm the location of debris.

Official press conference at Malaysia said 18,500 square nautical miles searched in the Australian search area. Two orange objects approximately 2 meters and one white colored drum were sighted by
search aircraft. However, it is remain unidentified.

HMAS Success captained by Allison Norris steering the ship through world's most hostile area. It is the only ship in vicinity on search area. China ships will be reached there on March 25.

French's satellite imagery on possible debris sent to Malaysia on March 22 and it sent to Rescue Cordination center Australia on March 23.

Meanwhile in northern corridor, Turkmenistan have confirmed they have not had any sightings of MH370 on their radar.

Japanese and China aircraft are due to reach to Perth. Japanese has sent two P3-Orion to aid the SAR mission.

Rumor & Speculation

1. Objects is undergoing careful investigation whether it related to MH370.

March 25 (Day 18)

The Commercial jet boeing 777 MH370 confirmed crash at remote area at southern corridor. Prime minister of Malaysia announced yesterday night around 10PM.

Official press conference at Malaysia's PWTC . When asked by reporters to Transport Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein whether they will still search for the plane, He replied, "we will still search the plane". 

UK Air accidents Investigation Branch and Inmarsat new analysis show that strong possibility the plane drop to Indian Ocean. The study of handshakes yield the result. The analysis called " The Doppler effect"

Victim families largely disagreed the news due to lack of evidence to support the data analysis. They still bear the hope safety of the passengers.

Northern Corridor search & rescue mission has been called off same goes to near Indonesia. 

Chinese held a protest to Malaysia embassy at China. Holding banners " Malaysian government murderers", "We want our relatives back". They protest location near Lido Hotel at Beijing.

Rumor & Speculation

1. No rumors & speculations

March 26 (Day 19)

 Families of passenger is provided with the press release issued by UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

Weather improved since yesterday the operation was halted yesterday due to weather uncertainties on the sea. Chinese ships and Korean planes joining the hunt for MH370 at vast sea. Accounted for 12 planes will be flying today to the search and rescue location.

Malaysian ambassador to China Iskandar Sarudin arrived to meet with the crisis and angry families.

Satellite imagery provided by France which is captured during March 23 showing 122 objects floating at Indian Ocean, about 2557KM from Perth.

Rumor & Speculation

1. Investigator are speculating suicide mission 

2. Malaysia authority believes that the plane was deliberately diverted by someone on board.

March 27 (Day 20) (Updating)

Thailand has detected nearly 300 floating objects in the Indian Ocean, about 200 kilometers from the international search area for missing Malaysia Airlines MH370.

FBI Chief James Corney said the investigation on simulator owned by pilot recovery of deleted files is in process. They are working on it. FBI will soon complete it analysis.

Rumor & Speculation

1. Possible debris image taken by Thailand officials

I wish to discontinue effort on compiling everyday MH370 news. I have compiled from March 8 news - March 27.

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