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Pokemon Go Officially Released in Malaysia on August 6, 2016

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Malaysian are able to download and enter Pokemon Go since 0900AM today

Unexpected news broke out on Pokemon Go Official Facebook page today, 15 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more are able to download the game.

There is an overwhelm of excitement for the announcement because author have been waiting since July ! 

As you can see, author is 35 minutes late to try Pokemon Go. It was firmly believed to be released around 0900AM. Some Malaysian trainers have jumped into the game and catch few Pokemon.

Some of us expecting the game to be released much earlier something like First and Second of August 2016 in order to be compatible with the Hotlink event. 

Have you been playing Niantic's Ingress ? There is a similarity between Ingress and Pokemon Go based on the monuments stuff.

First pokemon is Bulbasaur. Leaf type Pokemon, there was a nickname associated with Bulbasaur. What was it ? Nasi Lemak ?

Thought there was a Pikachu to catch as first pokemon. First log-in trainers are able to choose one of 3 pokemon offered Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. You might be asking why not Charmander ? Guess what, Bulbasaur has the cutest voice when it spell it own name.

Maxis tells Malaysian to share Happy Deepavali Message 2014

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Share the spirit of celebration nationwide

Maxis tells to share Hari Deepavali message 2014

Those kids were asked few questions. you will be shocked what were the answers ! It was not made clear whether these kids acted in the video clip were orphans. By the way, Maxis pledged donating RM1 for each of LINE Malaysia users downloads the amazing stickers. Let them donate for the unfortunate !!

Step to step

  1. Get your LINE app in your smartphone and open it
  2. Go to "More" tab
  3. Go "Sticker Shop" tab
  4. Go "Free" tab
  5. Click "Celebrate Deepavali with LINE"
  6. Download and let Maxis donate on your behalf
  7. There will be a meaningful video for everyone to see. It available on Youtube though.

Maxis tells to share Hari Deepavali message 2014

Maxis, one of the largest brand operating mobile and network services in Malaysia is enthusiast in helping all of the underprivileged children's homes. This is only available till October 31, 2014. Now it your chance to do some charity for !!

LINE Bola Contest for Malaysian Prizes worth RM100,000

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#LINEBOLA is a new contest for Malaysian to vote your favorite team in FIFA World Cup 2014

Source : LINE Apps

LINE is one of the most used instant messaging smartphone apps in Malaysia to communicate with friends and family. On June 12, 2014. LINE Malaysia division started a contest for those who are using LINE apps could vote their favorite team. For example, Brazil and Croatia match on June 13, 2014 started on 4AM-6AM Malaysian time LINEBOLA is one of the platform for you to predict who will win and stand a chance to win some prizes.

The tricky part will be so many people voted the Brazil you will notice the differences as statistic showing that Malaysian favored Brazil will win Croatia at almost 80% vote against Croatia. As a host of World Cup 2014, there is reason to believe Brazil will win due to Brazilian team will have advantage on adapting the weather and crowd of fans sitting at high platform were mostly support and cheer them.

The prediction for Brazil will be the winner is fulfilled. Neymar and Oscar of Brazil team scored 3 although there were 1 goal by Croatia but it was not the case apparently it was a mistake by Marcelo in Brazil team strike a goal mistakenly to his own goal gate. In fact, Croatia gained first ever goal in FIFA World Cup 2014 versus Brazil with the help of Marcelo mistake.

So who will be taking away LINEBOLA contest prizes ?? It is still unknown LINE Malaysia did not showed who were the winners . I guess we still need to wait a little longer. The accumulated prizes worth RM100,000. The prizes is included smartphones, flash drives and tablets.

Source : LINE Apps

To join this LINE contest, you will first require LINE apps in your smartphone. This contest is not over yet. There is now a new vote taking place Spain vs Netherlands. It is your prediction whether Spain or Netherland will win this gruesome match. It will be started on 3AM-5AM on Malaysian time at RTM1. Your time is limited to vote your favorite team between the match Spain vs Netherlands as LINE Bola voting will be closed before the match ended.

More than 30,000 Malaysian LINE users have picked their side. It seem that 22,000 flavored Spain will win against 6,300 Netherlands.  


Astro's Game App based on Apokalips X Movies

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Astro Shaw made a game app inspired by the movie Apokalips X aired on local cinema on April, 2014

Login with your facebook account to save your game scores and unlock the feature to compete score with your friends

Speaking about local game app we are not aware we actually can make a good game or either we have such a talent to develop a good smartphone game app?

No such things that Malaysian does not have the talents. We have plentiful talented young smartphone app developers. 

The game app is named as "Larian Maut" Have you figure out how is the overall game content ? It actually like pyramid escape but more excitement. I called it as escape & slashing game category. It is not just escaping and jumping obstacles. It actually slashing bad guys off the screen as the bad guys will slow you down and big bad guys from behind is rushing to caught you.

Most of the time you are running in the game but you actually have extra fun. Let say riding a motorbike and utilizing super slashing move. Besides, the game mechanic is top notch. Do not expect you can buy new weapons or upgrading your gears but you actually can unlock new character to play.

I will give score of 4/5 because it game graphic is eye-catching and plentiful of wow factors. Definitely worth you to download it is only 40 MB. Moreover, I do not seen any heavy ads built-in the game.  

So much to catch up if want to enter top 5 in leaderboard

Smartphone Game Apps created inspired by Bomoh Malaysia

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Smartphone Apps developer inspired by the event of Bomoh performing ritual finding MH370

Creativity and innovation ideas to make Bomoh apps available in Playstore since March 14, 2014. It had been downloaded by so many Android based smartphone users. 

Most of the game developers use the title "Bomoh" to attract users download the highly sensational subject associating with the missing airplane. They have taken the golden opportunity to make the title but the game is not just plain. 

I have downloaded most of the game developed by different persons but it always use the same game concept. The first one would be Bomoh + flappy bird concept. Developer simply recreated or replaced the flappy bird with something related to "Bomoh". It just a man flying with magic carpet or Bomoh using magic to fly. 

That is just one of the game concept they have used. I have found some of the apps actually are fun to play ! 
The title are "Bomoh Fly 3D" and "Flying Bomoh"  

Game developers usually utilize a highly sensational and eye-catching title for their app in order to attract user to download. They rake in substantial amount of advertising income putting ads in their highly downloaded app. Did they make a wrong decision or Do you think they have insulted some entity ? 

Bomoh app
Bomoh apps taken from smartphone
Some of the apps related to Bomoh I have downloaded were Bomoh MH370, Bomoh Fly 3D, Bomoh Shaman, BomohMH370Parody, Flying Bomoh, Bomoh 2, Flying Bomoh, Slap the Bomoh.

Bomoh Flying 3D
Flappy bird concept but replaced to bomoh in 3D developed using Unity platform. One of the best and fun. It is easier to score compare to flappy bird
As you can see above, most upper and most bottom part of the game have advertisements. Developer earns income if you clicked on it. It is not really very instrusive type and not really annoyed in some point.

10 Smartphone Apps Malaysian should download

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Finding Smartphone apps that really useful and helpful ? Start with these 10 apps ! 

Currently Malaysians download 85% foreign contents which mean they downloaded application made and rendered outside of Malaysia. These application are made by Malaysians. All of these are domestic contents designed cater growing demands of people. Some of these application are useful and help them solve difficult tasks render their lifestyle improved. 


Developer : GTW Holdings

App Size : 10M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

Searching food and beverage in you area, rate their foods, check F&B prices, Popularity check, guide. Everything you need to know about which restaurants are in ranking or trending are all in here ! This excellent plus nicer dashboard and interface help you do the heavy thinking. Instead of searching at Google, why don search at HungryGowhere Malaysia. Don worry about going through non-halah foods, filter it by tick "show halal food only" and search again !!

Apple user : Hungry Go Where MY iOS
Android user : Hungry go where Android


Developer : MyTeksi

App Size : 6M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

It is very hard to know whether any teksi will be crossing the road you are waiting at. Instead of waiting teksi, why don search any teksi around your waiting area using My Teksi application?. Imagine you are very lost at midnight because of car malfunction or in emergency just search using your smartphone to get more reliable and quick detail from this app.

I guess getting teksi at bustling town like KL is very difficult. Think about it You can get considerable information about the teksi driver. You even can rate the teksi driver if you would. Beside Myteksi app, you could search Ezcab or Grabteksi apps to download it offered similar feature.


Developer : Evozi

App Size : 1.9M

Compatibility : Android

A PLUS toll calculator You can even use it offline without on Internet. Besides, You will get first hand on newest news and announcement from PLUS toll Malaysia. It also boast that Live Plus traffic update and Live traffic camera

LIVE 4D Malaysia

Developer : Live4D

App Size : 1.1M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

I am not trying to advocate TOTO however, there is sizable numbers of Malaysian downloaded this app to look for newly updated result. From the app description, It supported result of Damacai, 4D, PMP, Magnum, Toto and Singarpore Polls.


Developer : Jordyland

App Size : 1.7M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

There are around 3 or 4 different app maker made similar functionality. When you search playstore, you must search Jordyland's AES location detector as from I can see here, there are many good response who have downloaded this application. AES location dectector helps notify driver incoming police camera put at any traffic light or road side. It also boasted that the app is multilingual contained English, Chinese and malay language. Beside, the app maker rendered the app where you will not dependent on internet connection but GPS alone.


Developer : Success Action Enterprise

App Size : 7.7M

Compatibility : Android

This application is useful and helpful to people who really know how to use it. It can check AES saman, Saman JPJ, Blacklist JPJ, Blacklist PDRM, Check registration plate, JPJ complain. Beside that, this application will show newest and latest traffic news.

Radio & TV Malaysia

Developer : Railfandship

App Size : 6.2M

Compatibility : Android

I cant find any kind of application like this in iOS but certainly in Google Play, this app does exist. What this app does for Malaysian? This is very profound discovery. This app supporting TV3, TV1, TV2, 1News, TVi, 8TV, NTV7, TV9, Malaysian observer and Al Hijrah channel. Furthermore, All kinds of radio channel such as MY FM, Suria FM, Hitz FM and many more. There is more, it also supporting Malaysia Kini, The Star Online, New Straits Times and Media Rakyat. All I can say this application is awesome and smart. Rugi tak download tahu ?


Developer :

App Size : 2.7M

Compatibility : Android

Malaysia largest second-hand marketplace expanded it horizon to mobile business. Sell everything and buy anythings You found worthy. A very concentrate places You would be delighted !!


Developer : Measat Broadcast Network Systems

App Size : 50M

Compatibility : Android / iOS

If you looking at the image, it resemble candy crush. It is a very popular OH MY ENGLISH show. Learn English and improve English in these funny and interesting way. A very great apps to be installed into your children Ipad, Samsung tablet, Smartphones. It does not mean only for children !!


Developer : Creativate

App Size : 3.5M

Compatibility : Android / iOS

Always meet the timing to fulfill daily prayer for Muslim. A very good tool for them. It has a lot of features such as showing Qiblat, nearest mosque. Besides, it does show salah times, Jama and Qasar guides,

Good things are meant to be shared. Sharing is Caring !!

Which smartphone apps Your favourite? free polls 

Lazada online shopping is available in Android and iOS smartphone

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Lazada Malaysia announced apps compatible for Android and iOS smartphones. You can buy favourite products not only on your computer and on your smartphone too.

In January 16, 2014. Lazada Malaysia , South-east Asia biggest online shopping mall, announced apps compatible for Apple smartphone users. I Pad and I Phone can use Lazada apps to browse favourite products and purchase them.

Lazada iOS and Android apps
Lazada iOS and Android apps

The apps is fully optimized for iOS version 7. Shoppers now can seamlessly navigate various brand and product assortment in several categories such as apparel, household electronic, gadgets, shoes and accesories. Lazada put customer experience in highest priority. Besides, Lazada guaranteed a secure payment methods for customer.

The apps equipped with various languages for aiding various ethnics living  in Malaysia. Downloading the apps, You will entitle exclusive discount codes given out every single time. 

CEO Lazada group Maximilian Bittner says "mobile traffic driving to Lazada are significant important and have tripled in the last 12 months. It has been an important source of revenue." Cant deny the development of smartphones and tablets users, he believes Mobile Commerce is the future of online shopping. "

According to the study conducted by Nielsen, Southeast Asians spend an average of more than 3 hours per day on smartphones. Malaysian smartphone penetration of 80% is one of the highest in Asia Pacific. Almost Half of Malaysian owns multiple smartphones.

The new Lazada app for Apple users are free-of-charge. Public can access the app from 16 January 2014 download them. Additionally, Lazada is planning a surprise for three lucky shoppers who made purchase with the new apps. It is worth RM500 vounchers. Those who are interested in participating, Start purchasing with Lazada using the mobile platform from 19 - 31 January 2014.