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Humanitarian Fund From Malaysia For Palestine

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An Official channel for whole Malaysian donation to Humanitarian Fund to Palestine people 

Humanitarian fund for Palestin UntukmuPalestin
Source : Media

Your donation can be channeled to Maybank 5642-7651-0331 with the collaboration with Mercy Malaysia

Contributions is great for Palestine people as it will lighten up their burden. Funds will be enough to buy medications, foods and warm bed for needy.

Offcial website for Media prima #UntukmuPalestine at

Humanitarian fund for Palestin UntukmuPalestin
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Watch the replay donation night by Prima Media themed as #UntukmuPalestin at Full links at TV3's donation night themed Palestine humanitarian fund

During that night, Misha Omar was invited to a performance, Besides that, Tomok was invited too. Furthermore, Maybank representative attended the event and wish to giving out RM10,000 in exchange for the trophies. On behalf of Celcom, Celcom representative has wholeheartedly giving out RM10,000. Moreover, Telekom Malaysia (TM) representative presented a mock check as many as RM50,000.