New Season AF 2014 with 12 New Students

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Akademik Fantasia 2014, Malaysia first reality television show

Reality television means contestants competing for the no 1 title. Only one will carry away the title and prizes. Others, endures a defeat moment. Despite that, all the contestants who successfully went through the AF audition are all great talents. They not really lose the match, they will have lifetime experience, fame and consolation prizes awaiting for them.

AF 2014 is scheduled to be held on Sunday, September 7, 2014. One can watch on Astro Maya & Ria. Stay tune to these channel on 9PM. Your favorite TV host Zizan Razak will entertain the audiences of AF2014. A total of 12 contestants comprising 6 males and 6 females competing in order to obtain judges' favor. 

The judges are Acis, Siti Hajar, Fatimah Abu Bakar, Linda Jasmine and Datin Marlia Musa. 

Besides, Malaysian could vote for their favorite contestants. Just SMS following this method. AFUNDI<space><Name of the contestant>to 32777. For example, AFUNDI NUHA and send it to 32777 . A vote per SMS. SMS will cost voter a small fee RM 0.50

The sponsors of AF 2014 are D Herbs Healthy, Felda Wellness, Kit Kat Chocolate.

Undian SMS AF 2014

This is a Pre-match result of the voting. All of the contestants have not show their true talents in frong of the audiences. If you want to know the latest result of the voting among all 12 contestants, please visit at Astro Gempak AF 2014


Place of birth        : Perak
Personality            : Independent, love challenges, easily sympathy
Favorite song        : I am telling you I am not going
Favorite singer      : Dharice, Beyond, Jessica Sanchez
Favorite celebrity : Syafie Naswip

She will sing "Tunggu Sekejap" song originated from Tan Sri P.Ramlee. 


Source : Astrogempak

Place of birth        : Johor
Personality            : Time wise, work swiftly, 
Favorite song        : Balada
Favorite singer      : Adira
Favorite celebrity : Nabila Huda, Izara Aishah

First song by Ziha is "Angan Angan"


Place of birth        : Selangor
Personality            : Like to cook, like to do work solidarity
Favorite song        : Balada
Favorite singer      : Salamiah Hassan
Favorite celebrity : Dato Rosyam Nor, Erra Fazira

First song by Wawa at AF 2014 is "Hujung Dunia"


Source : Selongkar10 dot blogspot dot com

Place of birth        : Johor
Personality            : Like to put up a joke with friends
Favorite song        : Rock, Moden rock, Soul
Favorite singer      : Faizal Tahir & Jamal Abdillah
Favorite celebrity : Dato Rosyam Nor, Erra Fazira

First song by Zarif is "Hanya Aku"


Place of birth        : Selangor
Personality            : Play all kinds of instruments piano, guitar, ukulele
Favorite song        : Jazz, R&B
Favorite singer      : Adele
Favorite celebrity : Sharnaaz Ahmad

First song by Nina at AF 2014 "Gelora Jiwa"


Place of birth        : Johor
Personality            : Like to sing, talkative, easily cry.
Favorite song        : Balada
Favorite singer      : Dato Siti Nurhaliza
Favorite celebrity : Farid Kamil

Muna appeared in first episode of AF 2014 and sing the song "Hilang".


Place of birth        : Tawau
Personality/           : Futsal, Guitar, online game
Favorite song        : Rock and modern
Favorite singer      : Azlan and The Typerwriter, Faizal Tahir
Favorite celebrity : Farid Kamil

Firman first song at AF 2014 sings "Relaku Pujuk"


Place of birth        : Queen Elizabeth 
Personality            : singing, dancing
Favorite song        : Balada, pop
Favorite singer      : Dato Nurhaliza, Kris Dayanti, Celine Dion
Favorite celebrity : Aaron Aziz

First song at AF 2014 is "Ku ada Kamu".


Place of birth        : Queen Elizabeth 
Personality            : friendly, humorous
Favorite song        : Pop and Rock
Favorite singer      : Dato Nurhaliza, Anuar Zain
Favorite celebrity : Aaron Aziz, Yana Shamsuddin

First song at AF 2014 is "Umpan Jinak di Air Tenang:


Place of birth        : Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Personality            : read novel, singing, cooking, positive thinker
Favorite song        : Balada, Pop, Jazz
Favorite singer      : Dato Nurhaliza 
Favorite celebrity : Fauziah Nawi

First son by Farez is "Nirmala"

11. AMAN

Place of birth        : Melaka
Personality            : Game, Sweet talker 
Favorite song        : Balada, Pop 
Favorite singer      : Hafiz AF, One Direction
Favorite celebrity : Nora Danish, Wentworth Miller

First song by Aman is "Andaiku Tahu"

12. EWAL

Place of birth        : Perak
Personality            : Song composer, singer
Favorite song        : Pop, Rock
Favorite singer      : Dato Nurhaliza, Anuar Zain
Favorite celebrity : Aaron Aziz, Yana Samsuddin

First song at AF 2014 is "Di Alam Fana Cinta"

Akademik Fantasia Facebook page : AF FB page 2014


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