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McCountry and Durian McFlurry in McDonald Malaysia

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There are good and bad thing. Good is Durian season and Bad  on McDonald reputation


Despite the ongoing protest aimed on McDonald Malaysia. The atmosphere in Facebook page of McDonald Malaysia was unhappy and sorrow. Placing MH17 and black cover as a sign of mourning and there were notes written by Management of McDonalds Malaysia addressing the issue of boycott.

The boycott issue to the extent that there were states such as Kelantan branch of McDonalds had closed down. It was actually a rumor about the closing down at Kelantan state. But, looking at the McDonald Malaysia Facebook page, they used to promote their newest promotion there. The newest 2 was a note and not a promotion.

They never publish on McDonald Malaysia Facebook page  newest menu McCountry, Cheeseburger McDeluxe and Durian McFlurry. McCountry is selling at RM 6.00 with regular drink and french fries. My first bite on McCountry reminded me of Ramly burger meat. I am guessing it was Ramly burger meat because I always bought Ramly burger cooking it at home !

Do you know Ramly burger ? It a local brand known for manufacturing Malaysian household burger meat. More information at A1 Vs Ramly Burger meat

Durian Mcflurry is no stranger for some part of state such as Johor. Johorian might have tasted this if they have been a trip to Singapore. McDonald in Singapore rolled out the same menu last year. Mc Durian still taste very sweet the only different it added Durian flavor instead of Oreo. This cost around RM5.60 with tax