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International Coffee Day with Wonda

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It good to learn today's international coffee day

The Star front page international coffee day with wonda

Guess where I have learn about the international coffee day, the first page of the star newspaper published on September 29, 2015 does a great job informing me this jaw-breaking information.

Always wonder what kind of surprising news every time I try to buy a newspaper. I guess that overwhelm feeling of wanted to know what is going on around.

If I have not bought today newspaper, I would not have learnt today's International Coffee Day. Awesome discovery just make anyone day better.

Admitting that there are not all newspaper pages I like to read but, it is enough if there are one page that worthy to read and this is it.

I spent about 20 minutes getting to know all these perks and decided to work it out. It smell adventure !

I have known Wonda coffee and tasted it. I did not boast it, You can check it out, blogged somewhere here is the link Wonda wonderful Coffee. At that time, I was really curious the taste of Arabika Coffee.

You and I would not believe it that Wonda Coffee advertisements on the star newspaper took three whole pages. The thing is that The star newspaper is smart enough to hide the third pages containing all the perk information. The first and second pages are all about wishing "International Coffee Day" and nothing else. It did not actually indicating there are huge freebies. Only the people who flip to the 13 pages get to know it.

Yeah !, the 3rd hidden pages of Wonda Coffee advertisement shown at 13 page. One has to read about all these promotions from RHB, Celcom.

I would consider it as a freebies if most of the 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia offering Wonda Coffee as low as RM1.00. I do not want to expose most of the perks because I am not that cheerful to share. But I try to compel it together, there are free TGV cinemas movie ticket, Tesco Buy 1 Free 1, Myteksi free wonda coffee treat (request via myteksi app), Mesra RM50,000 worth of fuel to be won, Domino's Pizza RM10 with any purchase of two cans of wonda coffee, RM1 buying from 7-Eleven.

It was not my priority to share all the perks, I just wanted to share the joy of International Coffee Day

7 Eleven Wonda Coffee promotion RM1

The promotion is going smoothly, That was a relieve indeed as if that would spoil my day if the promotion was not going so well.

Wonda Coffee

That me sip some premium coffee !

Hotlink Hot Ticket Extra More Value 2014

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More Calls, more Texts and Data for your hungry appetite using smartphones

More is in your smartphone voice data, SMS and online data. Lesser the mobile service operator take money from you. All your calling to local network will be charge 8sen/min . No other mobile service operator in Malaysia but Hotlink will give you this good deal !!

Imagine 10 minutes calling you will be incurred RM 0.80 . What more, SMS to all networks only incur you as little as RM0.02 . When you send 200 SMS, your credit will only deduct RM2.00

Firstly, dial *100*1# , then pick your price at RM5, RM10, RM15. It really easy everything is done automatically you just have to follow step by step and the first step is inserting the magic codes.

If you feel like you are really in need to call someone you are better choose to use this reloading promotion Hotlink Hot Ticket Extra.

DLSR Camera Sales May 2014 in Malaysia

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Up to 50% Discounted DLSR Camera to grab. Look for your favorite high quality Camera with cheaper price tag 

Sales until end of May

A very lucky to found out there are great sales going on for DLSR cameras in Malaysia in the month of May. This entire month you can buy cheaper and affordable DSLR cameras, new lenses and accessories

What I have found out were that they are selling DLSR cameras import from other countries. I will just list few DSLR cameras, Lenses and accesories in this May sales with crazy discounted price tag. Bare in mind that they are selling it online

Good thing purchasing online it "Free delivery" and Cash On Delivery Method. For example, you are purchasing many items and in total exceeds certain price you will entitle free delivery. For COD method, it actually mean that your ordered item will be sent to your doorstep. You are required to engage with the delivery guy at your doorstep and pay them with cash. 

Interested to look what are they selling ? Visit at DSLR up to 78% Sales May

List of discounted items on this Sales

  1. Nikon D5200  -55%
  2. Nikon D3100  -30%
  3. Canon EOS 700D  -55%
  4. Nikon D7100  -30%
  5. Nikon AF 70 300mm  -50%
  6. Canon EF-S Lens 55-250mm  -62%
  7. Tamron AF 18-270mm  -50%
  8. Sigma 70-300mm  -30%
  9. Sandisk Micro 32GB  -78%
  10. Johoyo Tripod  -50%

Lazada Malaysia PC Fair 2014 till April 14

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Don miss the chance to grab a laptop for your work or college.

Check it out at >> Lazada PC Fair 2014<< 

It is no secret that many had took their SPM result in the middle of March 2014. They are looking for college or job. Either of the roads they would pick, they still need some gears for challenging war against job and career. They will need some serious innovative laptops, tablet or smartphone for this coming job and career recruit days

It always come to this You will need to pick up yourself some favorite gadgets which match your budget and taste !!

You can buy it online with Lazada Malaysia. The national most trusted and most visited online electronic shopping mall

It is like most of the time you will have limited time to do purchasing. Don wait until it out of stock. The promotion is begin from March 31 - April 14. This is just part of the full pictures you always can visit for more information at Lazada PC Fair 2014

List of gadgets discounted

1.Asus X55U - 31%
2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 -38%
3. Alcatel One touch smart -57%
4. Western Digital my passport -32%
5. Fujitsu i5 Lifebook -11%
6. Powerbank 30000mAh -78%
7. Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch -30%
8. Iphone 5C -23%
9. Microsoft Surface 2 -21%
10. Universal Wifi Range extender -25%

Maybank's FIFA World Cup 2014 Campaign

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source: Maybank Malaysia

Official Maybank Promotion Free trip to Brazil website >>Maybank FIFA Brazil promotion

FIFA World Cup 2014 is around the corner. It will be held at Brazil. Soccer fans are cheering for the event sparked worldwide outcry. Last FIFA World cup was in 2010 the final match between Spain and Netherland 1-0 is amazing soccer match. More information about FIFA world cup 2014 at

Do you want to go Brazil without paying transporatation fees?? Maybank Malaysia wanted You to have 2 tickets if you follow their Promotion. Do remember to follow their guidelines and term and conditions. I will explain briefly how to join FIFA World Cup 2014 Maybank Malaysia campaign !

Firstly of all let us see all the prizes You will have a chance to win !. 

Grand Prizes : 2 tickets for final in Rio De Janeiro stadium
First Prizes : 2 tickets to semi final in Sao Paolo
Bonus Prizes : VISA FIFA merchandise

How to Win ?

1. Spend RM100 with your Maybank VISA Credit Cards from December 13, 2013 until 31 March 2014.
2. SMS "WORLD CUP(space)12 digit IC number and send to 66628 . For example, send your sms to WORLDCUP XXXXXX-XX-XXXX >>> 66628

Do give them a call if you have any enquiries at customer hotline service 1300 88 6688. More information at Maybank FIFA Brazil promotion

Digi Internet Prepaid Year End Promotion

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Digi offers December 2013 Year End Promotion for Internet Prepaid user. Don miss this !!

Full information and source please go to Digi Prepaid Internet Year End Promotion 2013

Digi Prepaid Internet are compatible with smartphone and broadband device. If you are using Digi Prepaid Internet on your smartphone the only bad side is You cant make a call. However, most people will choose Digi Internet Prepaid because there are many good sides and advantages.

Firstly, using a Digi Prepaid Internet, You don have to worry about quota expiry after the renewal. Your quota balance will be brought forward to the next month. In short, this month you leave 300Mb left and you just let it there when you reload another RM30 You will get another 1GB + 300MB from last month. The only reason you are reloading your Digi Prepaid Internet is your expiration date renewal to another 30days.

Broadband speed is stable. One can surf Internet, Facebook and open application without feeling very slow. Digi released news that after upgrading their service on Postpaid Internet, Digi users who does not like or does not have the right device for Digi Postpaid service, have flock in using Digi Prepaid Internet as they deemed Digi always their number 1 choice

Win Maybank Promotions and Join Yuna LIVE at United States

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Malaysian local bank, Maybank is organising a promotion. Winners take away 2 tickets to US or 50 more prizes to be won.  


More information at Yuna trip to US by Maybank promotion.

This promotion is held by Maybank. The way to win this is very simple to do. There are full instruction at the given link above . If you win, You got a chance flying to US to watch Yuna's LIVE . It is clearly stated that spend minimum RM100 with your Maybank Debit Card , subscribe to Maybank One Solution at Maybank kiosk