Maxis Malaysia Surf More 4G LTE Postpaid Plan

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Best Postpaid Plan from Maxis. Surf More 30 offering LTE network and no Pay-Per-Use charge after quota finished 

4G LTE network is getting better and better. More people are aware and acknowledge the existence of 4G LTE over 3G. Malaysian are constantly seeking stable and fast internet connection on their smartphone.

As if you are subscribing to SurfMore. You are promised to pay them monthly. It's either RM30, RM50 or RM75. 

SurfMore 30 : 1GB , (15sen/min) to all networks, (10sen/sms) to all networks
SurfMore 50 : 2GB, Vary
SUrfMore 75 : 5GB, Vary

The existence of SurfMore is to compete with other telecommunication plans in Malaysia. The most noticeable and most influential in Maxis Surfmore plan is the Surfmore 30. It is postpaid, 4G LTE network, sustainable call fee and many more perks.

Beside, If you are Astro Go subscribers, you might be interested to subscribe Surfmore 75 which the plan will get you complimentary 2GB .

Add Ons to SurfMore 30, 50, 75

Subscriber of SurfMore can use "More Voice" or "More SMS" add ons. Paying RM 12 a month , you will entitled 120 minutes to all networks (10sens/ min to all networks) .

"More SMS" add ons, RM6 a month for 120 SMS

It is very important to know Surfmore does not charge you if your quota used up. This new SurfMore allow subscriber to top up and enjoy greatest and fastest Maxis mobile internet connection. In the event, you are desperate need extra quota because your monthly quota finished, you could top up RM10 for 500MB, RM15 for 1GB, RM50 for 5GB.

You are still not convinced? Surfmore is allowed to subscribe Maxis "Values Extras"  for only RM8 . You can get even more with this. Just dial *100#

1. 8sen/min and 1sen/SMS for 10 of your favourite numbers within Maxis/Hotlink
2. 500 SMS a month within Maxis/Hotlink
3. 50% off on calls within Maxis/Hotlink network all weekend
4. 50% off voice and video calls within Maxis/Hotlink network every weeknight from 9PM to 7AM