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Move Your Body Campaign by Watson Malaysia

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Watson Malaysia organized a campaign "Move Your Body" in conjunction with World Health Day

Watson Malaysia being the leader in health and beauty retail industry is advocating awareness of healthy lifestyle amid World Health Day. "Move Your Body" campaign is one of the secret to get healthy body by dancing. One hour dancing is equal shedding 650 calories. (That why Korean is good on dancing, they know this secret )

To make it better, Watson Malaysia invented a very eye-catching dance moves as well as the unique sound tracks. Download Watson provided soundtrack and learn how to dance and start dancing using their dance moves. Remember to record yourselves with the complete dance moves and soundtracks, upload it to Youtube and send to them at the official website. The best thing is on the last part You could win RM5,000 cash participant in this campaign.

Be reminded that your video must be in MP4 format and should not exceed 3 minutes 30 seconds.

The reason behind this campaign is fairly easy to know. Watson Malaysia is serious about Malaysian well being. They have invited Hitz FM for this exclusive campaign. Beside submitting video, You could meet and dance with your favorite Hitz FM DJ.

Don forget to meet them at Sunway Lagoon on March 30, 2014. Those who like to join the meet-and-dance event at Sunway Lagoon, can get a discounted Sunway Lagoon pass RM30 with the terms that You must purchase anythings in the Watson outlets.

Wake up and dance with Hitz FM DJ