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Fuelled by fans Powered by PRIMAX started in February 2014

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Petronas biggest contest will be starting in February 2014 after selected few public members who earned the right to be partnered with 5 Asian celebrities.

You can see my previous post about Petronas's finding suitable public member to be partnering with 5 Celebrities at Petronas fuelled by fans, powered by PRIMAX part 1

It seem like Petronas has found what they were looking for 5 public members and 5 celebrities has come to Malaysia for this grand event. Celebrities are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia. They are Maya Karin & Sam Shaheizy & DJ Yoon(Malaysia), Him Law (HK), Bii (Taiwan).

Fuelled by fans, powered by PRIMAX contestant

5 public members has won the judges heart to be in this contest. There were more than 100 peoples come for orientation but failed to be included. Who are the celebrities and selected members ? 

List of Celebrities and Contestants

  1. REUBEN & Maya Karin
  2. Siti Norfaizah & Shaheizy
  3. Max Tan Hock Yong & Bii
  4. Wong Wei Pin & DJ Yoon
  5. Lim Chun Jeat & Him Law

If you would like to see their action-packed racing like running man but Petronas version, You should watch NTV 7 channel every Thursday and Friday 9PM started on February 6, 2014. Who will win the race and who is your favourite team?

After opening ceremony has been witnessed and ended, they are moving to retrieve car scatter around the Petronas station. It seem like they are provided with cars and monies for fuel and foods. Their first task is find the location "Sungai Pisang in Gombak Selangor". The host don really expose at once all of the the event challenges. It is a mysteries what are their next tasks and what are ahead them at Sungai Pisang!!.

Video : Watch Them on Internet !

1. Or you can watch on Youtube "Opening ceremony, celebrities and contestant meet each other" Part 1 " Part 1 Gathering !

2. Part 2 at Part 2 :Heading to Sungai Pisang in Gombak Selangor

3. Part 3 at Leading team is DJ Yoon

4. Part 4 at Escape Room

5. Part 5 at Kampung

6. Part 6 at Final who will win Rm100,000

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