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RM 2.10 Per Litre of RON95 shall be remembered

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The last day of RON95 staying at the price RM2.10 per litre. We shall not forget October 1, 2014. 

RON95 price per litre RM2.10

Just being dramatic because suddenly everyone is talking about the increasing price of fuel RON95 and Diesel. The announcement has been made by domestic trade ministry on evening today. The most obvious impact is there will be increasing traffic to the gas station later.

Will it be another hoax ? Well, it not likely to be because this is more than a rumor from a friend. There was an announcement already. As if you ask whether or not it could stay RM2.30 per litre, it will be difficult to say as looking at the previous event of increasing of cigarette price but next few days there was an announcement made to make the price drop.

I think the ministry trying to test the public. They want to make the public felt common about price increasing in any goods and services. So that in the future, the public is shock resistant to these kind of news. It pretty much shocking and could make anyone faint about the news increasing fuel price nationwide.

It did not come as unexpected, few days earlier, some people already spreading rumor there will be increasing of fuel price. Most people would not believe him about the increasing fuel price. However, the rumor turned to be a true alarm.

As I was writing, you only have 30 minutes more to fully pump fuel into your car at nearest gas station. RON95 RM2.10 per litre will be dearly missed. Goodbye see you next time hope to see you again in nearest future if somehow fuel price goes down magically.

Tomorrow which is October 2, 2014 is effective date for RM2.30 per litre of RON95 and RM2.20 for Diesel.

Football Zombie Defender Petronas Gift Card Winner

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FIFA World Cup 2014 with Football Zombie Defender contest held by Clear

Football Zombie Defender Winner

I am one of the winner of the RM100 Petronas Gift Cards. Football Zombie Defender is about winning the virtual football game. It is an interesting game to play. I never expected I would win anything ! My feeling was overwhelm by excitement. Although it was not something luxury, hey, at least, I won something !

There were 15 Petronas RM100 Vouchers for selected winners and I was grateful being one of them. In order to win this game, you are required to purchase any Clear products for example, Clear shampoo. Next thing is upload the receipt and send the receipt to the address. I have done all the instructions !

It had been more than 1 month after the final World Cup Argentina vs Germany.

Petronas Gift Card RM50

Awesome refuel at nearest Petronas station or use it to purchase any items inside the Petronas store. It better than nothing ! 

Formula 1 Malaysia 2014 Grand Prix will be held in March

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Watch the action Lewis Hamilton as Petronas & AMG prepare to unleash the ultimate road thrill

Malaysia Grand Prix will be held in usual place at Sepang International circuit. This place were made to cater international formula 1 grand event. Designer of the place is Hermann Tilke. It can shelter more than 130,000 formula 1 fans with 5 kilometer track.

The initial date for Formula 1 Malaysia 2014 is March 28, 2014 and it will be held for 3 days until March 30, 2014. First day will see three free practice session for Formula 1 drivers familiarize themselves with the circuit and for team to set up their car. it will begin at 10.00AM - 15.30PM. Second day, it is about qualifying and knockout contest. Third day, we will see the real race begin. Second and third day will begin 16.00PM

As most of you have notice that the entry to the event is chargeable. The least price you will need to pay to witness outstanding F1 performance you must pay an amount of RM88.00 or RM280.00. In order to witness the event at Grand stand tower You are require to pay RM440.00 or view the event at upper tier for RM1,770.00. Last but not least, if you would like to join the suite package where the visitor enjoy air condition facility while enjoying the race it will cost RM4,600 with complimentary food and beverage.

There will be a very familiar 11 top auto industry brand joining the Grand Prix. They are Infiniti Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lotus, McLaren, Force India, Sauber, Scuderia Toro Rosso, William, Marussia, Caterham. Do you know which one is Malaysian team? it will be Caterham. It is owned by the Airasia owner Tony Fernandes. Who are the strongest team of all?

The strongest team is none and other Caterham.. Infiniti Red Bull team.  They are current world champion. Who is the best driver ever step a foot in Sepang International circuit in previous Grand Prix Event? That would be Michael Schumacher in the year of 2004. 

He is indeed a legend. Now the spotlight has changed to Mercedes team Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Partnership between Petronas and Mercedes has formed Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team. No doubt their car will be powered by fuel made by Petronas. Petronas's Syntium and Primax. 

"Liquid and Metal" implying Liquid as Petronas and metal as Mercedes. Petronas will contribute at fuel efficiency and Mercedes will build most part of the auto car.

Will Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team beat Infinity Red Bull team?  The answer will be unveiled on March 30, 2014.

Do not miss the Petronas Motorsports Demo Run on March 23, 2014 . More information at Petronas demo run March 23

Can you spot Mercedes and Petronas brand ?

More information about Formula 1 Malaysia 2014 Grand Prix at Redbull

Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team Official website Liquid & Metal

For ticket inquiry at Malaysia Grand Prix 2014 ticket

Liquid & Metal a film by Petronas and Mercedes. They have not shown the auto at this video. They want to give a surprise to the fan at the opening Malaysia 2014 Grand Prix.

Twin Tower Alive 2014 invited Rain to perform in Malaysia

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Twin Tower Alive will invited many international stars to perform in Malaysia. Some of them are Korean pop star Rain and Christina Aguilera.

Important Note: It is sad to announcing Twin Tower Alive 2014 canceled

Last year we have seen backstreet boy being invited by Twin Tower Alive organized by Petronas performed at Malaysia stage. Malaysian Fans were very much enjoyed the moment they sung the familiar songs. In 2014, we will once again be thrilled. As we trusted Petronas will bring more fun this year. One of the biggest company in Malaysia, they have Malaysia most talented human capital and also vast resources.

If you never been to Twin Tower Alive, it is actually free and you only required passes for the nearest platform to the stage. It will be held at Petronas Plaza on March 28, 2014. Besides, The official organizer of Twin Tower Alive 2014 is doing a pass giveaway for public members. If you want to win a Twin Tower Alive passes you should visit Twin Tower Facebook page. 5 Winners will be selected and announced on March 14, 2014. Be creative to win !! You are required to tag them #TTALIVE and #FANFRIDAY .

If you missed the Twin Tower Alive 2013, let us refresh our happy moments. It is really excited to see how Malaysian fans reacted to the situation when Korean 2NE1 made a surprise appearance on the stage despite there is no official announcement being made. There were Demi Lovato and backstreet boys. The highlight was backstreet boys they had performed many songs at the concert totaled more than 10 songs. Who will be the surprise guest for the year of 2014?

Many fans in Malaysia would like Korean band EXO to come Malaysia. From my point of view, I think it is likely would not happen because they have invited Rain on board. Will we see two Korean popstars ? Well in 2013, they invited UKISS and 2NE1 right ?

I can confirmed that they would be many local entertainers performing on the stage. Who would it be?

Rain Malaysia Twin Tower Alive 2014

Rain greet Malaysian fans that He will attend Twin Tower Alive 2013. See you there !!

Fuelled by fans Powered by PRIMAX started in February 2014

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Petronas biggest contest will be starting in February 2014 after selected few public members who earned the right to be partnered with 5 Asian celebrities.

You can see my previous post about Petronas's finding suitable public member to be partnering with 5 Celebrities at Petronas fuelled by fans, powered by PRIMAX part 1

It seem like Petronas has found what they were looking for 5 public members and 5 celebrities has come to Malaysia for this grand event. Celebrities are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia. They are Maya Karin & Sam Shaheizy & DJ Yoon(Malaysia), Him Law (HK), Bii (Taiwan).

Fuelled by fans, powered by PRIMAX contestant

5 public members has won the judges heart to be in this contest. There were more than 100 peoples come for orientation but failed to be included. Who are the celebrities and selected members ? 

List of Celebrities and Contestants

  1. REUBEN & Maya Karin
  2. Siti Norfaizah & Shaheizy
  3. Max Tan Hock Yong & Bii
  4. Wong Wei Pin & DJ Yoon
  5. Lim Chun Jeat & Him Law

If you would like to see their action-packed racing like running man but Petronas version, You should watch NTV 7 channel every Thursday and Friday 9PM started on February 6, 2014. Who will win the race and who is your favourite team?

After opening ceremony has been witnessed and ended, they are moving to retrieve car scatter around the Petronas station. It seem like they are provided with cars and monies for fuel and foods. Their first task is find the location "Sungai Pisang in Gombak Selangor". The host don really expose at once all of the the event challenges. It is a mysteries what are their next tasks and what are ahead them at Sungai Pisang!!.

Video : Watch Them on Internet !

1. Or you can watch on Youtube "Opening ceremony, celebrities and contestant meet each other" Part 1 " Part 1 Gathering !

2. Part 2 at Part 2 :Heading to Sungai Pisang in Gombak Selangor

3. Part 3 at Leading team is DJ Yoon

4. Part 4 at Escape Room

5. Part 5 at Kampung

6. Part 6 at Final who will win Rm100,000

Vote for your favourite team free polls 

Top and Best Petronas's campaign 2013

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Reload RM100 and get extra RM25.00? Who will give you free RM25.00 ? Petronas will , Robert said.

Have the desire to accumulate mesra points? The best way is reload with Mesra card on Saturday of the month and get 2x mesra points.

Petronas's campaign "Fuel by Fans" win RM100,000 started on October 14

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It will be one of the huge event for Malaysian as it from Giant conglomerate company. Be excited !! It will start launch on October 14. Stay tuned!!

Petronas is a company involve in Oil and Gas. It also wholly owned by government. It also one of the Fortune 500 listed company in the world.

Petronas-fulled by fans-campaign-october