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10 LTE Smartphones available in Malaysia

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Will you stay with 3G smartphones or change to 4G LTE smartphones?

Smartphone supporting LTE are highly sought because telecommunication company such as Digi, Maxis and Celcom are gradually offering LTE or 4G service since 2013. Malaysian still stand firm with 3G services many are still holding smartphone with 3G capability and does not have 4G LTE function. 4G services has been rolled out more than a year. What are the reaction to the community?

They are likely respond that their smartphone are not broken and does not support 4G LTE . It will be a burden for them to change smartphone and subscribe LTE package. If you purchasing new smartphone in 2013 and so on, you will notice that huge telecommunication company are offering LTE smartphone with 4G services. They boasts 4G is faster than 3G with their marketing plan written "10times faster than 3G". What are the smartphone supporting LTE?

Samsung Note 3 LTE


Brand : Samsung

Highlighted feature : 5.7" screen size, Quad core processor, Android 4.3, 32GB internal, WiFi & bluetooth & 4G, 13MP camera

Colour : Gold, Rose, Black

Combination of smartphone and tablet, it is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phabet with LTE functionality. You can call and receive call with larger screen compared to normal smartphone. Enjoy computer-like processor and super fast internet speed with 4G browsing websites with ease. Samsung new flagship phabet improved your experience in capturing pictures with 13MP camera. Newest android version and bigger screen like tablet. Note 3 is compatible galaxy gear (smartwatch). It is only RM2,100.00 or more. It is what everyone need a smartphone and tablet alike. Check new price and availability at Galaxy note 3 LTE

Note 3 color video at : Note 3 :Note of attraction video about colors

Iphone 5S LTE

IPhone 5S

Brand : Iphone

Highlighted feature : 4" Retina display, iOS 7, 8MP, iSight camera, Touch ID, A7 Chips.

Colour : Gold,

All Iphone 5 variant are supporting 4G LTE. Iphone are popularly known for retina display and iOS. It simply enhances the use of everything. A7 chips uniquely use lesser power making the battery last longer and efficiently. iOS are still unbreakable with viruses. Lastly, Iphone are made more durable in this latest design and also added the universally profound Touch ID which one does not need the hackable password just use your unique god-made fingerprint to access Iphone. Your unique fingerprint associated with Iphone is not stored in any Apple company server. Shop are selling Rm2,300.00 (February 2014) Check current price and availability at Apple's Iphone 5S

Sony Xperia Z1 LTE

Brand : SONY

Highlighted feature : 5.0" screen size, Android 4.2, Camera 20MP, Quad core processor, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE & NFC

Colour : White

5.0" screen size are standard screen size for smartphone with 20+ mega pixel camera, Sony are well known making good camera. Beside that, Sony smartphone are also well known for anti-dust and anti-water feature built-in design. It supporting 4G LTE and 3G which ever user prefer. If you like capturing pictures definitely try Sony Xperia Z1 as they boasting about award winning G lens engineered for better sony camera and Triluminos display. It sell not more than RM 2,200.00 . Check price and availability at Xperia Z1 purple


Brand : SONY

Highlighted feature : 6.44" screen size, Android 4.2, Camera 8MP, Quad core processor, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE

Colour : White

The world biggest phabet screen Sony made the first in 2013. Incredible breakthrough screen size coupled the unique Xperia like anti-dust and anti-water and not to mention the groundbreaking camera technology it just an amazing smartphone. It just for RM 2,199.00. The difference between Sony Xperia Z ultra and Z1 is camera and screen size. User picks bigger screen might prefer Z Ultra than Z1. New price and availability at Xperia Z ultra 16GB


Brand : HTC

Highlighted feature : 5.9" screen size, Camera 4MP, Quad core processor, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE, Fingerprint enabled

Colour : Silver, Black and Gold

A competitor to Note 3 . HTC One Max boasted they have the fingerpring technology built-in. Besides a 4G LTE smartphone, it appealed to consumer who like to listen music loudly. It prominent build were the speakers are located everywhere even the front of the phone. The exterior design of the phone is made by exclusive aluminium. It costs around RM 2,200.00. Current price and availability at HTC One Max Silver


Brand : LG NEXUS / Google

Highlighted feature : 5." screen size, Camera 8MP, Quad core processor and 2GB RAM, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE, Android 4.4KitKat

Colour : Black

LG Nexus 5 uses latest Android version 4.4 KitKat. The phone is extremely light in design. If you like google product definitely pick LG Nexus. One of the underprivileged phone in smartphone marketing it sold RM1600.00 or more despite all the high-end specification inside LG Nexus. Highly Recommended !


Brand : Blackberry

Highlighted feature : 5." screen size, Camera 8MP & 2MP front, Dual core processor and 2GB RAM, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE,

Colour : Black

Blackberry unveiled it full touchscreen smartphone with 5" screen size. It using it own Blackberry 10 OS instead of Android and it also come with Microsoft's Word and Excel. Blackberry is also the third largest smartphone manufacturer who specialist in computer keyboard-like's smartphone. It currently sell not more than Rm1,700.00 in the market.

Nokia lumia 1520


Brand : NOKIA

Highlighted feature : 6" screen size, Camera 20MP, Quad core processor and 2GB RAM, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE, 32GB internal storage

Colour : Black

Nokia newest flagship in smartphone business Lumia 1520. Perfectly dressed Windows Phone 8 rather than Android or iOS. Clearer camera with 20 mega pixel plus Pureview. It also a rival to Note 3 and Sony Xperia Ultra. It could be falling into phabet category due to it larger screen size. Although it is big and compact with high-end smartphone technology, it is sold in the shop not more than RM2,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S4



Highlighted feature : 5" screen size, Camera 13MP & 2MP front, Quad core processor, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE

Colour : Black

One of the smartphone supporting LTE 4G. One of the Samsung flagship product. It has a lot fun features built-in. Either S translator, group play, sound & shot are very attractive for all of us. Let talk about sound & shot, it is an unique feature where your photo has recorded sound inside.  You can view the every photo taken with recorded background sound. Interesting and add a layer of excitement as well. The good news is S4 price is quite competitive in the market. It cost around RM1,700.00 discounted prices.


Brand : ASUS

Highlighted feature : 4.7" screen size, Camera 13MP & 1.3MP front, Quad core processor, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE

Colour : Black

Asus is a company originately producing good quality PC now turning to dominate lucrative smartphone market share.  It is another genius design from ASUS. Padfone 2 using Android technology with 2GB RAM making sure everything run smoothly and efficiently. It main attraction is in it bigger internal storage up to 64 GB and it widely known to have 50GB cloud storage free for 2 years. You can buy this with Rm1,600.00 in local store.

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