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Johnny Rockets Burger and Quiznos Pizza at Penang

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Fast growing restaurant brand in Malaysia 2015. New opening at Penang Gurney Paragon.

Johnny Rockets brand and uniform at Penang

American restaurant franchise are mushrooming in Malaysia. The huge expansion is ongoing with many new restaurant opening at highly congested area such as the Gurney Paragon Mall. With so many high rise shopping malls in Malaysia, the demand for upscale restaurant is increasing. Willing to pay premium price for a decent meals is an idea adopted by local communities as their lifestyle is catching up with developed country.

By checking out their Facebook page targeted on Malaysia, they have poured sizable fund into effort making a successful marketing effort,Johnny Rockets MY Facebook Page

If it was not because of it heavily marketed on Facebook, author would not be able to learn newly opened restaurant at Gurney Paragon mall. Came to know about Johnny Rockets through Facebook's sponsored post while scrolling the News Feeds.
Smoked House Single

Offer much complex flavors and bun types. Burger lovers definitely must try.

I wonder why drinks was not included in a package that cost RM27.00 ? Ordered an average size smoke house single burger.

It was a surprising experience acknowledging that there are few other restaurants rather than just Johnny Rockets. It was not just about Johnny Rockets restaurants,

Inside Urban Food Hall, Johnny Rockets are one of the restaurant operating under one name. 

Was not fancy about taking away, dining in with friends ordered a pizza package carrying the brand name Quiznos Cafe. The package contains a cold coke and cost not more than RM18.00 .

Classic Italian

The order was taken by selecting it at an ipad . While selecting, the staff were dancing with loud music turned on. It was a pleasant dinner.

First try Johnny Rockets burger, definitely using some juicy and quality ingredients. a memorable experience indeed. Saliva was all over the table till the floor.

10 Successful Food and Beverage Franchise in Malaysia

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Growing Restaurant Franchise Brands Nationwide

All the successful food and beverage restaurants listed below are strategically located nationwide. One can rest assured to say numbers of KFC outlets in Malaysia far surpassed any other single restaurant brand in Malaysia.

Lucrative food and beverage market and friendly government policies towards food and beverage franchise is main contribution to many successful story owning a franchise restaurant.  

Joy is ours with these restaurants making business in Malaysia. Imagine a day without these 10 restaurant brands in Malaysia, it will be an awful nightmare !.


Secret Recipe

It is surprising to know that the founder and headquarter for Secret Recipe is Malaysian-based businessman.

2. KFC


One of the most powerful restaurant brand in Malaysia. Serving mainly chicken with secret ingredients from Sanders.



Mainly serving burger and french fries.



Sweet coffee rescue your day


Famous Amos

The smell of Famous Amos at the airports is soul intrigued.


Soft donuts is the best


Baskin Robbins

Ice-cream that will melt your heart at a random hot scorching day


Great service, great environment, great food.


Whooping with great tasty sauce.


Extra sauce to the tender chicken please !

Thought this is it ? No !, check it out the other 10 brightest franchise F&B in Malaysia at Top 10 F&B chain in Malaysia

Chinese New Year 2015 Menu at KFC Malaysia

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Golden Egg Crunch and Golden Burger delighting you on Chinese New Year 2015

KFC Malaysia Golden burger

It is amusing to know there are some new menu eating at KFC. Could not resist any of them either the golden burger or golden egg crunch. I have ordered both and it is a great and satisfying experience.

Golden Egg Crunch does not taste like normal Kentucky fried chicken. Sjora's juice makes your meal even tastier ever.

A new menu always push away the last great menu brought by KFC. I sincerely hope that one day KFC Malaysia would bring back the old menu. I must say the high-quality fried prawn one should not take it lightly because it taste like so fresh and delicious.

The freshness of the prawn meat is still preserved under high temperature deep-fried I guess they put some secret ingredients deep-fried those golden crunchy prawn. I never like to eat prawn but when I do, I go to KFC.

KFC Double Down Maxx and KFC fried prawn >> Link <<

Ramly Burger Panggang Flavor 70G

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Ramly introduced nationwide "Panggang" flavor burger meat. It does taste grilled one

Ramly Burger meat Panggang

Have you eaten Ramly beef or chicken ? I guess you have not try this "Panggang" flavor. I not a professional chef that the picture above proves of my cooking skill level. The left side it cooked and the right side is not. I was to compare the size of cooked Ramly burger meat Panggang and the one not cooked.

Ramly decided to increase 10g to 70g for each burger meat. It usually in 60g. What more, Ramly burger panggang version is in squarely form. Opposing to the chicken and beef flavor round form. There are some difference in price. This usually cost consumer RM8.00 - RM10.00, whereas, Ramly chicken and beef were put at lower price tag.

I wonder will Ramly ever manufacturing a burger fish meat. Although major population prefer beef and chicken but I think there were some segments like to order fish meat ?? Ramly burger is no 1 choice for Malaysian in homemade burger. Do it yourself or pay somebody to make burger for you !!

Malaysia McDonald's Double Beef Samurai Junior

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McDonald's Malaysia rolled out new menu "Double Beef Samurai Junior" on September 26, 2014

McDonald's Malaysia double beef samurai junior

You know why McDonald's staffs always asks its customers "Large meal or not" It really obvious that they want you to you spend more on your meal. It is a standard operating procedure (SOP) for them to ask you. Large meal seem to be a very goo deal but you can always say something like "normal" or "no".  

Double Beef Samurai Junior

This burger cost around RM4.75 if you said "no" or "normal" to the staff. When you said "Yes, I want a large meal" the price will not be the same. There was a RM1 price increased for you to say "Yes". The price will be RM5.75 instead. Ok, you may say the french fries and Pepsi were to be larger than the medium-sized. Unless you are really hungry, you should order the large meal then.

The taste of Double Beef Samurai Junior is likened to a prosperity burger. Luckily, I ordered a double beef rather than one beef. I would be seriously surprised if I was not. Well, the meal is quite delicious and ward off starving. It seem that McDonald's Malaysia and KFC have things in common. KFC rolled out Tokyo sauce and McDonald introduced Samurai sauce. Wondering what is McDonald's Malaysia next new menu ?? 

Besides Double Beef Samurai Junior., I have eaten McDonald's Habanero Burger during the FIFA 2014 season and Mccountry and McFlurry Durian flavor . I am looking forward to eat more and more !!!

A1 and Ramly are Best Chicken Burgers in Malaysia

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Both A1 and Ramly chicken burgers are made from Malaysia. Both have unique distinctive taste separate them.

A1 burger vs Ramly burger Malaysia
Cooked with cooking oil at fixed time 

Deep fried using cooking oil A1 and Ramly burgers rather than using butter. I have been observing the techniques to cook a burger meat at local burger stalls. I do not know how McDonald staff cooked McDeluxe or McChicken but I had knowledge on how our local burger stall cooked a delicious mouth watering burgers.

They had used butter as alternative to cooking oil. Firstly, they put the butter and spread it, they had used egg spreading the hot pan before putting raw burger meat. Then, cover the burger meat with the egg then flip it. I would rather want to know more what burger brands they had use and how they marinate the burgers !

Figure out for me tell me if you found the answer. If you were failed to answer then it is better for us eat at local burger stall. People like eating McDonald burgers because they never really found any answers how to cook good burger. Besides, it not because they lazy prepare homemade burger they just do not like the taste of their homemade burgers.

The best burger brands in Malaysia are A1 and Ramly. Do not get confused Ramly burger brand were not owned by Rafizi Ramli family. Despite that, natural instinct told me that those local burger stall had been using Ramly burgers.

Ramly burger Malaysia

  • Product : Ramly Chicken Burger
  • Calories : 183 KCAL, 5.4g Carb, 7.8g Protein, 14.5g Fat
  • Net Weight : 300g, contained six pieces, one piece is 50g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Ramly Food Processing Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Chicken
  • Value : RM5.90 (Giant) - RM6.20 
  • Website :

Have you seen raw burger meat were imported ? Both are Malaysian made raw burger meat. One could say McDonald were using local produced meats but the brand is not local.

The title should be revised to A1 vs Ramly burgers that was the first idea. I have changed the title as I deemed it will be better that way. Look closer A1 burgers have more quantity than Ramly. In my point of view, they have the same price tag with different quantity.

Unlike Ramly burger packaging, it contained a soft layer separate each raw burger meat, A1 does not use soft layering to separate each raw burger meat. As you can see above all the burgers are glued with ice. You are required to wait the ice thwart to take one piece.

A1 burger malaysia

  • Product : A1 Chicken Burger
  • Calories : 132 KCAL, 9.4g Carb, 6.5g Protein, 7g Fat
  • Net Weight : 600g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : A1 processing Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Chicken
  • Value : RM6.20  (Giant)
  • Website :

Looking for large quantity and cheaper local raw burger meat for homemade burger ? A1 seem to have advantage over Ramly. However, Ramly burgers had unique taste and crispy as an advantage over A1 burgers

What are your choice A1 or Ramly burgers ??.

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