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Votes for McDonald's vs KFC French Fries

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Battle of the french fries between McDonald's and KFC

KFC french fries vs McDonald's french fries

Let get to the bottom of this. KFC introduced its french fries not while ago. What was their intentions doing that ? KFC french fries mixed with crispy black pepper ? Yeah, it definitely taste something else.

We know that since the beginning that McDonald's french fries is unrivaled. It seem like fast food restaurants in Malaysia is re-focusing on this food. I have not try burger king's new french fries which look ridiculously awesome. The texture is so fine. It so much taller !

Maybe I would put McDonald's, Burger King and KFC battle of french fries somewhere in the future. The left picture was captured eating at KFC restaurant. It was the new menu "Tokyo Black Pepper Chicken Chop", whereas, the right picture is recently captured eating at McDonald's restaurant new menu "Double Beef Samurai Junior".

More detail about KFC's Tokyo Black Pepper Chicken Chop

The good old days when everything is so much easier. If one wants to eat chicken, we will head to KFC. If we are craving for burger, it should be McDonald's. Now, McDonald's introduced chicken while KFC introduced french fries. Sometimes, the not-so-wise get confused which to choose both are big restaurants franchise.

Oligo and Milo Chocolate Drinks Comparison

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Oligo Vs Milo Chocolate Beverage 

I cant believe drinking Oligo is like I was drinking Nestle Milo. There was nothing wrong with my tongue. I cant differentiate the taste. Despite some people said Oligo has bad taste. When people said Oligo, a not so good chocolate drink I thought to myself that "how bad it can goes" ?

Oligo is one of the many beverage brand under one big company. It Power Root. I believe you have seen Power Root advertisement. It always triggering my human desire to win RM 1 million. Even the oldest chocolate beverage in Malaysia such as Milo, it did not had this kind of RM 1 million advertisement. 

Believe it or not both of these chocolate beverages tasted the same. It like a replicate of it or they just has different packaging. That all of it ! Speaking about Power Root, they have extensive beverages products for Malaysian consumers. They have their own version of Red Bull and wide selection of Nescafe.

It is up to Malaysian consumer whether to support Power Root or other brands. There is one important noticeable factor among those beverage products, particularly Power Root, all of them has no price range gap compared to other brands. For example, one go to shopping mall picking up Oligo and Milo and notice the price are same. Why is that same price ??

I thought popular brand such as Milo should sell higher whereas Oligo should sell in lower price. It does not work like that in beverage industry. If price and taste were the same what really a concern for consumer will be the brand. It seem like Nestle brand is stronger compared to Power Root and consumer are most likely to choose Nestle Milo over Power Root's Oligo. 

Give it a try for Oligo chocolate drink if you have seen them at supermarket or 7-Eleven stores nationwide. Both are great chocolate beverage in Malaysia 

Proof Maze Runner is Hollywood version of Running Man

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Picture does not lie. 6 Boys and 1 girl. No joking around !

The Maze Runner cinema poster from the left to the right. Teresa, Thomas, Newt, Alby, MinHo, Gally and Chuck 

  • Yong Jae-suk was replaced in the Maze Runner Newt

  • Giraffe or Lee Kwang Soo is substituted with Minho

  • Gary is Thomas

  • Haha is Chuck

  • Ji Suk-Jin is the Alby

  • Son Ji Hyo was replaced by the name of Teresa

  • Kim Jong-Kook is Maze runner's Gally

What do you think about it ??

Full review of Maze Runner at Maze runner complete view

What do you think free polls

10 Best Lemon Tea beverage in Malaysia

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Lemon Tea is one of Malaysian favorite and well known beverage.  

Heaven and Earth Lemon Tea

  • Product : Heaven and Earth Lemon Tea
  • Calories : 206 KCAL, 50g Carb, 0g Protein, 0g Fat, Sugar 50g
  • Net Weight : 500 ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Singapore
  • Manufacturer : Coca-Cola Bottlers Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Lemon Tea
  • Value (2014) : RM 2.40
  • Website : Coca-Cola
  • Contact no : 1800-88-2653

The used bottle is able to be recycled.

OISHI Green Tea with Honey Lemon

  • Product : OISHI Green Tea
  • Calories : 180 KCAL, 45g Carb, 0g Protein, 0g Fat, Sugar 41g
  • Net Weight : 380ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Thailand
  • Manufacturer : OISHI TRADING CO .LTD 
  • Distributor     : F&N Beverage Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Honey Lemon with Japanese Green Tea
  • Value (2014) : RM 2.10 (Watson)
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 20-2-02649-2-0002

Reminder : Avoid direct sunlight, store in cool dry place, refrigerate after opening.

C2 Green Tea with Lemon

  • Product : C2 Cool & Clean Green Tea
  • Calories : 160 KCAL, 39g Carb, 0g Protein, 0g Fat, Sugar 39g
  • Net Weight : 350ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Vietnam
  • Manufacturer : URC Vietnam Co. Ltd
  • Distributor     : URC Snack Foods (Malaysia)
  • Flavor : Lemon 
  • Value (2014) : RM 1.00 (Watson)
  • Website :
  • Contact no : (607)2510948

C2 Cool & Clean has all the goodness of natural green tea leaves of Carmellia Sinensis variety which are known to contain Catechins.

to be continued ...

Vote who will win Argentina vs Netherlands

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The last match for Semi-Finals Argentina vs Netherlands. The crowd is ready for another surprise 

LINE Malaysia Netherlands vs Argentina

It was definitely devastating for Brazil fans yesterday at the stadium. The kids were sweeping off tears after Germany scored 5 goals in first half of the match. Everyone is in the state of disbelief when Brazil did not secure a goal leaving it 5 - 0 and walked to the restroom. Brutal start emerged on second half match, Brazil attacked ferociously but all of the effort were unable to break fortified Germany wall.

Oscar secured a goal at the 90 minutes before the game ended. Sending Brazil to first worst historical defeat. Germany advanced to the Final to against either Argentina or Netherlands. Who is up against Germany ??
The winner will be announced later and we are already excited.

Chart above were taken at LINE Malaysia apps. There were 50,000 Malaysian LINE users voted for their favorite team. You can see there are slight favoring Netherlands over Argentina. I have vote for Argentina because Messi are there for Argentina !

Netherlands have proved their strength through the match with Spain. They have Robin Van Persie and Arjen Robben. In previous match, I have voted for Netherlands when they against Spain. However, Argentina versus Netherlands. I would vote for Argentina.

To see Netherlands vs Germany is a very fascinating match. Both are great soccer squads we have seen in many FIFA World Cup matches. They are top soccer squad and never failed to enter Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals matches. Both team have done miraculous scoreline in FIFA World Cup 2014. For example, Netherlands got 5 goals against 1 Spain, Germany got 7 goals against 1 Brazil.

Lowyat Forum

It seem like in every poll there were favoring Netherlands national squad rather than Argentina. In fact, It have been a while for Argentina playing at Final match World Cup. As for Germany vs Netherlands, it pretty much what we have seen in past World Cup. Both of them are strong team and they have been against each other for many occasions. Will we see another Germany vs Netherlands ??

Reminder for all you that Argentina vs Netherlands LIVE match will be broadcast by RTM TV2 on 4AM

Video about how Zizan Razak, Jinnyboy and casts from movie "The Journey". See the video at Video Zizan Razak and JinnyBoy watching football

Astro want you to paint your photo into your favorite soccer team flag. You can get your favorite team flag on your Facebook photo with ease. More info at Astro ola ola paint

Promotion Astro on the Go apps for watching Final FIFA World Cup 2014. Non-Astro user can apply too. You can use this watch at computer, smartphone or tablet. More details at Astro on the Go apps

KAX phenomenon during FIFA world cup 2014. The purple cat hold by Hanis Zalikha, Fizo and Dafi. Some pretty local celebrity such as Nelydia Senrose, Nad Zainal was with kax. A Celcom Xpax's purple cat. More info at Malaysian celebrity like KAX so much

Vote Argentina vs Netherlands free polls 

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Malaysian votes your local movies in May 2014

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Find out and votes for your best local movies in May 2014. 

This a research or study to find out which Malaysian movies you like to watch in May 2014. What are your favorite local movies in this month of May. There is a ranking and a voting system available. The default ranking will be Abang Long Fadil, Ia wujud, Awak Nak Kahwin Saya and Superstone.

This is organized by Malaysian local movie fans. It is not affiliating to any local movie production.


  1. Abang long Fadil
  2. Ia wujud
  3. Awak nak kahwin saya
  4. Superstone

This ranking system affected by some of the biggest Malaysian online forum such as

1. Lowyat


Director : Eyra Rahman

Cast : Fezrul Khan, Erin Malek

Production : Metrowealth

Social Media : MiG Facebook

Language : Malay

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Love and hate between Andika and Puteri.

Synopsis : IA WUJUD 

Director : Dharma Aizat

Cast : Your, Annam, Arif Adam, Tommy, Amad

Production : Metrowealth

Social Media : MiG Facebook

Language : Malay

Genre : Horror, Thrill, Scary

Using filming technology as a "Found Footage" style  identical to Paranormal Activity horrow movie or Clover Field Alien invasion movie. This new trendy filming technology in horror movie was tested to add fear and terror sensors to every cinema audiences. The audience subconsciously thinking this is a real situation where the filming guys were with the movie casts in this haunted environment.

Malaysian director Dharma Aizat is able to utilize this new horror filming technology to make Malaysian version of horror movie. We all know paranormal activity movies is a successful Hollywood movie domestically as well as international audiences. Will "Ia wujud " movie based in highland tower incident haunted can be successful in own soil ??


Director : Syafiq Yusof

Cast : Zizan Razak, Kamal Adli, Tauke Raja Lawak, Soffi Jikan, Syamsul Yusof, Aaron Aziz

Production : Skop Production

Social Media : Skopfanpage

Language : Malay

First 4 days of premiere, Skop production announced that the movie collected RM 2.1 million indicating successful summer Malay film. Will this movie become more successful than KL Gangsters 2 and current movie crown love story "The Journey" which collected total RM 17 million exceeded KL Gangster 2?

Synopsis : SUPERSTONE 超级神仙石 

Director : Lai Kim Koon

Cast : William Sun, Tung Yew Ngai, Wilson Tin, Brendan Yuen, Candy Lim

Production : Cao Min Pictures Sdn Bhd

Social Media : Cao Min Pictures

Language : Mandarin, Hakka, Cantonese, English,

Ah Hua is a young man born in a village with little knowledge about the outside world. Living in a poor living condition with his gravely ill mother. He works hard to earn money sustaining his family. Financial condition never improved He decided to jump for greener grass at big city hoping to get a decent salary. His life changed tremendously encountered peoples living in the big city.

Vote your best local movies May 2014 free polls 

More about "Movies Malaysia" 

1. Top 10 Malay movies 2014

Top 10 Drama TV series in Malaysia 2014

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Featuring the best and most watched Malay Drama such as Ariana Rose and Jika itu takdirku

Are you wondering which drama series is trending? of course You want to know because you do not want to be silence when asked about drama title by your friends right? In this list, you will suggest your friends and yourself Top 10 and best TV series in Malaysia 2014

This list is still incomplete featuring first and second quarter of the year 2014 best Malay drama. It is due to limited information on what TV will broadcast in other half year of 2014.  In simple, all of this drama listed below are broadcasting in your TV in January until June.

Some of the drama started broadcasting in television late December 2013, it is still count into the list. The reason because the drama's last episode ended in the year of 2014 instead in the year 2013.

Another Top 10 Drama TV series 2014 will be written few months later. Do bookmark and share this information !

There are more good Malay Drama in half of the year 2014. More best Malay Drama at 10 Best Malay Drama 2014 - 2


Ariana Rose drama
This image owned by Ariana Rose company Primeworks Studio. Source: Wikipedia

Starring : Keith Foo, Nur Fathia, Nabila Huda, Arja Lee, Mustapha Kamal, Tasha Shila

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Primeworks

Summary / Synopsis

Based on a novel "The wedding breaker" by Evelyn Rose. Ariana Rose(Nur Fathia) is the best friend of Tengku Juwita (Tasha Shila) agreed to be wedding breaker for Tengku Juwita who would be marrying Tengku Adam Kamil (Keith Foo). The wedding subsequently cancelled due to Ariana Rose interfere with the process. Tengku Adam family is deeply worried and their status is affected. After the incident, Tengku Adam hired a private spy to investigate who is Ariana Rose. As the movie goes on, Ariana Rose and Tengku Adam become lover and would be married after going through all kind of challenges in their life.


Jika itu takdirku
The images is poster "Jika Itu Takdirku" could be owned by MiG Online

Starring : Shah Iskandar, Intan Ladyana, Shukri Yahya, Adiba Yunus, Arash Mohd

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : MiG Online

Summary / Synopsis

Hakimi(Shah Iskandar) had been in an accident last six years. Ever since, he got amnesia a part of his memory wiped clean. Dr Hamza (Arash Mohd) treated his condition and hopefully he will get well soon. They become close friend. Dr Hamza invited Hakimi for a dinner one night Hakimi stumbled on a picture daughter of Dr Hamza. It turned out that the Dr Hamza's daughter Umairah(Intan Ladyana) was his girl friend before the accident. Hakimi had forgotten his past the memory before the accident wiped out clean. He only remembered what happened after the accident.

Hakimi believes Umairah is his lover and Umairah love him too despite what had happened between them in the past 7 years before the accident. They accepted each other and found out Umairah is pregnant. The story is just begin Hakimi former girlfriend Qistina (Nina Iskandar) tried to get Hakimi back to relationship.


Starring : Nelydia Senrose, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Iqram Dinzly, Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Pena Creative Pictures

Summary / Synopsis

First episode of this TV series is screened on Astro Mustika HD on December 2013. It is predicted with 60 episodes ending on 2014. It is about the life of Jebat (Sharnaaz Ahmad) who is half Malay and Chinese ethnic. He is very hardworking, positive minded and kind heart. Mastura (Nelydia Senrose) fall in love with Jebat.

4. 7 SUAMI

Starring : Izreen Azminda, Aiman Hakim, Shakila Shoriri, Esma Daniel

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Pena Creative Pictures

New episode Date : Tuesday and Wednesday only at TV9 on 8.30 PM

Launching Date : January 2014

Summary / Synopsis

Safiyah (Izreen Azminda) growing up with her grandmother She love her very much. When she was a kids, life of Safiyah is in total misery and darkness due to her father is alcoholic addicted and her mother is a prostitute. Safiyah fell in love with a guy but unable to live with him when her grandmother wanted the best for her Haji Dollah another man will marry her. She had been going through many obstacles and challenge marry and divorce for six times. Will she meet a good guy eventually?


Starring : Fasha Sandha, Hafizul Kamal, Nor Albaniah, Datuk Eizlan Yusof, Zila Bakarin, Mardiana Alwi.

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Enuja Production

New episode Date : Wednesday only on TV3 , 9PM

Launching Date : February 2014

Summary / Synopsis

Miranda (Fasha Sandha) run away her marriage with Izwan (Hafizul Kamal) to Kuala Lumpur. Miranda does not want to marry him because the decision to marry him not from her but her mother. She is staying with Datuk Shukri (Datuk Eizlan Yusof) her relative but her presence is not very welcome by her wife nor her daughter. Melly (Mardiana Alwi) is very amazed by Miranda beauty.


Starring : Emma Maembang, Fahrin Ahmad, Noorkhiriah Opah, Norlia Ghani, Eizlan Yusof.

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Zeel Production

New episode Date : Saturday and Sunday , 6PM, TV3

Launching Date : February 2014

Summary / Synopsis

Aryana (Emma Maembang) working in Pizza Hut, McDonald and Jaya Jusco for 2 months feeling it is not where she belongs. Finally, she get a job as a secretary working with IIham Irfan (Fahrin Ahmad). It is not uncommon relationship between boss and secretary get too close. She works very hard every time she replied "Yes Boss" if her boss asked to do something. Without realizing, the fate between IIham and Aryana change from employer and employee to a secretive love. 


Starring : Sari Yanti, Fezrul Khan, Syafiq Kyle, Ayda Jebat, Adriana, Omar Abdullah

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : unknown

New episode Date : Monday to Thursday, 10PM, TV3

Launching Date : March 2014

Summary / Synopsis

Amar(Fezrul Khan) and Amir(Syafiq Kyle) is a brother with two different personality and altitude. Amar is a man of success. He do not go along with people idea and felt like not friendly. However Amir, He is friendly and good in networking skill often left his work not done at office.  Dato Rahman (Omar Abdullah) agreed to Amir request to purchase a company sold by a businessman. After purchasing the company, Dato Rahman realized the company is hugely in debt. This matter sadden him very much heart attack strike him when he is least expected. After the shock incident, Dato Rahman  is being taken care by his secretary Riana (Sari Yanti). Amar did not like Riana in office and wherever she goes. 


Starring : Syarul Ridzwan, Aisya Hasnaa, Aidil Aziz, Leez Rosli, Isma Daniel

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Creative skill

New episode Date : Thursday, 9PM, TV3

Launching Date : February 2014

Summary / Synopsis

Julia in her age of 20 studying in one of the private college fall in love with Jeff. Parent of Julia did not allow her to be with Jeff. Romi Suffian in age of 27 decided to be love engagement with Julia but she rejected it. She is still in love with Jeff. In series of events, Jeff is showing no sign of love towards her. Julia is very disappointed with him. Romi is always with Julia despite her rejection of love and love engagement.


Starring : Tomok, Yana Samsudin, Shima Anuar, Sheera Iskandar, Mustafa Kamal

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Metrowealth / MiG Online

New episode Date : Saturday, TV3, 9PM

Launching Date : March 2014

Summary / Synopsis

As the title suggested, Mikhail is influenced by his father's request to be a successful nurse. His father is motivating him due to the reason his mother died in an accident in the way to a job interview. She wanted to be a nurse so much said Mikhail father. His father died trying save his employer from a kidnapping process. After the incident, as a sign of respect, Datuk Shahrizal take care of his only son Mikhail inviting him to stay at his home. He wishes his daughter Dr Suriati will marry him when the time comes.


Starring : Izzue Islam, Anzalna Nasir, Syazwan Zulkifli, Elizad Sharifuddin, Eizlan Yusof

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Global Station

New episode Date : Monday to Thursday, TV3, 7PM

Launching Date : March 2014

Summary / Synopsis

Mya Arlissa (Anzalna Nasir) trapped in a cruel world. She never like her life with Mikail (Izzue Islam). A man with resource and good-looking. It seem like they were not married but sexual relationship seem have taken place between Mya and Mikail. Mya have been with Mikail for more than 2 years now She want to be free will she brave enough to leave Mikain and live a life of freedom ? 

Which Malay Drama You like to watch? free polls 

Share it ! Making sure your friends in Facebook or Twitter got the chance to vote too. Tell your friends to vote your favorite drama instead.

After voting, you might want to leave comment why you pick the malay drama !! tell me how you feel and what you like about the drama ! ..

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