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Vote who will win Argentina vs Netherlands

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The last match for Semi-Finals Argentina vs Netherlands. The crowd is ready for another surprise 

LINE Malaysia Netherlands vs Argentina

It was definitely devastating for Brazil fans yesterday at the stadium. The kids were sweeping off tears after Germany scored 5 goals in first half of the match. Everyone is in the state of disbelief when Brazil did not secure a goal leaving it 5 - 0 and walked to the restroom. Brutal start emerged on second half match, Brazil attacked ferociously but all of the effort were unable to break fortified Germany wall.

Oscar secured a goal at the 90 minutes before the game ended. Sending Brazil to first worst historical defeat. Germany advanced to the Final to against either Argentina or Netherlands. Who is up against Germany ??
The winner will be announced later and we are already excited.

Chart above were taken at LINE Malaysia apps. There were 50,000 Malaysian LINE users voted for their favorite team. You can see there are slight favoring Netherlands over Argentina. I have vote for Argentina because Messi are there for Argentina !

Netherlands have proved their strength through the match with Spain. They have Robin Van Persie and Arjen Robben. In previous match, I have voted for Netherlands when they against Spain. However, Argentina versus Netherlands. I would vote for Argentina.

To see Netherlands vs Germany is a very fascinating match. Both are great soccer squads we have seen in many FIFA World Cup matches. They are top soccer squad and never failed to enter Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals matches. Both team have done miraculous scoreline in FIFA World Cup 2014. For example, Netherlands got 5 goals against 1 Spain, Germany got 7 goals against 1 Brazil.

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It seem like in every poll there were favoring Netherlands national squad rather than Argentina. In fact, It have been a while for Argentina playing at Final match World Cup. As for Germany vs Netherlands, it pretty much what we have seen in past World Cup. Both of them are strong team and they have been against each other for many occasions. Will we see another Germany vs Netherlands ??

Reminder for all you that Argentina vs Netherlands LIVE match will be broadcast by RTM TV2 on 4AM

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