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10 Best Malay Movies in Malaysia 2014

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An incomplete list of Malay movies in 2014 that author come across. Check them out ! 

It is not a secret that most of Malaysian are supporting local production movies but most of us are hardcore movies downloader. That will surely jeopardize the entire idea of moving and rising movie industry in Malaysia.

If you feel it really an interesting movie instead of sitting at home download and watch better move your seat to nearest cinema with your friends.

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves cetak rompak CD and torrent download are everywhere and uncontrollable. It really depend on ourselves. We all know that it really rampant in our country but artist and singer are still getting much support from their fans.

True fans bought original CD and original content as a sign to support him/her. I am not against anyone but it is a fact that I will purchase any merchandise from the superstar I like.  

Few suggestions on the best Malay movies from January 2014 - April 2014. If you wish to know what is the next best Malay movies bookmark this page  

Jangan Pandang Belakang  Movie 2014
Jangan Pandan Belakang
Starring : Zalif Sidek, Adiba Yunus, Shima Anuar, Ruminah Sidek, Epy Kodiang

Director : Ismail (Bob) Hassim

Genre :  Horror and Comedy

Production Company : MiG, Primeworks

Dharma's girlfriend, Rose died suddenly and later found out there was no murderer she might be killed herself. Dharma and Rose's twin, Seri set off a journeyto find out the truth behind the death of Rose. Dharma and Seri later companied by Indra. In the middle of investigation, Dharma is experiencing paranormal moment. He was accused by Seri that Rose killed herself because of Dharma. Will they eventually solve the mysteries behind death of Rose?

Balistik malay movies 2014

Starring : Rosyam Nor, Jack Lim, Adi Putra, Rita Rudaini

Director : Silver

Genre :  Action and Dramatic

Production Company : SKOP Production

Saga the main actor in this film is a hired killer. He is a mafia member. His job leads him to loneliness in life due to high risk of having companion and proper family. His son and wife is forced to leave him. For more than 6 years, Saga never know he will bumped with his wife Salina but she is no longer her wife she is a police wife named Nizam. Nizam and Saga are both living in orphanage when they were young. They knew each other. Saga received an order to kill every law enforcement and Nizam is standing on decision whether to pursue his old buddy Saga.

Zombi Kilang Biskut Malay movies 2014
Zombi Kilang Biskut

Starring : Awie, Usop Wilcha, Soffi, Jikan, Eina Azman, Adam Af, Dayana Roza

Director : Mamat Khalid

Genre :  Comedy

Production Company : Enjit Semut Sdn Bhd

Release Date : March 20, 2014

A film took RM1.7 Million according to source, Usin have been invited to work at a biscuit factory He accepted the offer and become technician there. A strange day for Usin working at the factory , many factory employees fell unconscious. They encountered a Kamariah ghost. In the same time, they are dealing with zombi.

Apokalips X Malay movies 2014
Apokalips X

Starring : Farid Kamil, Jehan miskin, Peter Davis, Zoee Tan, Vassan, Adam AF, Zappa Khalid

Director : Mamat Khalid

Genre :  Action / Science Fiction

Production Company : Astro Shaw

Release Date : April 3, 2014

Same director as Zombi kilang biskut. A big budget movie supported by Astro Shaw company. This movie recruited many veteran and good-looking actor/actress. It is an unprecedented move by director to make an apocalypse movie. I think it is the first Malaysian movie actually with this extremely bold title and storyline. The movie is depicting about futuristic human civilization after the Nuclear War in the year 2047. Men who survived the war living in chaos. Several tribes does not tolerate each other and violence begin !

Sejoli Misi Cantas Cinta Malay movies 2014
Sejoli Misi cantas Cinta

Starring : Remy Ishak, Maya Karin, Bront Palarae, Izara Aishah

Director : Osman Ali

Genre :  Drama / Romance

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Release Date : February, 2014

Most of the film are shot at Thailand. The story follows Gina (Maya Karin) and Joe (Bront Palarae) embark on a trip for personal self reflection and peaceful holiday at Phuket. They were strangers to one another. Both of them let down by their respective partners. In a moment of fate, they started talking to each other about their past relationship and it actually felt solace for both of them.

Kami Histeria Malay movies 2014
Kami Histeria

Starring : Diana Danielle, Mila, Nad Zainal, Sara Ali, Umie Omar, Izzue Islam

Director : Shamil Othman

Genre :  Comedy Horror

Production Company : Astro Shaw

Release Date : February, 2014

Five college friends who part of a band called "Kami Histeria" . The story begin when they moved into a secluded flat near a jungle in order for them to fulfill jamming and practice session. Since moving into the flat, the five of them often awakened by screeching in the middle of night. They ignored completely and focused on recording their new singles. The temptation to find out break the silence of the forest will they have the strong faith ?

Lu Gua Bro Malay movies 2014
Lu Gua Bro

Starring : Zalif Sidek, Epy Raja Lawak, Nina Iskandar, Rahim

Director : Ismail Bob Hashim

Genre :  Comedy Drama

Production Company : MiG Picture

Release Date : March 2014

Story about two best friend Yu and Mi from typical Malaysian rural village. They are always together no matter what happened. They have been together since young age. Yu and Mi get into conflict when one of them trying to report police about factory producing illegal drug. Business owner does not want them to leave the building alive to tell what they have seen in the factory.

Sniper Malay movies 2014

Starring : Pablo Amirul, Fadlan Hazim, Nina Iskandar, Mikail Andre

Director : Pierre Andrew

Genre :  Action

Production Company : Metrowealth

Release Date : April 24, 2014

Ahmad former army officer discharged from duty due to discipline problem. Rafi and Ahmad are good in sniper weapon. They were tested in a killing game created by unknown host. The game rule is fairy easy to grasp. Kill everyone and get yourself out ! Rafi managed to find out who is behind this whole game idea. He suspected Ahmad the one who invented the game. Ahmad does not only have self-discipline issue but also mental illness.

Aku akan Muncul Malay movies 2014
Aku Akan Muncul

Starring : Julia Zigler, Musly Ramli, Datuk Jalaludin, Liza Abdullah, Emma Akma, Zulkifli Ismal.

Director : Krishnan Roy

Genre :  Horror / Thriller

Production Company : RM Vision Film

Release Date : February 2014

Mystery curse that triggered that can never meet end. Kesuma lost her beauty in an accident. She requested help from Mak Yam a dukun. She said to Kesuma a list of thing needed to do involving to kill someone. Kesuma vowed to deliver the promises to Mak Yam. A successful attempt to kill everyone unless the daughter of Ramlee. All the killing happened at legendary Malay story "Gunung Ledang". Kesuma captured by the Ramlee and other friends of his. They burned Kesuma but her heart never stopped. In an attempt to finish it, they stabbed using a keris. This is just a beginning of a story. 40 years later after the incident, a college expedition visited Gunung Ledang and gone very wrong.

Laga Malay movies 2014

Starring : Wan Hanafi Su, Marsha, Milan Londoh, Syazwan Zulkifli, Tyas Mirasih, Nasir Bilal Khan, Eman Manan, Ruminah Sidek.

Director : Ismail Yaacop

Genre :  Action

Production Company : Business Leader Film

Release Date : January 2014

Cock competition that is so fond they can putting a bet of a wife and property. Gambling is very prevalence in this area. Hasan Laga being called upon a challenge set up by Daisuki putting his wife Ayu as betting money. Will he accepted the challenge ? will he risk losing her pretty wife Ayu?. That is a series of case murdering and trading of wife due to losing the match.

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