10 Best Tablets in Malaysia under RM1000

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Tablets is bigger screen, more apps, more gaming experience. Don you want more ?

Biggest questions when choosing a smartphone and tablet are can my pocket fully contain it, able to play all the games, surfing internet anywhere anytime with bigger screen. That all !!

All the smartphone makers nowadays are eagerly competing to create bigger screen-size smartphone. There are now a 6" screen size smartphones in the market. Do not hesitate to even asking can it fit normal pocket. It will not fit to any male or female pocket !. I think the shirt manufacturer have to make bigger pocket !

If the smartphone makers crossing the line to make a 7" screen size that will defeat the purpose of having tablets right?. So choosing a tablet is all about screen sizes. I encourage people start thinking to purchase 8" tablets because that is what tablet size should be !

Over the years, there are so many tablet makers due to the demands of the market for lower specification tablets catering every people in this world. It will surprise you that you will see many different brands making tablet. Will they make a good tablets?

We all know that Apple and Samsung they have their own tablets right and it is not cheap and affordable for some market segments. Are there any other electronic companies making low cost tablets ?

There are some other prominent companies are making low specification tablets but still worth every dime ! They are Acer, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Alcatel, MSI, Google Nexus, Toshiba, Sanei, Ruvo, Amazon kindle, BenQ, Philips and many more !

It is really amazing to know that some of the tablet makers offered affordable price so that everyone can own tablet like they own a smartphone.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet


Size : 8.0"

Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, 3G


Storage/Capacity : 16GB

Lenovo is a company growing rapidly due to it market expansion to reach lower and middle income group segment. They made the finest but quality always there. It has 5MP camera with powerful Quad core processor. Check full information and current price at
Lenovo Yoga RM800 +

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


Size : 10.1"

Connectivity : Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, 3G, 4G


Storage/Capacity : 16GB

Camera : 3MP back and 1.3MP front

Slightly smaller screen than Lenovo Yoga 8. Samsung is keen capturing all market segment as possible. They are the largest smartphone vendor in the world captured 40 percents and more. There are other cheaper tablets you just need to surf often ! The one and only cheapest Samsung tablet check full information at New Samsung Tablet 2014 7.0


Size : 7.0"

Connectivity : Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, 3G


Storage/Capacity : 32GB

Camera :  1.2MP front

This is unlocked and import version of Google Nexus 7. This tablet is unique because they utilize the power of Nvidia processor. A gaming processor that used by every gamer in the world who are prone to high-end computer games.  It really really a very cheap tablet. Interested you can check it at 16GB Google Nexus 7 import


Size : 6"

Connectivity : WIFI

RAM : normal

Storage/Capacity : 2GB

Camera :  None

Single charge last up to 1 month. designed for book lover. A moving digital library holding up to 1,000 books. It is the digital book. This tablet has been in the market since 2011. This is not ordinary tablet it cant play any fancy games. Check it out at Amazon Kindle 6 . This is like Nokia 3310 but tablet version bigger and built-in book lover features. Imagine 1 month battery !


Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI


Storage/Capacity : 8GB

Camera : 5MP back & 1.2MP front facing

Android operating system 4.2 and 10 hours long-lasting battery. This is what an average tablet should have. Good speaker system, moderate screen size, clear camera, good processor and gaming supported. This is what average people needed ! You can check the price online at Asus Pad Memo HD

Alcatel One Touch EVo


Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth


Storage/Capacity : 4GB

Camera : 0.3MP front facing

You would not believe Alcatel would sell it tablet for under RM500. It is a entry-level tablet. Are you just want to own and try a tablet definitely this is your pick ! Check full information at Alcatel One EVO Tablet


Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth


Storage/Capacity : 16GB

Camera : Webcam

Basically this is a retired tablet from Acer. Major online or physical retailer could not bought this model anymore due to newest model has been rolled out by Acer. The newest version is Acer Iconia B1-721. Fret not, This older model tablet is fine like jewel. Check this out at Acer Iconia B1 16GB Red

MSI EnjoyPad Primo 73

Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth


Storage/Capacity : 16GB

Camera : Webcam/ Front Camera 2.0

MSI is fairly recognized brand in electronic business. Do not underestimate MSI they have loyal subscribers and fans. One of the top 10 electronic brands in the world. This tablet is under RM500 only check the current price at MSI enjoypad primo tablet Black


Size : 9"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth

RAM : 512MB

Storage/Capacity : 8GB

Camera : Dual camera

It is incredibly big screen 9" screen size. The price of this tablet is superb low. Although it 512MB RAM speed it more like a computer already. Internal capacity 8GB make sure you have ample space for photo and game apps. The box come with a leather case to cover your tablet. Check the deal at Nova Storm 9


Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth


Storage/Capacity : 8GB

Camera : 0.3 camera

It is a low-end tablet. Suitable for those with low budget. There are many company are making low-end tablets to sell to the vast market. If you choose to surf web, occasionally gaming You have all the reasons to pick Philips Pi3100. It cheap, It afforadble. Interested just check at here for current price
Philips tablet white

You do not believe there are many company making low-end tablets? I will give you some hints. I believe It even more companies making tablets than smartphones. See this tablet brand below

  1. Ampe Flatpad II
  2. APR 88
  3. Ipro Sense  
  4. Nautica Pro
  5. Nova Envelope
  6. Ainoi Novo 8 Mini 7
  7. BenQ R76 
  8. Teclast Tpad  P75
  9. JOI TM75A 7"
  10. RUVO 9.7
  11. Sanei N78

You can check all of these tablet name at any online shop. Some of them are selling you Cash on Delivery method check at here >online shop malaysia <

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  1. Well thanks for information but tablets with a RAM less than 1 GB is just not worth buying plus tablets with camera's with a low quality especially under 2MP is just not worth it...and yeah most people like their tablets to play games and to run the Android OS....But besides that good tablets you suggested...