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List of Upcoming Gadgets in Malaysia 2014

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It is way better than new gadgets because this is upcoming, forecasting gadgets future arriving gadgets in Malaysia 

Are you eager to find out which new gadgets is introduced later in Malaysia ?? It is not those are selling in the market now. You will get to know which smartphones or tablets model that are on its way to Malaysia. For example, Nokia 2520. No one know when it will arrive in Malaysia. But experts are telling us they will come to Malaysia eventually. Nokia 2520 is qualify to put into this list of upcoming gadgets.

  As soon as it started to sell in local shop, It will be removed immediately in this list.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini (LTE)
  2. LG G3 S
  3. Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo
  4. ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini
  5. ZTE Nubia Z7
  6. Sony Xperia C3
  7. Apple Iphone 6
  8. Galaxy mega 2
  9. HTC One Mini 2
  10. Xiao Mi 4
  11. Huawei Honor 6
  12. Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE
  13. Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  14. Nokia 130 Dual SIM
  15. LG G3 Stylus
  16. HTC 510
  17. ZenFone 5 LTE
  18. Oppo Neo 5
  19. Samsung Galaxy Note 4        (Announced on UNPACKED Epi 2)
  20. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge   (Announced on UNPACKED Epi 2)


  1. Nokia 2520
  2. LG L Bello
  3. LG L Fino


  1. Apple Iwatch
  2. Samsung Gear Live
  3. LG G Watch
  4. Polaroid Pwatch
  5. ZenWatch
  6. Moto 360
  7. G Watch R
  8. Samsung Gear S     (Announced on UNPACKED Epi 2)
  9. Samsung Gear VR (Announced on UNPACKED Epi 2)


Update by Author : August 29, 2014

10 Tablet Brands You need to know in Malaysia

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10 Tablet brands You never knew and heard in Malaysia. They do not have international spotlight and enough marketing at Malaysia.  

Top 10 smartphone brands in the world that You knew do not make the Best Tablets. Although Apple and Samsung both had it own tablet models but that does not mean they strive at selling tablets. There are many not-so-popular companies out there manufactured tablet that cater all your needs.

There will be no featuring Sony, Samsung and Apple tablets in this top 10 list as we all knew they do produce tablet. The objective here is focusing on tablets you do not know existence of it but worth to buy. They are usually selling tablets with a cheaper price tag compared to well known brands. The perception is that a trusted and popular brand always charge higher price regardless of it specifications because brand is consider as an advantage and cost adding. Besides, a good brand means good quality 

Would you buy a Smart tab, Ipro, Acer or Nova branded tablets ?? They could offer to you as cheap as RM300 or lower for a tablet. Everything a Samsung and Apple tablet does, they can do it. At least for most of the basic features that you needed the most. Otherwise, you could pay a premium price to have a brilliant and cutting-edge tablet features that You hardly utilize it. 

1. Aigo M80 8GB

This tablet is good for average internet surfer, extreme angry bird lover or plant vs zombie.  8" screen size, Android software 4.2 Jelly Bean, 8GB Internal capacity with optional MicroSD up to 32GB, WiFi, 0.3MP front camera. This masterpiece cost you not more than RM200. Check full details and accurate price at Aigo M80 Black Tablet

2. Acer Iconia B1-720 16GB

Reputable computer brand Acer is rolling out it Acer tablet. Shocking to everyone it actually quite powerful yet cheaper to own it. This great device would not cost you any more than RM400. 7" screen size, Android software 4.2 Jelly Bean,16GB Internal capacity & 1GB RAM with optional MicroSD up to 32GB, WiFi. More details and accurate price at Acer Iconia B1 Red

3. AINOL Mini 8

Built-in 3D capable chips allowing user experience high-end mobile game. AINOL is another brand specialize making tablet and Phabet situated at China. It has bigger screen with the design of Ipad mini. Ger more information on Ainol tablet RM300 or lesser

4. NOVA Storm

This tablet was distributed by a local Malaysian company. His facebook has 100,000 likes. His Facebook page is Give it a try on their tablet. Review it for yourself at Nova Tablet RM300 lesser

    5. Macsonic

Macsonic is a company based on Hong Kong and manufacturer factory at Shenzhen where most of the low-end tablets assembled to be a completed usable tablet. It really affordable to own Macsonic tablet you just need less than RM 200. More information at Macsonic Black

6. BLU Tablet

Company based in USA. One of the few western company manufactured low-end tablet. It support everything including gaming, camera and superior audio sound. take a few glimpse at Quality BLU android tablet less than RM250

7. BenQ Tablet

BenQ is Taiwanese based brand similar to Asus. However, BenQ stay in low profile as well as in any radar to prevent competitor outpace them. More information visit at BenQ 7" 8GB

8. Ipro Sense 6 Mega

Ipro Facebook page has more than 100,000 likes. Ipro reputation is very strong in Malaysian community. Their facebook page is Although it not a branded tablet but everyone seem to putting their trust on it. Look at the likes they had in their Facebook page you will start to develop good feeling. More details at Ipro Tablet Pink

9. HP 8 Tablet

One of the tablet you should give full attention. HP 8 received international recognition as one of the top tablet in the world. Although we always strongly associating smartphone brands equivalent to tablet but sometimes it was a false perception. This has very good specification. More details at HP 8 Silver

IRulu Tablet

10.1" screen size the biggest of all. Rumor Irulu is a USA company with manufactured factory at Shenzhen China. It a remarkable with dual camera and 6000mAh long-lasting battery. Check them out at iRulu 10" screen

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  1. List of new tablets in Malaysia excluding low-end tablet brands

List of New Tablets in Malaysia 2014

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A light, easy interface, games, video chatting, website surfing, internet, all-in-one innovative tablets

Flashback the past when there is no tablets and smartphones, we went to coffee shop without any Powerbanks, Smartphones or Tablets and there were no Wi-Fi. Who actually said that they cant survive without Wi-Fi are completely invalid for those 80s generation.

We could say that Smartphones and Tablets revolutionized our normal pattern to a coffee shop with friends. But there is one place it never actually happened, the night club. Have you seen any night club full of people playing their smartphones and tablets ? I would say most of the night club is free of any prolonged playing with their smartphones and tablets.

We never really know tablets. Unlike smartphone, it was a development of our Nokia 3310. In the rising age of Nokia 3310, we were never really truly knew existence of portable laptop which normally being called "Tablets ". Tablets is truly a milestone and excellent technological product and created enormous happiness to humanity.

Our society has been growing tremendously under the influence of technological advancement. It never stop and never constantly stop at one point. It always been moving forward and it is unstoppable. There is no point to say no to owning a great tablets.

These tablets are either popular in Malaysia or listed in many smartphone news portal. Among tablet brands are Apple, Samsung, Alcatel, Microsoft, Huawei, LG, Asus, Acer, Sony and Lenovo. Totaled 10 of them. It is important to know that some smartphone companies like to make early announcement for their upcoming products, the arrival of the product to Malaysia is utmost important and priority reasons to be able listed here.


  1. Ipad Air 32GB Wi Fi
  2. Ipad Mini 2 16GB


  1. Galaxy Tab 4 7.0"
  2. Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Wi-Fi
  3. Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE
  4. Galaxy Tab S 8.4
  5. S. Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
  6. S. Note Pro 12.2 (32GB) (LTE)


  1. H Mediapad X1 LTE 
  2. Mediapad 7 Youth 8GB


10 Best Tablets in Malaysia under RM1000

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Tablets is bigger screen, more apps, more gaming experience. Don you want more ?

Biggest questions when choosing a smartphone and tablet are can my pocket fully contain it, able to play all the games, surfing internet anywhere anytime with bigger screen. That all !!

All the smartphone makers nowadays are eagerly competing to create bigger screen-size smartphone. There are now a 6" screen size smartphones in the market. Do not hesitate to even asking can it fit normal pocket. It will not fit to any male or female pocket !. I think the shirt manufacturer have to make bigger pocket !

If the smartphone makers crossing the line to make a 7" screen size that will defeat the purpose of having tablets right?. So choosing a tablet is all about screen sizes. I encourage people start thinking to purchase 8" tablets because that is what tablet size should be !

Over the years, there are so many tablet makers due to the demands of the market for lower specification tablets catering every people in this world. It will surprise you that you will see many different brands making tablet. Will they make a good tablets?

We all know that Apple and Samsung they have their own tablets right and it is not cheap and affordable for some market segments. Are there any other electronic companies making low cost tablets ?

There are some other prominent companies are making low specification tablets but still worth every dime ! They are Acer, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Alcatel, MSI, Google Nexus, Toshiba, Sanei, Ruvo, Amazon kindle, BenQ, Philips and many more !

It is really amazing to know that some of the tablet makers offered affordable price so that everyone can own tablet like they own a smartphone.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet


Size : 8.0"

Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, 3G


Storage/Capacity : 16GB

Lenovo is a company growing rapidly due to it market expansion to reach lower and middle income group segment. They made the finest but quality always there. It has 5MP camera with powerful Quad core processor. Check full information and current price at
Lenovo Yoga RM800 +

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


Size : 10.1"

Connectivity : Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, 3G, 4G


Storage/Capacity : 16GB

Camera : 3MP back and 1.3MP front

Slightly smaller screen than Lenovo Yoga 8. Samsung is keen capturing all market segment as possible. They are the largest smartphone vendor in the world captured 40 percents and more. There are other cheaper tablets you just need to surf often ! The one and only cheapest Samsung tablet check full information at New Samsung Tablet 2014 7.0


Size : 7.0"

Connectivity : Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, 3G


Storage/Capacity : 32GB

Camera :  1.2MP front

This is unlocked and import version of Google Nexus 7. This tablet is unique because they utilize the power of Nvidia processor. A gaming processor that used by every gamer in the world who are prone to high-end computer games.  It really really a very cheap tablet. Interested you can check it at 16GB Google Nexus 7 import


Size : 6"

Connectivity : WIFI

RAM : normal

Storage/Capacity : 2GB

Camera :  None

Single charge last up to 1 month. designed for book lover. A moving digital library holding up to 1,000 books. It is the digital book. This tablet has been in the market since 2011. This is not ordinary tablet it cant play any fancy games. Check it out at Amazon Kindle 6 . This is like Nokia 3310 but tablet version bigger and built-in book lover features. Imagine 1 month battery !


Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI


Storage/Capacity : 8GB

Camera : 5MP back & 1.2MP front facing

Android operating system 4.2 and 10 hours long-lasting battery. This is what an average tablet should have. Good speaker system, moderate screen size, clear camera, good processor and gaming supported. This is what average people needed ! You can check the price online at Asus Pad Memo HD

Alcatel One Touch EVo


Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth


Storage/Capacity : 4GB

Camera : 0.3MP front facing

You would not believe Alcatel would sell it tablet for under RM500. It is a entry-level tablet. Are you just want to own and try a tablet definitely this is your pick ! Check full information at Alcatel One EVO Tablet


Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth


Storage/Capacity : 16GB

Camera : Webcam

Basically this is a retired tablet from Acer. Major online or physical retailer could not bought this model anymore due to newest model has been rolled out by Acer. The newest version is Acer Iconia B1-721. Fret not, This older model tablet is fine like jewel. Check this out at Acer Iconia B1 16GB Red

MSI EnjoyPad Primo 73

Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth


Storage/Capacity : 16GB

Camera : Webcam/ Front Camera 2.0

MSI is fairly recognized brand in electronic business. Do not underestimate MSI they have loyal subscribers and fans. One of the top 10 electronic brands in the world. This tablet is under RM500 only check the current price at MSI enjoypad primo tablet Black


Size : 9"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth

RAM : 512MB

Storage/Capacity : 8GB

Camera : Dual camera

It is incredibly big screen 9" screen size. The price of this tablet is superb low. Although it 512MB RAM speed it more like a computer already. Internal capacity 8GB make sure you have ample space for photo and game apps. The box come with a leather case to cover your tablet. Check the deal at Nova Storm 9


Size : 7"

Connectivity : WIFI & Bluetooth


Storage/Capacity : 8GB

Camera : 0.3 camera

It is a low-end tablet. Suitable for those with low budget. There are many company are making low-end tablets to sell to the vast market. If you choose to surf web, occasionally gaming You have all the reasons to pick Philips Pi3100. It cheap, It afforadble. Interested just check at here for current price
Philips tablet white

You do not believe there are many company making low-end tablets? I will give you some hints. I believe It even more companies making tablets than smartphones. See this tablet brand below

  1. Ampe Flatpad II
  2. APR 88
  3. Ipro Sense  
  4. Nautica Pro
  5. Nova Envelope
  6. Ainoi Novo 8 Mini 7
  7. BenQ R76 
  8. Teclast Tpad  P75
  9. JOI TM75A 7"
  10. RUVO 9.7
  11. Sanei N78

You can check all of these tablet name at any online shop. Some of them are selling you Cash on Delivery method check at here >online shop malaysia <

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  1. Favourite tablets / High end tablets used by Malaysian

10 Favourite Tablets available in Malaysia

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Wonder any new tablets in the market ? Have a quick look on these brand new and high-end tablets ! 

Samsung Galaxy note 8


Company : Samsung Electronic

Highlighted features : 16GB WIFI+3G, S PEN, 8" screen

Colour : White

This tablet introduced in the market on April 2013. Widely sold Malaysia nationwide in May. As the title suggested, it is 8.0" wide screen. powered with google's Android system 4.1. Processor is 1.6 Ghz enough to run multiple windows. Popular features are included such as Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS. Last but not least, it has 5 mega pixel camera +1.3 MP front camera. The price in 14.01.2014 should be RM1188.00
Check current price at Galaxy note tablet white


Company : Microsoft

Highlighted features : 32GB/ 2GB RAM, 10.6"screen , windows 8, I5 processors, standing

Colour : Black

This tablet is powered by computer's I5 chip. memory running at 4GB with storage capacity stood 64GB. It can run pretty much like a computer only excluding a high-end graphic card a computer can possess. Can play any movies You like with standing feature plus compatible with keyboard and pen. More information and check current price at Microsoft surface RT tablet


Company : Apple

Highlighted features : 64GB, 9.7" screen , iOS 6, retina display, facetime, WIFI

Colour : White

Ipad 4 generation come with retina display make your images and videos clearer. Imagine reading world news, retina display could maximize your reading experience to the fullest. Apple Ipad is incredibly amazing. Introducing Facetime through WIFI mode and You could record video in HD.  All of these powerful things powered by apple battery that could last for at least 10 hours fully charged. Price in malaysia in January 2014 could be RM1,999.00. The price always changing check at Ipad retina 4th generation


Company : Samsung Electronic

Highlighted features : LTE, 10.1" screen, WIFI and bluetooth

Colour : White

It is 2014 Edition Samsung Galaxy note. Running 3 GB memory and latest Android version 4.3. built-in storage capacity is 32GB. If you buy this model, there are headphones and S-Pen included. I haven write the most powerful feature in this model. It is well planned for those who like to multi task. "Multi screen". You could do two things at once meaning in one screen with two different things. It also come with Adobe Photoshop to test your editing photo skills. Check current price at Galaxy note 10 Tablet white


Company : Apple

Highlighted features : 4G LTE, 9.7" screen, WIFI and bluetooth, 5MP, iOS 7.

Colour : Space Gray

It superb light and thin with new Apple's Ipad Air. They successfully reduce the size of battery without compromise the power energy. Minimize the battery size enable them to increase the storage capacity than previous predecessor. Equipped with latest iOS apple windows version 7. It is used by many artists, professor and students worldwide. In Malaysia market, you could find this RM2,300.00 +. More information and current price at Ipad Air 16GB WIFI

Below are cheap and budget highly efficient tablet generally cater for mass population. If you first want to own a tablet but limited resources You could buy these with affordable prices. !


Company : Lenova

Highlighted features : 7.2" screen, WIFI and bluetooth, 5MP, Android 4.2, Quad-core.

Colour : White

Readily built-in storage capacity of 16GB. Running 4 cores inside the tablets enough for game app lovers. Surprisingly come with front camera 0.3MP and 5MP back camera. It is also very light only 0.34 KG. Lenova commited to bring good product to you offering 1 year warranty to every tablet You purchase. Price in Malaysia is selling at RM641.00. More information and current discounted price at Lenovo Ideapad A3000


Company : Tenko

Highlighted features : 7" screen, WIFI &3G, Android 4.2, Dual-core, microSD.

Colour : White

Extremely light only 0.28KG with 7" screen size. Powered by android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Dual core processor. It also come with camera 2 Mega pixel for photo capturing. Huge screen for reading and gaming enhanced experience. It has built-in WIFI or You can choose to plug 3G dongle. The unique thing about Tenko tablet , they offer competitive price RM399.00  and 1 year warranty. Many people bought this and rated them positive rating. Interested , You can visit at Tenko 8GB Wifi Black


Company : Acer

Highlighted features : 7.9" screen, WIFI &Bluetooth, Android 4.2, Quad core, 5MP, microSD

Colour : White

One of the recommended tablet for cheap and budget tablet by author of Acer produces most quantity of PC and they are changing direction to dominate in tablet market. As you can see, the specification of tablet they are making today is quite affordable and meet the demand of consumer. Quad core processor, 8" screen and WIFI & bluetooth to fill the demands. Excellent 5 mega pixel with 16GB internal plus 1GB RAM. It sold for RM 523.00. Check current price and more information at Acer Iconia WIFI Gold


Company : AIGO/UTOO

Highlighted features : 6" HD screen, WIFI , Android 4.0, microSD

Colour : White
AIGO is similar to TENKO tablet they offers the most underlying specification of tablets world. It is designed for low-end user who just want to own a tablet with the growing numbers of user who owned a tablet. AIGO tablet does have camera 0.3 MP, 4GB internal memory, WIFI supported. You can use this to surf Internet and open facebook anywhere you want and bigger screen then your smartphone. It does not support telephone call but you can do messaging by nearest WIFI hot spot. The price are really affordable only RM169.00 and You might need them to add memory into it cost around RM50. This tablet has 156 reviews it worth to see what they has to said at Aigo M60 Black


Company : MACSONIC

Highlighted features : 9"  screen, WIFI&3G , Android 4.0, microSD

Colour : White

The unique feature of Macsonic tablet is they have bigger screen a whopping 9" screen size bigger than most of the tablets in the market. They also have Front and back camera for consumer who like to do video chatting and consierable amount of internal storage capacity 8GB. If you decided to purchase, they will free you a earphone. It only cost You around RM329.00. Worth to check it out 9" tablet with rock-bottom price at Macsonic Sonicpad 9" screen with WIFI

That all for 10 most favourite tablets in Malaysia.

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