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10 Tablet Brands You need to know in Malaysia

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10 Tablet brands You never knew and heard in Malaysia. They do not have international spotlight and enough marketing at Malaysia.  

Top 10 smartphone brands in the world that You knew do not make the Best Tablets. Although Apple and Samsung both had it own tablet models but that does not mean they strive at selling tablets. There are many not-so-popular companies out there manufactured tablet that cater all your needs.

There will be no featuring Sony, Samsung and Apple tablets in this top 10 list as we all knew they do produce tablet. The objective here is focusing on tablets you do not know existence of it but worth to buy. They are usually selling tablets with a cheaper price tag compared to well known brands. The perception is that a trusted and popular brand always charge higher price regardless of it specifications because brand is consider as an advantage and cost adding. Besides, a good brand means good quality 

Would you buy a Smart tab, Ipro, Acer or Nova branded tablets ?? They could offer to you as cheap as RM300 or lower for a tablet. Everything a Samsung and Apple tablet does, they can do it. At least for most of the basic features that you needed the most. Otherwise, you could pay a premium price to have a brilliant and cutting-edge tablet features that You hardly utilize it. 

1. Aigo M80 8GB

This tablet is good for average internet surfer, extreme angry bird lover or plant vs zombie.  8" screen size, Android software 4.2 Jelly Bean, 8GB Internal capacity with optional MicroSD up to 32GB, WiFi, 0.3MP front camera. This masterpiece cost you not more than RM200. Check full details and accurate price at Aigo M80 Black Tablet

2. Acer Iconia B1-720 16GB

Reputable computer brand Acer is rolling out it Acer tablet. Shocking to everyone it actually quite powerful yet cheaper to own it. This great device would not cost you any more than RM400. 7" screen size, Android software 4.2 Jelly Bean,16GB Internal capacity & 1GB RAM with optional MicroSD up to 32GB, WiFi. More details and accurate price at Acer Iconia B1 Red

3. AINOL Mini 8

Built-in 3D capable chips allowing user experience high-end mobile game. AINOL is another brand specialize making tablet and Phabet situated at China. It has bigger screen with the design of Ipad mini. Ger more information on Ainol tablet RM300 or lesser

4. NOVA Storm

This tablet was distributed by a local Malaysian company. His facebook has 100,000 likes. His Facebook page is Give it a try on their tablet. Review it for yourself at Nova Tablet RM300 lesser

    5. Macsonic

Macsonic is a company based on Hong Kong and manufacturer factory at Shenzhen where most of the low-end tablets assembled to be a completed usable tablet. It really affordable to own Macsonic tablet you just need less than RM 200. More information at Macsonic Black

6. BLU Tablet

Company based in USA. One of the few western company manufactured low-end tablet. It support everything including gaming, camera and superior audio sound. take a few glimpse at Quality BLU android tablet less than RM250

7. BenQ Tablet

BenQ is Taiwanese based brand similar to Asus. However, BenQ stay in low profile as well as in any radar to prevent competitor outpace them. More information visit at BenQ 7" 8GB

8. Ipro Sense 6 Mega

Ipro Facebook page has more than 100,000 likes. Ipro reputation is very strong in Malaysian community. Their facebook page is Although it not a branded tablet but everyone seem to putting their trust on it. Look at the likes they had in their Facebook page you will start to develop good feeling. More details at Ipro Tablet Pink

9. HP 8 Tablet

One of the tablet you should give full attention. HP 8 received international recognition as one of the top tablet in the world. Although we always strongly associating smartphone brands equivalent to tablet but sometimes it was a false perception. This has very good specification. More details at HP 8 Silver

IRulu Tablet

10.1" screen size the biggest of all. Rumor Irulu is a USA company with manufactured factory at Shenzhen China. It a remarkable with dual camera and 6000mAh long-lasting battery. Check them out at iRulu 10" screen

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