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Samsung Malaysia Hinted Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

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Amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be unveiled in Malaysia coming this month

There are rumor spreading like a wild fire and sooner will reach whole nationwide. The galaxy note 4 with a revolutionary S Pen is available this month. That is the most exciting news for Samsung Malaysia fans because they are awaiting more new breath-taking features.

The news, however, remained as a doubtful and skeptical news. The first one to spread such a big news is none other than the popular mobile website in Malaysia "mobile88 dot com". The reason it remained suspicious because Samsung Malaysia replied us who wanted to know the release date of Galaxy note 4 with a robotic answer "stay tune for the update". 

For those are interested to see the mobile88 article, Mobile88 article about Galaxy note 4

True or false not really matter. The real concerning issue is whether you have prepared budget as if you are interested to own one. In fact, there are some people who cant wait for the official release date, they have bought and owned a Samsung Galaxy note 4. They would ask one simple question " Why would people wait for the official release of Samsung Galaxy note 4 in Malaysia ?"

Any differences for this matter ? There are only minimal chances you will need the one year warranty . Take a leap of faith hoping that your Samsung Galaxy note 4 will not get any manufacturer errors is pretty common because every Samsung Note 4 manufactured in the same factory right ? If the factory staff done any prominent errors it seem like all the smartphone get affected.

There are only 5 days till the opening ceremony for Samsung Galaxy note 4 which is set on October 15, 2014. All the invitations to local review by Samsung Malaysia has been sent out. Let us reminisce the excitement of millions of peoples asking about the release date which is phenomenon each time a new flagship smartphone releasing to the market. As soon as the announcement being made it pretty much cut off the curiosity.

In fact, some big local smartphone retailers have acquired substantial Samsung Galaxy note 4. Surprisingly, it comes with 1 year local warranty. Take a closer look at Samsung Galaxy note 4 Gold