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KFC Tangy Crunch with Doraemon Blanket

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New KFC menu in the month of June 2014. KFC Tangy Crunch hot and spicy chicken recipe and Potato hash-rounds

Cristiano Ronaldo "So Good" commercial ads is ending. The popular soccer player who is now at Brazil with it Portugal squad. The ads started since March till June estimated 3 months. There were no special flavor chicken but there were Cristiano Ronaldo merchandise such as flashdrive, headphone, water bottle and pouch.

The new menu is taking over and surely Malaysian will miss this exclusive promotion featuring top soccer player. The new promotion is KFC Tangy Crunch a promotional title for special flavor chickens. Besides, Boneless Chicken rice is not longer at the menu table in any KFC outlets in case you do not know.

KFC Tangy Crunch Family and Friends Meal Malaysia 2014
KFC Tangy Crunch Family and Friends Meal

Have you tried it the new KFC promotion ?? The special flavor indeed spicy you would notice there is few new ingredients added at your first bite on this chicken. Moreover, they will serve you Lipton beverage rather than Soda Soft Drinks. I would say it way better than serving me Coca-cola.

Did you notice the Doraemon Blanket ? I am not a fan of Doraemon and it was not my decision to purchase it . I know little detail about it, if you wanted to get one of those it costs around RM 15 something.

Just a friendly advice if you do not want to get the Doraemon blanket, it is better you to take Tangy Crunch Individual Meal because there were no obvious benefits for those choosing family and friends meal. If the KFC staff insisted you to take then tell them you are sorry !!

Furthermore, KFC is not the only fast food restaurants offering new menu. One can go McDonald they are having Habanero Burger and free Coca-cola glass promotion. Yet, you can go to Pizza Hut they are having discount everyday after 9PM

I have tried  McDonald Habanero. Have you ?? See this Habanero Reality vs McDonald Habanero ads