Ochado Roast Milk Tea at Suria Sabah

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Ochado Roast Milk Tea and Ochado's Japanese rice

Ochado Roast Milk Tea does contains unique taste. The price for one cup is RM5.90 ranked as the most favorable Ochado's drink. One of its competitors in Sabah are ZenQ and Yoyo. Although there was a milk tea branch Chatime in Sabah, that will not do any differences because Chatime are only popular at West Malaysia.

People lining up to buy Ochado milk tea at Suria Sabah

If you order one ice Milo or ice Nescafe, it already something like RM2.70 at Gaya Street's restaurant before the implementation of GST in April 2015. Drinking Ochado means you are drinking two ice Nescafe. Will the common restaurants in Sabah selling drinks same price as Ochado ?? That is some interesting topic because you needs to know that GST would be implemented next year.

Should restaurant's Nescafe price increasing next year, it better for most of us drink a cup of Nescafe before leaving home. The truth is that most of us would not know whether or not it was overpriced. We know that the demands from tourists are soaring high according to yearly chart released by federal or state government. Some said the restaurant price were to cater the affluence travelers to Sabah. How about the local community ??

Ochado at Suria Sabah is selling this Japanese rice. It really delicious and the way they wrapped it so much creative. The sticky rice and seaweed are best couple ever. It only cost less than RM4.00

Ochado sticky rice

According to Ochado Malaysia Facebook page, they are introducing new menu for burger lovers. More information at OchadoMalaysia Facebook page

Ochado roast milk tea RM5.90

. Buy a cup of Ochado milk tea at Suria Sabah and walk to third floor to the Suria Sabah's food court and find a seat to sip your tea while enjoying the magnificent sea view.

no 1 Ochado drink in Sabah

The current no 1 milk tea at Ochado Suria Sabah is Ochado Roasted milk tea flavor. Personally think that it has this smell of something burned.

All seated Ochado Milk Tea at Suria Sabah

If I remember correctly, this must be Sunday afternoon. There were no seats available. One will need to wait at another corner to wait drink to be served. You are to pay it first and wait later for your food to come.