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Watching Transformers 4 Age of Extinction in Malaysia

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One of the best movie of the year. The best movie in the month of June. Worth re-watching this movie few hundred times

I had carried a very plain feeling towards Transformers 4 movie. It stemmed from the reviews from those who have watched the movie. Watching the movie on July 1 Tuesday was not a bad thing. Peace of mind rather than packed seats is what really good. News reported that Transformers garnered 100 million in first week debut that is an incredible achievement compared to Godzilla and X-Men Days of Future Past

It turned out to be the other way around and I must say it will be a positive review by me. The director is still the same old Michael Bay who specialize in making explosive and car flipping movie. I do not want to say about previous Transformers movie rest assured that this new Transformers 4 movie is the best. In fact, there were too much good things about this movie.

Jaw dropping action, breathtaking CGI and wonderful scenery and landscape. I guess Michael Bay learned his lesson on his previous directed Transformers sequel. One thing does not change this director he always get a hot girl to his casts . I must saluted the directors and all the people who making this movie successful. All of the used plots and used movie scenery were not there. Do not show us a high school teenager with his antique car or graduating high school bumped with hot girl. Moreover, Please refrain using the plot teenager tried to get a secure job and his hot girlfriend

We expected there will be a similar plots intense fight between Transformers villain and Optimus Prime with collateral damage that would be human race. Human will always running away but in this case, they fight the good guy by helping to fulfill Lockdown agenda. Lockdown is the villain of the show. Wait, there is a missing piece of information how about Megatron or his new name Galvatron ??

Ex CIA Harold with his gang partnered with Joshua. Joshua is an inventor owned a company who tried so hard to replicate or building man-made Transformers for better future. As for Harold, they are on the field trying to get his hand dirty eliminate silently on Autobots the good Transformers without acknowledge the public and government. Harold was not alone he helped by Lockdown.

Entering the first scene of the movie, the dinosaur get eliminated was a very good starter. It was interesting and successfully distracted audiences with the question mark " Is this a Jurassic Park movie or a Transformer movie " ?? or maybe a better one something like " So, the dinosaur was eliminated by Transformers, not by volcanic activity, using a weapon that turned every living dinosaurs to a strange metal " ?? 

Poor cute dinosaur cant escape the fact to be a museum artifact. That was a really good CGI !! . Furthermore, I never felt so down and sad on robot but when I watched how this organization treated that green Autobot and his awesome Transformers voice with sad tones begging the human to spare his life. In the end, the human did not spare his life terminated him right away with Lockdown shooting rockets a condemned and unfair battle emerged. How could they treated him so cruel fighting an outnumbered Transformers. It like watching 20 guys beating and bullying while we were helpless and standing there watch victim life ticks away.

Finally, Mark Wahlberg or Cade Yeagar and his pretty hot daughter wearing short pant walking around at one of those Texas barn. Their life soon will be changed and something really bad is coming towards them after they discovered the old truck. The old truck was a masquerade or camouflage by Optimus Prime from detected by evil agenda Harold. His family were under a threat when his best friend decided to report authorities in a bid to get money prizes.

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The movie is quite outstanding and attractive to the audiences due to many questions left unanswered and the CGI was too good to be missed  and I was sticking my butt from the beginning to the end. In the middle of the conflict, Tessa Yeagar boyfriend showed up. That really a handsome guy. Yeah she got a boyfriend ! if you know what I mean .

Li Bing Bing showed up at the middle of the show as a factory employer with Joshua the scientist behind the man-made Transformers and the one who resurrected Megatron from dead. Then, It was a very successful approach by the director to film at Guangzhou China. It was epic and must be praised much more better than just showing an ancient city in the movie X-Men Days of the future past. Once again, I was being distracted with a whole new good plot. Transformers are going to have an intense fight at Guangzhou instead of at New York city or at desert with big metal worm digging around.

Rather than big fight at New York city, Michael Bay put an entire different movie setting flipping car, explosive, a small passage with 3 granny stuck the escape of Joshua from being caught by Harold. . Not to mention the dinobot were there to help Optimus Prime.

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