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Be Malaysia version of Jay Chou Contest 2014

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Jay Chou Concert 2014 at Malaysia but first let talk about the Jay Chou contest

Source : Mah Sing Group Facebook page

Have you ever thought of becoming your version of Jay Chou ? Do you have been performing at school or at your home mirror trying to emulate Jay Chou personality while singing his songs ?  You do not need to be very identical to him, all you need is a little bit of confidence. If your friend or your parent ever said you looked like Jay Chou then this is your golden opportunity.

No, you are not going to miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance. Grab this chance to become Jay Chou in stage overlooking audiences awaiting your performance. Prove to yourself that your dream is not just a dream anymore, materialize your dream by joining this contest.

This contest is brought to you by Mah Sing in search for "Malaysian Jay Chou". There are some easy methods to follow for an interested participants. Mah Sing is the main presenter for Opus 2 Jay 2014 World Tour in Kuala Lumpur this coming November 2014. Yes, Jay Chou is coming to Malaysia. You can try to buy entrance ticket or choose the alternative.

In a big event there were surely some biggest contest ever held. Taking for an example of Taylor Swift concert in Malaysia in June 2014, there was a contest held required contestants to buy Cornetto ice-cream in order to win some Taylor Swift merchandises or Taylor Swift entrance tickets. As for Jay Chou concert, basically more or less the concept is the same that is to give away some free tickets to interested contestants.

Cut to the important part, participants in any gender could join this contest. Top 20 finalists will be selected by board of panel. In order to be the top 20 finalists, submit your photo with cool look of Jay Chou and garner votes. The winner is determined by most Facebook likes. This is consider as first stage of the contest. The public voting ends on October 18.

Second or final stage requiring the top 20 finalists pour some creativity to out-beat the contestants to win the title. The finalists will move on to prepare a convincing video on why they deserve to win the VIP experience and best seats in Jay Chou Concert. Then, finalists should win the heart of public voter for their valuable votes. This video-submitting is closing on the date October 31, 2014

Management of Mah Sing will make a final call who will be the crowned winner of this contest. the winner will take away best seats worth RM 1,776 the Jay Chou concert in November. In addition, the winner will be pampered with a limo ride to the concert and be rewarded with a cash bonus of RM 2,000

Summary of the contest

  1. Submit your cool photo imitating Jay Chou. Like and Visit Mah Sing Group Facebook page
  2. Ask for public votes
  3. Deadline for photo contest is October 18
  4. 20 finalists submit convincing video, ask for public votes
  5. Ask for public votes
  6. Deadline is October 31, 2014
  7. Wait for final result
  8. Win the prizes

Prizes : RM2000, Limo ride to the concert and pair of tickets worth RM1,776

More information for this contest please call Mr. Chan at the phone number 012-362 7205

Watch Jay Chou contest promo video to get more information. Besides, one should keep checking on Mah Sing property launch as their lucky draw could get you another Jay Chou Concert entrance ticket. !!

Want to know more Jay Chou concert ticket price and where it held go visit at Jay Chou held concert in Malaysia 2014

Watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

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April O Neil : They are Turtles, Mutant, Ninja. I save them escaping from the fire of the lab. They taught by a rat. 

I was shocked twice by this movie. First when April O Neil (Megan Fox) sneaking at subway station trying to see for herself Foot Clan activity. Suddenly, there is a member of Foot Clan captured her at the back. The scene turned unusually quiet and calm. then out of nowhere she was captured I was like where that guy coming from ?

Second, the scene when Leonardo suddenly came out of nowhere and started screaming to the driver who is a cameraman for channel six. I was like You scared the sh!t out of me. Vernon was having a conversation with April at that van kind of like a seducing and awkward conversation then it was cut short by a talking turtle. Well, some of the audience were jump scare immune so, I do not expect everyone got jump out of the seat for these two scenes.

I not a fan of turtle movie mainly because watching too much CGI movies this year pretty much the new Apes movie was a made up by CGI, Godzilla, Transformers, newly released movie with Groot and Rocket However, I have no doubt Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got some wow action scene. I bet you remember the last scene Mickey mistakenly pressed a button sending a rocket blow up Vernon new company-sponsored car right ?

I think it implying that Michael Bay tried to say that I wanted to prove that I am the producer of the movie and  it mean there will be another car got blow up scene in this movie. Besides, one thing you can rest assured that Michael Bay always have pretty and talented actress on his movie for example in this year movie we have seen in Transformers 4 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Speaking about the action scenes, there were not much in the starter of the movie. The fight between Shredder and Sensei Rat was one of the best ever. Besides, everyone must love the skating lorry in a uneven snow-capped edge where four ninja turtles showing their teamwork battling Foot Clan meanwhile they were rushing to stop Shredder and from releasing toxic substances to the air harming New York city and it people. Moreover, the final battle with Shredder with the buck-buck tactic.

There were a lot of laughable scenes in this movie, first of all, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles felt enormous awkward when April O Neil found out they are celebrating at the top of the tower after the train battle with Foot Clan. Four ninja turtles pretended did not went above the sewer in front of their master. Furthermore, Rat tried to attract mickey with Italy Pizza while they were performing punishment. The funniest scene belongs to the elevator to the 56 floors where they seem to amuse themselves by performing a random combination of music.

There were numbered sad scenes in this movie. One of the profound one had to be that rat Sensei repeatedly beaten up by Shredder and told his son stay away from fighting with Shredder by closing the gates. On top of that, the falling of the structure the scene featuring Raphael confessed his friendship.

Critic of the movie is that some of us grown man were watching this movie with those kids beside or surrounding. It like this movie is meant to be a kids movie rather a grown up one. The kids were like facing us with the expression " Are you still watching this " ? The story about the rat found a ninja book and taught to four turtles was absurd. It even ridiculous that four mutant ninja turtles love pop songs except the rat sensei. It was unacceptable that turtle shell could reflect or deflect bullets although round and rough seem to be possible. With that kind of shell, I thought turtle supposed to be a slow creature but we are watching a pretty strong turtle that could stand up with both leg and just two toes.

Watching Guardians of The Galaxy in Malaysia

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It Drax, Groot, Star-Lord, Rocket and Gamora. The fact is who is the truly the leader of this team ? 

First of all, I never read any marvel comic books specifically on the Guardians of The Galaxy chapter. I am straight forward saying that this movie pretty much depicting Peter Quill or Star-Lord a decent dancer. In entire movie, you are about to see a lonely, teary eyes, adventurous, old-school music lover main cast acted by Chris Pratt. Well talking about lonely and teary eyes, he certainly do not seem to have much loneliness bragging about alien girls he met and shared with Drax. Star Lord character did not seem laugh a lot and give audience a feeling of he had been kept himself busy thinking " Who is my dad ? " , " Why alien abducted me the second after my mom passed away ".

Yondu who possessing a mass-destruction and dangerous red stick was the one who abducted little Peter Quill. It was unknown reason that there were 9 billion peoples walking on the surface of the earth he chose to kidnap a young, innocence, powerless boy. His intention is not uncovered but I think Yondu was happy to see Peter Quill are able to withstand the power of the orb.

I am still a little bit confused why on galaxy he wanted to steal that purple-emitting orb. Furthermore, it explainable he must show some dance moves before heading to the orb chamber. It is because Peter Quill is a Sony MP3 lover. Everyone love Sony made music product including a half man half alien. Later, he seem to be actively protecting his Sony MP3 for many occasions. First, he scold the prison guy from using his MP3. Second, he risked his and friend life going back to the jail to find his MP3 which is being taken by the same alien who he had scold earlier.

Gamora rejected Star Lord kiss when he talked about his past and why he is overly protecting the MP3. Everyone would agree to his action but Drax said otherwise. Gamora is the green lady who then being called by Drax as a green whore. Drax never meant that way it was his way to express to his friend and he even called Groot as " Dumb tree ". Drax is pretty awesome character as well as Gamora.

The amazing things about " Guardians of the Galaxy " is not the action scenes but a very annoying, talkative, smart raccoon. The cinema audiences thought it was another chipmunk movie but this one does not sing. That is a pretty fast friendship development because rocket is supposedly capturing Peter Quill because of $$$ with Groot. The fight at city of Xander is truly amazing in this movie. 

Sad and tear part of the movie were at the moment the giant tree said " We are Groot ". Can you imagine a tree grows all his branches sacrificing for his friends ?? In reality, everyone want to cut down a tree for a piece of paper. Wait a minute ! Groot friends were not human. They are half human half alien this explained well. Besides, it quite sad to hear Peter Quill story. Addition, do not forget Drax, Gamora, rocket of them were tried to save Peter Quill from vanish into thin air due to the power of the orb. The most teary and saddest part of the movie belongs to Peter Quill saves Gamora by throwing himself out to the vast outer space and gave her the mask.

Happiest moments were Groot still alive but not in a good shape obviously. Besides, Drax the destroyer was seem happy and laughing to met Ronan the Accuser. The happiest moment belongs to the Nova army able to form a shield-like barrier warding away Ronan spaceship from fully entering Xandar.

There were ton of funny moments. There were Groot catch Gamora instead of the right guy Peter Quill and could not differentiate gender according to rocket. Groot made the earliest move in the escaping plan at Nova prison despite the plan was just second to finish by rocket. Drax misunderstood Peter Quill about the gesture " finger touching on the neck".

Save the last for critic on this movie, it apparent that that villain of the show was incredibly weak. Talking about invasion for a vengeance but not in a minute convincing audience that he was able to do that. The orb is not so powerful with Ronan. As if it was really powerful orb how could Ronan were not able to unleash his wrath on Xandar ?? If the orb truly able to wipe out an entire planet as it showed, Ronan absorbs the power of the orb will be like a god he had been saying all the time. Unfortunately, Rocket's customized weapon could make a deadly blow to him or make the orb came out from weapon. Ironic to say that the Ronan might have not absorb the orb but infused it to a hammer instead. But, it looked like the orb was in Ronan body all the time.

Watching Hercules Movie in Malaysia 2014

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Hercules turned out to be mercenary and working as a team despite what we knew about Hercules in the first movie in this year

Killing Lion, Boar, Wolf and water creature were one of my 12 labors. This is the best because it has thick skin like steel and my arrow is not able to penetrate the flesh.  

I think we can say this safely " another Hercules movie really ? " There were two Hercules movies in less than one year. Surprisingly, both movies have very identical synopsis. Dwayne Johnson acted as Hercules or his stage name " The Rock ", He is really good in this role. It a smart move by Hollywood dramatize the movie portraying Hercules as human as possible to fool audience that he actually can be defeated in this movie. This movie is about Betray, war, superhuman strength and muscles.

I could remembered how much Hercules wanted to know the result of the battle he wanted to know whether it holds any chance of victory. He repeatedly asked that prophet who could foresee his own death and future. I think Hercules is being not honest to himself all this time. Liken to many Hercules movie, Dwayne Johnson pretended half of the movie he was just an ordinary man, bleed like a mortal, wanted to have family and peace especially the human nature of greed. He likes gold that why he formed mercenary right ?

What is the point of watching this movie if the audience knew Hercules is going to kick every bad guy butt ? There were never a single moment I thought Hercules were going to win the war because how the writer and director wanted the audience to badly believe Hercules is going to lose every single battle in the movie. First match was the battle with this possessed dead man. Hercules was leading former business men and farmers to a war they largely do not have any experience and training. In the other hands, the bad guy were totally devastated when the chariot strategy killed every single bad guy who tried to penerate the defense. I thought the good guy is going to lose. Did you see the tattoos they all got on their body ?? It really scary ! 

It all about lies, propaganda and magnifying the strength of the army. The second battle disappointed me ( Not really ) I thought it would have been another bloody The Lord of the Ring fight scenes. But, It turned out was a easy one to fight because the centaur and magician were just simply not existence and only exist in fairy tale story. No one seem to get hurt badly because Hercules and his gang trained an army of true warrior.

There were few amazing scenes worth to be mentioned and few good part of the movie. First one will be the introduction of Hercules team. I believe there were 5 of them. One who could predict his death and future. His life must be very miserable to know his death is on it way. Second one who wield double sword and does not talk much the whole movie he only managed to speak " Hercules " then he died. Third one was the knife thrower who abandoned Hercules and his friends for golds. Fourth is Amazon sharpshooter who apparently too hot for that role I am expecting a little bit darker skin but anyways the movie needed sexy girl. Last one is the talkative storyteller who amplifies Hercules story.

The best part of the movie would be Hercules was chained under a dungeon. He was forced to witness the killing of innocent by wicked conqueror . Besides, Hercules get to know the truth about his family death. Betrayal by his own king who he had been very loyal to. Hercules fought the three dark-skinned wolf not from Harry Potter or Hell, it just normal, hungry, fierce wolves. The moment he shouted " I'm Hercules " thanked to the prophet effort stimulating him, he broke chains with his superhuman strength preventing the dead of a mother.

The deceiving part of the movie I must stressed that the trailer we have seen when Hercules fought Hydra, Lion and boar it were not worth to mention at all. The movie never elaborate much about those fights because it might be due to tight burden. CGI is a very expensive work. We went to the cinema and sit down thought it going to be the movie about Dwayne Johnson fought these three creatures. 

The story is so exaggerated this is my first time seeing Hercules was using a big wooden tree or branch as a weapon of choice. Although he had been showing to us he was good in archery or swordplay but he prefer holding a big tree on his hand like an uncivilized man. He did said something like dislike civilization !

Is just me thinking or that this ending is very familiar ?? The Rock movie " The Scorpian King " has this ending too. He is the good guy and be praised by masses. 

Watching 22 Jump Street Movie in Malaysia Review

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We Jump Street and we are about to jump in your ass, right in the crack. Yo !

22 Jump Street
The coolest poster in cinema July 2014

Channing Tatum is the only reason I went to cinema and watch this movie. I have watched a lot of funny and hilarious movie but, Jump Street 22 jokes are seriously not funny at all. It heavily promoted by Sony because it was captured by Sony camera. That the only reason I am against this. I do not like Sony made movies. Particularly, the Amazing Spider man 2. 

As If 22 Jump Street movie were not filmed by Sony camera, I would not say anything about it. Sony made movies is simply destroying my movie experience and movie mood. I am not saying Sony camera in not clear and good but it just not meant to film a complete movie. Good and cutting-edge camera cant make a comedy movie become more funnier.

Jump Street 22 is a sequel but not much different from previous one. Firstly, they went to college as a police undercover to investigate a drug called "WhyPhy" which is sound like Wi-Fi in some sense. Beside Jonah hill and Channing Tatum, here come another funny actor Ice Cube. Who is a police chief. I cant believe he assigned Jenko ( Channing Tatum ) and Schmidt ( Jonah Hill ) a secretive mission to infiltrate drug business in a college.

Before they got the mission, Jenko and Schmidt were sent off being a Mexican trying to catch some bad guys. The funny part is that one of the bad guy really looked like Mexican version of wolverine and Jenko sound like a retarded one. If I got this movie in my computer, I would replay this hundred times. No, the octopus part is not funny at all. Schmidt is almost chocked to death by those dark liquid.

A series of action scenes emerged however they did not catch the smugglers. A failed mission rendered them another mission to infiltrate a school drug business. The existence of the mission were due to a death of a college student. 

It was not an easy mission for them. They had suffered high and low in their friendship throughout the mission. At the lowest point of their friendship, Schmidt and Jenko embraced a theory that the drug dealer is still out there causing harm to the public. They begin to working together and their determination yields fruitful result that the fat girl who scolded them " Oldest man in the college " and " Shut the F up everyone is studying ". The girl who had watch Schmidt sleeping with his girlfriend were the wanted drug dealer.

Jenko and Schmidt proved their theory right by catching Mercedes ( Drug dealer) alive with his boss around. Well that the most funniest scenes ever in the movie was when Schmidt were trying to catch Mercedes. 

There were not much funny moves or funny scene around but this movie is more leaning on funny jokes. If you understand their joke you might want to see them on cinema. There were really lot of F words around. If you want to see Channing Tatum first F word this is it. 

Attraction : Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, first comedy movie in 2014

Weakness : Film in Sony, Cant cope with their jokes, no crazy and funny move, college is boring, no explicit scenes probably censored or cut.

Lose Myself A Song with Avicii and Lee Hom

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Collaboration world popular DJ with super talented singer Lee Hom. 

Taiwanese super singer Wang Lee Hom is working together with World renowned DJ Avicii for a song. Video below not the song but a process of making the song. Both of them are learning together as you can see throughout the video.

Both of them are spotted at Los Angeles studio recording a seemingly new Mandarin song believed to be sang by Lee Hom and Avicii will be doing all the Electronic Dance Music. This video has not get viral because it was just released to Youtube on July 16 but some fans.

This video was watermarked and originated by "You Ku" video platform one of the China best video platform. As you can see the video is dressed with Mandarin language. The only English language is the name of the song in Mandarin language, "Lose Myself".

Who have thought Lee Hom and Avicii would cooperate and make a song. Lee Hom explained in the video that this will be a daring move and fresh mix into a mandarin song he is making. Will this song featuring some short movie ?? It would be completely perfect with some short movie but a single song is just fine too.

Watching Dawn of the Planet Ape in Malaysia

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Everyone thought I am the villain of the show after watching trailer. You are wrong !! .  - Caesar

I never really understand why Apes were the bad guys and the humans are the good guys. It is very cruel and bias. Do not want to use the word apartheid because it does not make sense to refer Apes as a race. Those guys in the movie clearly expressed hateful and frighten towards Apes in the movie because they killed half of the human population by Simian Flu. Yes, we accused the bird for bird flu or Influenza A.

In fact, the actress as a scientist explained to that aggressive towards ape guy the flu was not came from Apes. It was a mistake at the lab by some genius scientists. They are genius to create a flu that kill everyone and left those who are immune to the deadly flu at one of the San Francisco tall tower. I guess we can use the word apartheid when they bumped to a group of organized apes who knows how to speak English rather than South African language.

It is Caesar the leader with his gang living a peaceful life. They seem to have multiply thousand clearly outpaced the human. The peace were broken when unexpected thing happened. Apes were on the trees and some were riding horses confronted the Malcolm expedition when Carver shot an ape and died on the spot. A traumatic experience emerged on both side. Cute Caesar is fully grown up ape now well you can tell when he shouted "Go" or "Leave" which I do not quite remember though.

My point of view is that the first Dawn of the Planet movie is much more real as oppose to this new movie. Maybe because they show the apes in morning which will heavily affect the realness of the CGI especially when they were hunting deer and fighting bear. The first movie were mostly happening at night rather then at morning. One of the factor this movie worth to watch they could make audience cry.

Emotional attachment is put in many scenes was felt deeply by audience. The casts were outstanding. It really looked like human were facing desperate situation and apocalypse hit them hard. For instance, the human leader Dreyfus cried watching his family photo. Dreyfus told to survivors about how critical to go war with the Apes and fixing the water Dam. Besides, Caesar's dying wife scene. Moreover, Apes put down their ego and hatred a side helped them when they were trapped at the water Dam. Dying Caesar breathing heavily and seem to have few minute life, asked Malcolm drive him to the abandoned house as he missed the childhood moments with his human friend who raised him up to become a respectful leader in evolved ape community.

The only thing that explicit about Dawn of the Planet Ape was the mother ape boob ..Seriously !!

The last scene is pretty impressive. Malcolm and Caesar talking about when they will meet again and Caesar said war is coming upon them and asked Malcolm to leave now.

There were one cute scene worth mentioning. The cute baby ape running away from mom and jump down from horse moving towards Malcolm and his girlfriend. Everyone was so happy including the audiences. That was cutest of all scene ! 

The happiest moment would be when the Dam finally worked electricity is channeled to the town. At a middle of no where the music store 76, the happiness cant be kept the bright light and amusing music are coming back.

The cruelest scene I would vote for when Koba decided to use guns killing both drunk dude at the armory. They were just drunk and holding big gun does not mean they deserve to be killed in any good reason. It totally understandable the hatred Koba felt towards human. He had unleashed his anger and hatred to the extent beyond any reasonable explanation. He was being labelled by Caesar as  "You are not ape" !!

If you insist to know the mine personal rating score . There you go !


Action    : 5/10
-Epic battle between apes and fortified human last stronghold. Tank and nuclear launcher. Fighting on top of the tower seem to really good ending.

Emotion : 10/10
Casts     : 10/10

Picture   : 6/10

- The city looked real and when apes climbed high on the bridge. It really nice to watch !! Very less scene on the water dam. Besides, the tower seem to have been heavily CGI, Apes don seem real but cooler.

Watching Transformers 4 Age of Extinction in Malaysia

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One of the best movie of the year. The best movie in the month of June. Worth re-watching this movie few hundred times

I had carried a very plain feeling towards Transformers 4 movie. It stemmed from the reviews from those who have watched the movie. Watching the movie on July 1 Tuesday was not a bad thing. Peace of mind rather than packed seats is what really good. News reported that Transformers garnered 100 million in first week debut that is an incredible achievement compared to Godzilla and X-Men Days of Future Past

It turned out to be the other way around and I must say it will be a positive review by me. The director is still the same old Michael Bay who specialize in making explosive and car flipping movie. I do not want to say about previous Transformers movie rest assured that this new Transformers 4 movie is the best. In fact, there were too much good things about this movie.

Jaw dropping action, breathtaking CGI and wonderful scenery and landscape. I guess Michael Bay learned his lesson on his previous directed Transformers sequel. One thing does not change this director he always get a hot girl to his casts . I must saluted the directors and all the people who making this movie successful. All of the used plots and used movie scenery were not there. Do not show us a high school teenager with his antique car or graduating high school bumped with hot girl. Moreover, Please refrain using the plot teenager tried to get a secure job and his hot girlfriend

We expected there will be a similar plots intense fight between Transformers villain and Optimus Prime with collateral damage that would be human race. Human will always running away but in this case, they fight the good guy by helping to fulfill Lockdown agenda. Lockdown is the villain of the show. Wait, there is a missing piece of information how about Megatron or his new name Galvatron ??

Ex CIA Harold with his gang partnered with Joshua. Joshua is an inventor owned a company who tried so hard to replicate or building man-made Transformers for better future. As for Harold, they are on the field trying to get his hand dirty eliminate silently on Autobots the good Transformers without acknowledge the public and government. Harold was not alone he helped by Lockdown.

Entering the first scene of the movie, the dinosaur get eliminated was a very good starter. It was interesting and successfully distracted audiences with the question mark " Is this a Jurassic Park movie or a Transformer movie " ?? or maybe a better one something like " So, the dinosaur was eliminated by Transformers, not by volcanic activity, using a weapon that turned every living dinosaurs to a strange metal " ?? 

Poor cute dinosaur cant escape the fact to be a museum artifact. That was a really good CGI !! . Furthermore, I never felt so down and sad on robot but when I watched how this organization treated that green Autobot and his awesome Transformers voice with sad tones begging the human to spare his life. In the end, the human did not spare his life terminated him right away with Lockdown shooting rockets a condemned and unfair battle emerged. How could they treated him so cruel fighting an outnumbered Transformers. It like watching 20 guys beating and bullying while we were helpless and standing there watch victim life ticks away.

Finally, Mark Wahlberg or Cade Yeagar and his pretty hot daughter wearing short pant walking around at one of those Texas barn. Their life soon will be changed and something really bad is coming towards them after they discovered the old truck. The old truck was a masquerade or camouflage by Optimus Prime from detected by evil agenda Harold. His family were under a threat when his best friend decided to report authorities in a bid to get money prizes.

Transformers cup giving out by Darlie Malaysia more info at Darlie Malaysia and Transfomers cup

The movie is quite outstanding and attractive to the audiences due to many questions left unanswered and the CGI was too good to be missed  and I was sticking my butt from the beginning to the end. In the middle of the conflict, Tessa Yeagar boyfriend showed up. That really a handsome guy. Yeah she got a boyfriend ! if you know what I mean .

Li Bing Bing showed up at the middle of the show as a factory employer with Joshua the scientist behind the man-made Transformers and the one who resurrected Megatron from dead. Then, It was a very successful approach by the director to film at Guangzhou China. It was epic and must be praised much more better than just showing an ancient city in the movie X-Men Days of the future past. Once again, I was being distracted with a whole new good plot. Transformers are going to have an intense fight at Guangzhou instead of at New York city or at desert with big metal worm digging around.

Rather than big fight at New York city, Michael Bay put an entire different movie setting flipping car, explosive, a small passage with 3 granny stuck the escape of Joshua from being caught by Harold. . Not to mention the dinobot were there to help Optimus Prime.

More about "Transformers" in Unitedmy

  1. 10 Best Transformers merchandises in Malaysia

Jay Chou held Concert in Malaysia 2014

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Taiwanese pop king singer is back LIVE at Malaysia 2014. His songs is the 90's generation inspiration

Jay Chou Contest is giving out free concert ticket, interested ?? Visit at Be Malaysia Jay Chou Concert

If you are born in end of 80's and early 90's generation, you are like everyone else knew his most popular song " Qing Tian" everyone love that song and to the extend to learn how to play guitar chord of it. His uniqueness in singing skill is unrivaled and one-of-the-kind. Fusing with pop music and his music talent it is self-explanatory and hard to express how and when we started love his songs. One thing needed to clarify mandarin speaking youth are deeply in love with his songs at that time.

In fact, He had been in music industry for more than 10 years. That was his one of the wishes to be a singer. Jay Chou have tried to be host of talk shows, film director, movie star, film producer. His last studio album was on December 2012. The release of the album is related to his promise to all his fans out there especially those in love with his songs. Those who are going to his concert in Malaysia November 2014 you might have a chance to hear his latest songs. What do you like Jay Chou to be a singer, film producer, film starring, host of talk shows ??

Speaking about his last year concert in Malaysia, it was a sold out successful concert. Due to the strong reason Malaysia is having "Visit Malaysia 2014 year". He decided to held two shows in November 14 and 15.  The place is at Putra Indoor Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Talking about concert, there were so many big international singers came to Malaysia performed. There were Taylor Swift, Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider, 2NE1, Avril Lavigne. 

The Opus 2 Jay Chou World Tour Concert will take place in Malaysia 5 months from now. The 35 years old singer is determined looking forward for another amazing concert for Malaysian fans. Ticket are priced lowest RM 180, RM 270, RM 320, RM 440, RM 490, RM 660, and the highest would be RM 850. If you know Putra Jaya Indoor the nearest to the stage platform will be the ticket sold at RM 490 and RM660. Ticket price is varies from time to time.

Tickets have been released since June 21. You are allowed to purchase as early as today. Visit at for more details.

More information at Speedy Entertainment Facebook at

Free Transformers cup by Darlie Malaysia

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Most anticipated movie in June 2014 it will be Transformer 4 Age of Exctinction

Transformers cup by Darlie Malaysia

Brand    : Darlie
Product : Toothpaste
Flavor   : Original Strong Mint
Net weight : 225g
Manufacturer : Hawley & Hazel Chemical Co. Ltd, China
Imported by : Hawley & Hazel Marketing (M) Selangor, Kim Teck Cheong S/B KK Sabah, Popular Trading (B) Sarawak.
Status : HALAL
Value : 2 for RM16.00 (price in 2013)

Ingredients : Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, etc.

While waiting for the release of Transformers 4 movie, let take a trip to purchase Darlie toothpaste and get a free Transformers imprinted cup. You will need to but two Darlie toothpaste priced at RM16.00 in local market. Wait no longer as the Transformers cup is limited edition.

Darlie Malaysia made the Transformers cup is under the license of HASBRO and its logo. They have acquired the permission from HASBRO to made this cup. It is not like every toothpaste maker out there such as Colgate had the right to make Transformers cup.

There are 3 different Transformers cup giving out by Darlie. They are Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Lockdown. The image you have seen above is Lockdown. It is unsure whether Lockdown will be the bad robot fighting Optimus Prime who is the defender of the human kind and earth.

Previously, Darlie Malaysia had given out many types of cup but Transformers cup will be first of it kind. Besides, Darlie had organized a contest giving out free ticket to watch new Transformers movie in this end of June. 

Who do not like free items right ? It might be one of the way Darlie Malaysia thanks it loyal consumers years of support. This cup is not the first one I got from Darlie. 

RTM 2 schedule for FIFA World Cup 2014

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Delayed LIVE match on TV 2 starting from June 15, 2014. There is a total of 11 delayed LIVE matches

RTM TV2 final world cup 2014
Source : RTM Facebook

July 14, 2014 (Update) - Next match 12AM - 5AM Final Argentina vs Germany on TV2  . Congratulation for Netherlands won third place. RTM kept their promise only broadcast interesting match

It is not really bad to watch a delayed LIVE watch. A delayed LIVE match means you will watch it 2 hours after the match has ended. For example, Argentina vs Bosnia match were scheduled to be started on 6AM till 8AM in Malaysian time, TV 2 will broadcast the match on 8AM-10AM .

It was not a bad experience because it just delayed 2 hours rather than more than 5 hours. In fact, every world cup matches broadcast by RTM 1 or TV2 does not contain any advertisements. The only moment we will rest our eyes will be waiting for the second half game. 

Argentina versus Bosnia was an incredible game. Bosnia played well but Argentina won with the score 2 - 1. It should be a draw game if Bosnia player Ibisevic did not kick the ball to their own goal line. The crowd expected to see great performance by Lionel Messi yet he scored a very accurate individual goal. Lionel Messi is the captain of the team Argentina. Most of the free kick were done by him. 

Bosnia team fought harder broke in Argentina defense and Kolasinac secured a goal. Goal keeper Argentina should have closed it wide opened leg as the ball rolled into the gap of the leg and hit the goal line. He failed to react and did not close the gap fast enough.

Argentina fans are very much excited hoping to see more action delivered by Argentina captain. He is quite popular soccer player and apparently he is in everyone list for the top 10 soccer players for the young generation. 

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Mountain Dew X Men Days of Future Past Contest

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X Men Days of Future Past The Best Hollywood Movie in May 2014

  • Product : Mountain Dew
  • Calories : 230 Kcal for 500ml 
  • Net Weight : 500ml
  • Status         : Halal
  • Manufacturer : Permanis Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Original (Lemon flavored carbonated drink)
  • Value : RM2.60 (7-Eleven) , RM 1.90 (Giant)

As soon as it came out that day for Malaysiam cinema, 3D tickets were bought for two. If you watch at Golden Screen Cinema GSC you would need to watch it at the exact date. But, I watch at cinema other than GSC it had this show peek which allowed cinema to show new movie one day earlier than the date of launching which most cinema in Malaysia such as GSC will be showing the new movie at the next day.

It happened for the movie Amazing spiderman 2. It supposed to be showing on Malaysian cinema at May 1, 2014 but I was able to watch it on April 30, 2014. So the same thing happened to the movie X men Days of Future Past as well. This movie so great. It emotional attachment is perfect and so many good actor and actress.

There were some really emotional scenes which will bring teary eyes to the audiences especially when Wolverine tried to convinced young professor X to look into his mind for the future incidents. I would rate this movie 10/10. However, it is not really favorite for some people. Some said, there were little fighting scenes. I must say introducing Flash into the movie is kind of funny and amazing. He is so fast !!

Back to Mountain Dew and X Men Days of Future Past, Mountain Dew Malaysia is giving out merchandise inspired by the movie. The only condition you need to meet is participate in the contest. If you like to earn your chance to win some X Men Days of Future Past merchandise, do not hesitate to join ! all you will need to buy Mountain Dew 500ML with selected flavor and follow the instruction !!

The contest will end on June 22, 2014. Grab your fair chance to win X men merchandise ! More information visit MountainDewMalaysia

Taylor Swift RED concert tomorrow June 11 in Malaysia

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Taylor Swift beautiful aircraft livery covered up Airasia planes. Airasia is the official airline for Taylor Swift RED ASEAN TOUR

Aireen Omar CEO of Airasia Berhad with Airasia flight attendants and aircraft livery painted with Taylor Swift

If Airasia is airline sponsor of Taylor Swift RED Tour, she is going to take Airasia plane to Malaysia ? Today is Tuesday June 10. But, There were no single news about Taylor Swift is arriving to KLIA 2. Her RED Tour in Malaysia would be tomorrow June 11, 2014.

According to Taylor swift official website, she was having concert at Singapore indoor stadium on June 9. It could imply that she is coming to Malaysia with land transportation rather than air transport. We had enough those news saying Taylor Swift tickets have been sold out at both concert held in Malaysia and Singapore.

There were no leaked news when Taylor Swift will be spotted enter Malaysia territory so that Malaysian fans can get to see her and ask for a Selfie or autograph. How about those fans get no chance to her because ticket were fully sold out. 

Taylor Swift is like a teen pop queen in US. She goes to any places will be filled by peoples who like to hear her album. Her name is no strange to us and we will give her warm welcome screaming out so loud her name. Due to her fame, there were reasons why her daily location cannot be publicize openly.

Source : Hitz FM

From Hitz FM, they have shown us a picture depicts the almost done preparation for tomorrow Taylor Swift concert at Putra Indoor Stadium . In the first day releasing Malaysia RED Tour tickets by official ticket agency in Malaysia, Large traffic congestion at each ticket booths. It also happened to their website large number of online traffic queue up for the tickets. After a few hours approaching lunch time tickets have been half sold from 10.00AM . 

It is an unprecedented decision by Taylor Swift organizing ASEAN RED Tour. Previously, Taylor Swift fans have to purchase air ticket fly to a far country for her concert. It is her first performance in Malaysia.

Hotlink Live Life Loud with Taylor Swift 22 pairs Red Zone Tix

10 Things Malaysian prepare for FIFA World Cup 2014

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The sport event that unites all of us but not all of us support the same team though

Owned by Jafar

It is very true ! and tell everyone we will be watching at home or watching at any where there is a big High -Definition Television and huge crowd of people waving their favorite team banner. What else were important than this event that uniting us all ??

1. Apply for MC or paid leave !

The most crucial part will be watch the LIVE of your favorite team. Nobody want to watch after-game match. 85% peoples want to know the result as soon as it come out. They want to brag and boast about it tomorrow at workplace. It even worse for those who have been doing some seasoned betting. It is wise to just bet one Milo ice or Chicken rice more than that it cant be consider.

I am not encouraging you but when come to Spain vs Brazil or Germany vs England who will sleep soundly during LIVE action? Aim your date for MC and paid leave accurately, pick your date and apply it.

2. Subscribe to Astro channel

RTM did not have full access to every match. They did have FIFA World Cup 2014 broadcast right but they only broadcast half of the LIVE match. If you are a sport channel addicted person subscribe to Astro sport channel and watch it LIVE every single match .

3. Buy Football merchandise

If you have not see the news. Many big companies in Malaysia is organizing contest giving away Football merchandise as a gift for your support to the brand. Such as Maggi, Jack n Jill, Nestle and many more. 

Not everyone can win a contest but when you do have money, you can buy merchandise inspired by Football Fever and World Cup 2014. Sport shops will sell them like hot cakes. Can you resist when your friend all are wearing some kind of support to their favorite team and you just wearing your Kpop shirts?

More details visit at 10 best and popular football merchandise

4. Invite all your friends to Mamak stalls

Yes, you would need to book like going to cinema watching a movie just coming out. I think it will be much more terrible because you only can watch LIVE once. It would be a long sold out seats at every strategic placed mamak stalls at big cities. If you have not booking a round table today . It is better for you to give up the hope and go now buy yourself a HD television. Because, you will not get any chance to sit at popular restaurants cheering your favorite team. For example, Brazil vs Croatia although it not very highly competitive match it still be still in a fully booked condition.

Unless you bring your own table and chair, I assured you there were a desperate situation it really occurred. In order to be at the place you like to eat the most while watching your favorite team playing with the crowd you familiar the most anything can happen. They literally do anything.

Get your hope back purchase LED HD TV or else in less than 2 days from now you will be regretting. If you purchase LED HD TV now you might be discounted price. If you have big LED TV at home invites all your friend to your house for party !! 10 best LED TV under RM 2000

5. Buy Maggi Instant noodle Cup, Junk Snacks

When the last time you watched FIFA World Cup ? It will be last 4 years and you probably not remember
that every moment you cant miss especially your favorite players are playing at the field. Keep your body hungry free because you are going to get hungry at 4 AM. 

You will need those energy. Instant noodle and Junk Snacks are your most preferable choice. What you do when you have full energy ?? Shout at the moment they goal !!

Maggi organized a contest giving out free sport wear try your luck to get one free too at Maggi and Brazil contest

6. Install smartphone apps inspired by FIFA 2014

There are many smartphone game maker out there created addictive football game. Play the game and choose your favorite country soccer team. Strike the goal with your favorite players. Make sure your opponent did not get a chance to enter your penalty area.

Some top smartphone football game is interactive one. You could play with friends !! Install and play

7. Argue with your friends which team will be eliminate and which team is going for semi final

This happened a lot. It had happened in English league and it will surely happen in this grand event. In the past there were in the extend to ending people life. Support your favorite team and it is not necessary telling people to support your favorite team because everyone is not the same.

It is like the title suggests " Uniting us all but not everyone support the same team" If you like Brazil who won 5 times previously then do not anger the group of people who supporting their favorite team England. Control your emotion do no be so stress ! Let it go , let it go cant hold it back anymore !

8. Wake up 4 AM for the LIVE action first match Brazil vs Croatia

Source : Google search

Most of us are sleeping at 4AM. Research study concluded that human are the weakest at the time 4AM-5AM. The only way for you to watch your match will be drink coffee or nescafe. There is no guarantee you will survive till the end of the match. Besides, first match will be on Malaysian time Friday before sunrise at 4AM. I guess in the middle of the game, Muslim will go on praying.

Set your clock now at this coming Friday 3.50AM , 10 minutes earlier for the time being to open up television  !!

9. Sing the FIFA World Cup 2014 anthem by Pitpull or Coca-Cola

It is incomplete without a World Cup anthem. Search the song at Youtube memorize it and sing it throughout the month making it the most popular song in the month of June. Besides, Coca-cola have a different anthem song inspired by World Cup 2014. Visit at The World is Ours by Coca Cola Malaysian version

10. Prepare for the worst

It not like my favorite team England or your favorite team Brazil won the last FIFA World Cup 2010. You have Joyful laugh if your favorite team was either Spain or Netherland , most of us " tearful eyes " because our most unexpected thing become reality.

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GOT7 greets Malaysian fans with flying kiss

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Rumor GOT7 will shoot their MV at Malaysia. They have arrived June 8 at the airport with warm welcome by GOT7 Malaysian fans 

Source: @GOT7MY Twitter

As soon as the news came out thank to the firsthand sharer by hardcore GOT7 Malaysian fans who knew they were coming to Malaysia yesterday, it sparked Top 10 Twitter trending in Malaysia. I believe to be able trending at Twitter Malaysia there will be thousand of tweets regarding GOT7.

June 9 2014 Malaysia trend Twitter
Malaysia Trends second place is now about "GOT7"

The next day those who have surprised by the news storming the Twitter platform which resulting "Welcome to Malaysia GOT7" stood at the second place of Twitter Malaysia trends. Numerous Malaysian Youtuber took the rare chance filming GOT7 arriving at the airport and uploaded it to Youtube. Iza Yanti Youtube channel recorded one of the member flying kiss and saying "sarangheyo" to the camera !

It could be true they are visiting Malaysia for filming location. Some fans boasted they have seen GOT7 at Section 13, Shah Alam.  Nearby Holy smoke cafe. If you want stumble with GOT7 at the street, this is your one and only chance to grab because they are here for mv shooting not for fan meeting or held a concert. It will be rare for them and impossible for their manager to organize a fan signing meet up or anything.

Official Twitter Malaysian fans for GOT7 :

Watch Transformers 4 Movie in Malaysia June 26

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Main actor is Mark Wahlberg and director will be Michael Bay known for making movie with all kinds of explosion and explosive stunts

There is a common practice by Hollywood that every three movies, audiences will see the same title movie without the same main actor. Take for example, Spiderman 1, 2 and 3 was same guy but at the fourth spiderman, they revised a little bit the movie title to "Amazing spider-man" and changing main actor.

I deeply and desperately hoping they will bring back the main actress Megan Fox. Maybe not, we just see her in other movie because it just impossible even for main actress. In this Transformers 4, Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) found a transformer masked as a broken truck. He does not know it was boss of good transformers the Optimus Prime who always want to wear blue metal outfit.

I am happy to know that after the gruesome fighting scenes in Transformer 3 it seem that Optimus Prime got his blue metal body back attached in one piece. Wait ? so it is a sequel of transformer 3 or just another new transformer movie. If it will be a new transformer movie, why they don revise the transformer movie title ? Take for example the batman series, they are using "The Dark Knight " instead of using "Batman" . Director might be thinking movie title "Transformer" is too awesome to be revised.

Assuming Transformers 4 movie is a new one which is highly favorable. But, why there is no changing of director of the film ? It is still Michael Bay as the director. Despite that, in the trailer above you will see transformers is still acting as the protector of earth from any threats from his kinds. Transformer is once again need to regain trust from human kind as you can see some secret agency is finding Optimus Prime at Cade Yeager house. On the other side, new transformer villains with his big alien ship confronted Optimus Prime by firing towards him.

Do not miss the best part Optimus Prime awesome rider a dinosaur-like transformers attacking side by side with the villains. The fighting scene is just so cool. The not so cool part is that knowing human kind cant defend themselves against invasion of transformers. If you must ask who is the greatest threats to the human kind choosing between Aliens and Transformers, It is hard decision to choose but I will choose Transformers because all the Aliens have been killed by Cage in Edge of Tomorrow movie. Time possessed Tom Cruise kills the Alpha. I think it related because both Edge of Tomorrow and Transformer originated from Japan right ??

Hey why don we make it a triple threats to the human kind. Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow "Aliens" and Transformers villain conquerors . If they start invasion on earth in a same time. Will they destroy us all ? I believe not because Amazing spider-man 2 and captain america the winter soldier would not allow that happen

Darlie is giving out Transformers 4 cup to those who bought their Darlie toothpaste

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