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Maggi Hot Cup to Brazil Grab Jersey every hour

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Maggi Hot Cup to Brazil malaysia

This contest is quite confusing. I recommended interested participants read fully their terms and conditions at Maggi Hot Cup to Brazil Contest

How to Join ?

1. Get codes from the label package of Maggi Hot Cup. ( Those with FIFA logo)

2. Send SMS to 36300 for example HOTCUP<space>Name in your IC<space>Mycard numbers<space>Unique codes

HOTCUP Izuan 1322XXXXXXXX Unique Code (From maggi hot cup 9 digits)

3. 1 entry received (Charge 0.30 for 1 entry without normal charge)

This contest held from April 15, 2014 - June 15, 2014. There will be 24 prizes for 62 days. Accumulated for 1488 prizes to be won throughout the contest period. A soccer jersey is taken away every hour by lucky winner.