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Review Maggi Royale Johor Seafood Laksa and Sarawak Sambal Laksa

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Definitely not to miss out amid success of Maggi Royale Penang and Korean Beef

Instant noodle products in the market believe to be saturated. Definitely after launching of Maggi Royale newest products both Johor seafood Laksa & Sarawak Sambal Laksa, there will be lesser seeing Maggi Royale Penang and Korean Spicy Braised Beef on the shelves.

Definitely got to try both of them but the no 1 choice ruled to be Johor Laksa.

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Maggi Curry and Tomyam Flavor Kahwin

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Marriage of Maggi Tomyam and Maggi Curry. New flavor emerged 

Maggi Tomyam and Curry Kahwin

The taste of Tom Yam flavor is incredible couple with Maggi Curry flavor spicy delicious it will create magnificent instant noodle soup.

This idea is contribute by Maggi Malaysia. Encouraging instant noodle and Maggi supporters to try "Kahwin" two types of one favorite flavor. I would choose curry and tom yam although I like all Maggi instant noodle flavors.

Maggi rolled out few new flavor and brand new noodle. Penang White Curry and braised beef flavors. I have tried both of it. You may see both review at

  1. Maggi Royale Penang Curry Flavor 
  2. Spicy Braised Beef Flavor

Besides, Maggi seem to have re-introduced new packaging and a bigger packaging in the year 2014. A bigger version of Maggi instant noodle for man who like bigger portion of Maggi instant noodle. Check out the image of amazing Maggi Big package at Maggi New Big packaging

Maggi Introduces New Flavor in Malaysia 2014

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Maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef. Royalicious !!

Maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef

I believe Maggi introduces this flavor in November 2014. There were heavy advertisements on Youtube, social media platforms and various websites showing the banners of new Maggi flavor in Malaysia.

Maggi Royale noodle has been upgraded and its first flavor using Maggi Royale noodle was the Maggi Penang Seafood Curry flavor. I have tried both and the result is fascinating. I thought there was no instant noodle company could match the noodle quality of Mamee. But, it seem like Mamee met a strong competitor in instant noodle business.

Besides that, I have tried this new flavor. Servay at Kota Kinabalu seem to have this new flavor in its shelves. Do note that the selling price is RM7 plus. What's more, there were only 4 packs of maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef in a bundle. 

The taste was fantastic. It was spicy and the noodle was slightly bigger. Reminder to all that should you try this you must add some more water in order to reduce spicy soup. I think this is one of it kind in Malaysia. Maggi could be the first instant noodle company in Malaysia to introduces beef flavor.

Maggi Korean Spicy Beef Flavor

The above image is lacking of hot water. I was eating one pack only . I usually boils water and put the noodle inside then, I will prepare another water making sure will not drink the boiled water used to cook the instant noodle. People said, it contains some kind of lax or preservative in order to sustain noodle expiry date.

Review Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry Flavor

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The most advertised Maggi instant noodle flavor in Malaysia 2014

Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry Malaysia

They get it what Malaysian like to eat. Penang curry flavor instant noodle grows like a mushroom in a rain. Maggi, one of the oldest, top and most recognized instant noodle brand in Malaysia introduced not-so-surprised "Penang Seafood Curry flavor"

Everything has a beginning they could have get the inspiration from Mykuali Penang White Curry noodle. It was not saying they copy it from them but Mykuali in my opnion could be one of the pioneer in this flavor. Reminiscing the desire to taste what it like Penang curry flavor because not everyone has traveled to Penang and eat it iconic food.

Besides, unlike the common packaging by Maggi which is always 5 x 75g, they adopted the same packaging as Mykuali to use only 4 x91g instead. You would notice it slightly larger in size but the quantity has been reduced to 4 packets only.

I do not know you guys appetite but I had cooked two packets in order to satisfy my hungry. In this case, I would think twice to have two packets because they has increased 20 grams than normal 75g per packet.

Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry

  • Product            : Maggi
  • Calories           : 416 KCAL, 52g Carb, 7g Protein, 19g Fat
  • Net Weight      : 91g x4 packets
  • Status               : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor              : Penang Seafood Curry
  • Value               : RM 7.99
  • Website           :

Generally, I would say Maggi does have greater taste. Previously, they rolled out the Maggi goreng flavor, one of the best could outperform any other Maggi goreng in Malaysia. Now, they took initiative to get people buying their new flavor which is Penang Seafood curry flavor I guess to compete and retains some market share in instant noodle business. It worth to mention that they seem to have upgraded its instant noodle quality. It called "Maggi Royale" What a blessing day indeed !!

You will regret if you did not try this. As for the price for one big packet contains 4, it sells over RM7 definitely. I bought it at RM 7.99. It has been launched several months ago now it reached to East Malaysia where I have enjoyed it myself.

New Maggi Big Ayam and Kari 2014

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Maggi is introducing new package to Malaysian instant noodle fans . Much more bigger.

New and old maggi package 2014

Just how big is this Maggi big ?? It is 101 grams with 447 kcal or 1878 KJ. It is bigger than the normal Maggi package we have been consuming ! Just for your reminder that normal maggi package contained 78 grams with 348 kcal only

Temptation to buy Maggi big ayam and Maggi big kari is big because the ambassador of Maggi is renowned and well known actor Aaron Aziz. The way he is eating the Maggi instant noodle curry flavor is so delicious. I can smell it from my screen. I just don want watching him eating I want experience it too !

The truth is that the original Maggi kari and ayam flavors are not being changed. It is still the same old flavor however the package is slightly modified to looked like bigger more content.

New Maggi Big ayam RM 5.99 2014
RM 5.99 for 5 Maggi Big Ayam

I have noticed not only the package had changed, the price is increased to RM 5.99 in local store. I am wondering what are the price in supermarket because usually bigger store selling cheaper. Maggi is a big brand and their instant noodle is RM 1 expensive than other instant noodle brand.

New Maggi Big kari RM 5.99 2014

I have eaten numerous instant noodles from Maggi or other brands but the tasty one that can close close to compete with Maggi would be "Mamee" and "Mee sedaap". Mamee instant noodle newest rolled out Mamee Chef is super creative and tasty !  I want to stay at Maggi side since this is about Maggi !

Maggi is so popular in Malaysia sometimes we referred instant noodles as Maggi instead. That how powerful Maggi brand in Malaysia. One is not a Malaysian if you asked about "What are the top 3 instant noodles brand you have eaten"  his/her answers should have Maggi, if it does not he/she is not original Malaysian

Hey !! I got a suggestion since we have so many foreigner in malaysia, to test the original Malaysian, we ask them the question above !

When Aaron Aziz become Maggi ambassador, it made Maggi an instant noodle for gangsters because Aaron Aziz always starring and made appearance on gangsters movies ! Maggi is so gangster with Aaron Aziz ! You are not a true gangster if you had not eaten Maggi !  

Maggi Hot Cup to Brazil Grab Jersey every hour

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Maggi Hot Cup to Brazil malaysia

This contest is quite confusing. I recommended interested participants read fully their terms and conditions at Maggi Hot Cup to Brazil Contest

How to Join ?

1. Get codes from the label package of Maggi Hot Cup. ( Those with FIFA logo)

2. Send SMS to 36300 for example HOTCUP<space>Name in your IC<space>Mycard numbers<space>Unique codes

HOTCUP Izuan 1322XXXXXXXX Unique Code (From maggi hot cup 9 digits)

3. 1 entry received (Charge 0.30 for 1 entry without normal charge)

This contest held from April 15, 2014 - June 15, 2014. There will be 24 prizes for 62 days. Accumulated for 1488 prizes to be won throughout the contest period. A soccer jersey is taken away every hour by lucky winner.

10 Delicious Instant Noodles in Malaysia

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Let talk about the taste of Instant Noodles and forget about the nutrition part. It is serious matter pick either taste or nutrition. 

Those who advocates instant noodles is bad for heath is like saying coca-cola is bad for health. Against instant noodles is very much saying don drink soda drinks such as coca-cola and Pepsi. Yet, coca-cola is biggest beverage company in the world. Feeding hungry stomach beyond boundary. Instant noodles like Maggi used to support disaster-hit countries by giving out worth thousands ringgit Maggi instant noodle packs for their daily staples. However, nutrition part of instant noodles is fairly right but who can against the taste of instant noodles available in Malaysia ? Can you resist coca-cola ? LMAO

Maggi and Mamee instant noodle malaysia

Maggi and Mamee brand is top choice. Do you eat them ? There are 4 different Mamee flavor and 2 different Maggi flavor. Mamee instant noodle has distinctive quality of noodle. As for Maggi instant noodle, it might be the most well known instant noodle brand among Malaysian. Well, Maggi got Aaron Aziz as brand ambassador boosting overall brand popularity.

We always thought that maggi is Malaysian company but in fact, it is so wrong. It is found at Switzerland it founder is Julius Maggi.

Mamee in the other hand, it is a registered company in Malacca. Distributing Mister Potato, Mamee Monster and also the Mamee noodles. Found on 1971 by Datuk Pang Chin Hin.

 Which flavor you like the most ? Ayam, vegetable, itik, tomyam, kari, and Maggi's ayam flavor ??

Maggi and Mamee instant noodle malaysia

I think Maggi introduces Mi goreng on 2013? It is the tastiest mi goreng flavor ever. Although you might say mee sedaap's mi goreng is the best, I eat both of them I still pick Maggi's mi goreng plus kari flavor.  

Instant noodle lee fah

Just one of the random Maggi Ayam .

Soto Ayam Flavor. 

Wings Food is an Indonesian based company producing Mi Sedaap. A well known instant noodle. It has the tastiest soup.

Without further ado, let vote !! Actually I just want to show you 10 instant noodle I like to eat. There is a vote bar. Start voting your favourite instant noodle !

Your favourite Instant noodles ? free polls