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Maggi Curry and Tomyam Flavor Kahwin

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Marriage of Maggi Tomyam and Maggi Curry. New flavor emerged 

Maggi Tomyam and Curry Kahwin

The taste of Tom Yam flavor is incredible couple with Maggi Curry flavor spicy delicious it will create magnificent instant noodle soup.

This idea is contribute by Maggi Malaysia. Encouraging instant noodle and Maggi supporters to try "Kahwin" two types of one favorite flavor. I would choose curry and tom yam although I like all Maggi instant noodle flavors.

Maggi rolled out few new flavor and brand new noodle. Penang White Curry and braised beef flavors. I have tried both of it. You may see both review at

  1. Maggi Royale Penang Curry Flavor 
  2. Spicy Braised Beef Flavor

Besides, Maggi seem to have re-introduced new packaging and a bigger packaging in the year 2014. A bigger version of Maggi instant noodle for man who like bigger portion of Maggi instant noodle. Check out the image of amazing Maggi Big package at Maggi New Big packaging