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New Maggi Big Ayam and Kari 2014

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Maggi is introducing new package to Malaysian instant noodle fans . Much more bigger.

New and old maggi package 2014

Just how big is this Maggi big ?? It is 101 grams with 447 kcal or 1878 KJ. It is bigger than the normal Maggi package we have been consuming ! Just for your reminder that normal maggi package contained 78 grams with 348 kcal only

Temptation to buy Maggi big ayam and Maggi big kari is big because the ambassador of Maggi is renowned and well known actor Aaron Aziz. The way he is eating the Maggi instant noodle curry flavor is so delicious. I can smell it from my screen. I just don want watching him eating I want experience it too !

The truth is that the original Maggi kari and ayam flavors are not being changed. It is still the same old flavor however the package is slightly modified to looked like bigger more content.

New Maggi Big ayam RM 5.99 2014
RM 5.99 for 5 Maggi Big Ayam

I have noticed not only the package had changed, the price is increased to RM 5.99 in local store. I am wondering what are the price in supermarket because usually bigger store selling cheaper. Maggi is a big brand and their instant noodle is RM 1 expensive than other instant noodle brand.

New Maggi Big kari RM 5.99 2014

I have eaten numerous instant noodles from Maggi or other brands but the tasty one that can close close to compete with Maggi would be "Mamee" and "Mee sedaap". Mamee instant noodle newest rolled out Mamee Chef is super creative and tasty !  I want to stay at Maggi side since this is about Maggi !

Maggi is so popular in Malaysia sometimes we referred instant noodles as Maggi instead. That how powerful Maggi brand in Malaysia. One is not a Malaysian if you asked about "What are the top 3 instant noodles brand you have eaten"  his/her answers should have Maggi, if it does not he/she is not original Malaysian

Hey !! I got a suggestion since we have so many foreigner in malaysia, to test the original Malaysian, we ask them the question above !

When Aaron Aziz become Maggi ambassador, it made Maggi an instant noodle for gangsters because Aaron Aziz always starring and made appearance on gangsters movies ! Maggi is so gangster with Aaron Aziz ! You are not a true gangster if you had not eaten Maggi !