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10 Best Transformers merchandises available in Malaysia

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Buy yourself Transformers inspired items if you don, you are not their fan yet

Do not tell me you have not watch the latest Transformers movie ! Age of Extinction is simply the greatest of all 3 others previous Transformers movie. New casts but not new director we will see our favorite Bumblebee again with Optimus Prime. I guess because his color ? or because he is not much a talker and a cool person ?? 

The new movie is not about Bumblebee and his human partner saving the world from destruction. The new human cast is firstly introduced to Optimus Prime. So, it is not actually a sequel ! Despite that, Bumblebee was awesome he was fighting at Guangzhou there were so many bad robot attack him yet he successfully dodge every attack towards him. Besides, Bumblebee saves Optimus Prime from getting fully destroyed by Lockdown. He is the true savior at every critical time not to mention he saved Cade Yeager and his daughter from falling at bridge on the top of tower trying to escape from the alien ship.

Bring Bumblebee to your home.  It only for RM89. More information at Bumblebee Transformers character

Bumblebee age of extinction figure

This is slightly shorter but compact than the first one. But it is still awesome. Better own 1 rather than none. Cheaper than the first one in half price. Can put into your consideration as well. More picture and price at Bumblebee Age of Extinction version

Transformers giant figure 30cm

This is the biggest figure than those two figures above. More than 30CM height according to the source. This is everything you need to decorate your room. If you friend walking in your room, the first thing he will notice that would be this giant Optimus Prime. More information how big it is Giant Optimus Prime

Transformers mini figure

Some people like to collect LEGO inspired Transformers. If you one of them you need to check this out because it is really awesome !!. Imagine you have one transformers lego placed in your display glass case at living room or your room. That is a dream fulfill !!  Check this out at Transformers mini figure

It is all about item inspired by Transformers. I believe you have been seeing this already. This is Pineng brand powerbank with Transformers logo on top. This powerbank is sold at rock-bottom price and it received wide popularity among Transformers fans in Malaysia.  10000 MAH powerbank inspired by Transformers

Hasbro is the Transformers right holder. Who are going to create something with the Transformers must ask Hasbro first. This is an approved merchandise. BPA free with shatter resistant. This is sold not exceed RM20. That is really a cheap. This is way better than those Tupperware or Amway bottle for your kids. This is 350ML bottle which is good for those 10 years old below kids. Don buy if you are an adult, but it was not wrong buy it for your future boy or maybe collection ?? Besides, no one is going to stop you become a big baby boy right ?  Hasbro Transformers bottle 350ML

If your kids is a Transformers fan and really really like them this is what you need to present them during their birthday. As for kids who are looking at this, beg your parents to buy this one because your school friends is going to have them and not you !! Besides, it time to change a new trolley bag if it was broken. You can bring this to travelling on holiday like an adult. Transformers trolley bag for kids

Check this out a Transformers inspired smartwatch. Although it was a simple smartwatch compared to a sophisticated smartwatch made by Samsung or Sony. However, This can be a watch that does a lot of fun things. This is a first few version of Smartwatch in this era. This smartwatch era is still at a very early stage and worth to be a collection until people started get crazy on smartwatch in few more years. Transformers Smartwatch Black

MP-13 soundwave masterpiece manufactured by Takara Tomy and brough from Japan to Malaysia. Don be fool by the first picture. It can be turned into a giant Transformers figure. It quite expensive  though because it made by legend figure maker. More details and price at Microwave Transformers

The last and not least, there were some good Transformers game that worth to play. Activision made some popular game included this one. Besides can be play on PS4, there are PS3 and Xbox version as well. Check them out at PS4 Transformers game

Watching Transformers 4 Age of Extinction in Malaysia

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One of the best movie of the year. The best movie in the month of June. Worth re-watching this movie few hundred times

I had carried a very plain feeling towards Transformers 4 movie. It stemmed from the reviews from those who have watched the movie. Watching the movie on July 1 Tuesday was not a bad thing. Peace of mind rather than packed seats is what really good. News reported that Transformers garnered 100 million in first week debut that is an incredible achievement compared to Godzilla and X-Men Days of Future Past

It turned out to be the other way around and I must say it will be a positive review by me. The director is still the same old Michael Bay who specialize in making explosive and car flipping movie. I do not want to say about previous Transformers movie rest assured that this new Transformers 4 movie is the best. In fact, there were too much good things about this movie.

Jaw dropping action, breathtaking CGI and wonderful scenery and landscape. I guess Michael Bay learned his lesson on his previous directed Transformers sequel. One thing does not change this director he always get a hot girl to his casts . I must saluted the directors and all the people who making this movie successful. All of the used plots and used movie scenery were not there. Do not show us a high school teenager with his antique car or graduating high school bumped with hot girl. Moreover, Please refrain using the plot teenager tried to get a secure job and his hot girlfriend

We expected there will be a similar plots intense fight between Transformers villain and Optimus Prime with collateral damage that would be human race. Human will always running away but in this case, they fight the good guy by helping to fulfill Lockdown agenda. Lockdown is the villain of the show. Wait, there is a missing piece of information how about Megatron or his new name Galvatron ??

Ex CIA Harold with his gang partnered with Joshua. Joshua is an inventor owned a company who tried so hard to replicate or building man-made Transformers for better future. As for Harold, they are on the field trying to get his hand dirty eliminate silently on Autobots the good Transformers without acknowledge the public and government. Harold was not alone he helped by Lockdown.

Entering the first scene of the movie, the dinosaur get eliminated was a very good starter. It was interesting and successfully distracted audiences with the question mark " Is this a Jurassic Park movie or a Transformer movie " ?? or maybe a better one something like " So, the dinosaur was eliminated by Transformers, not by volcanic activity, using a weapon that turned every living dinosaurs to a strange metal " ?? 

Poor cute dinosaur cant escape the fact to be a museum artifact. That was a really good CGI !! . Furthermore, I never felt so down and sad on robot but when I watched how this organization treated that green Autobot and his awesome Transformers voice with sad tones begging the human to spare his life. In the end, the human did not spare his life terminated him right away with Lockdown shooting rockets a condemned and unfair battle emerged. How could they treated him so cruel fighting an outnumbered Transformers. It like watching 20 guys beating and bullying while we were helpless and standing there watch victim life ticks away.

Finally, Mark Wahlberg or Cade Yeagar and his pretty hot daughter wearing short pant walking around at one of those Texas barn. Their life soon will be changed and something really bad is coming towards them after they discovered the old truck. The old truck was a masquerade or camouflage by Optimus Prime from detected by evil agenda Harold. His family were under a threat when his best friend decided to report authorities in a bid to get money prizes.

Transformers cup giving out by Darlie Malaysia more info at Darlie Malaysia and Transfomers cup

The movie is quite outstanding and attractive to the audiences due to many questions left unanswered and the CGI was too good to be missed  and I was sticking my butt from the beginning to the end. In the middle of the conflict, Tessa Yeagar boyfriend showed up. That really a handsome guy. Yeah she got a boyfriend ! if you know what I mean .

Li Bing Bing showed up at the middle of the show as a factory employer with Joshua the scientist behind the man-made Transformers and the one who resurrected Megatron from dead. Then, It was a very successful approach by the director to film at Guangzhou China. It was epic and must be praised much more better than just showing an ancient city in the movie X-Men Days of the future past. Once again, I was being distracted with a whole new good plot. Transformers are going to have an intense fight at Guangzhou instead of at New York city or at desert with big metal worm digging around.

Rather than big fight at New York city, Michael Bay put an entire different movie setting flipping car, explosive, a small passage with 3 granny stuck the escape of Joshua from being caught by Harold. . Not to mention the dinobot were there to help Optimus Prime.

More about "Transformers" in Unitedmy

  1. 10 Best Transformers merchandises in Malaysia

Free Transformers cup by Darlie Malaysia

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Most anticipated movie in June 2014 it will be Transformer 4 Age of Exctinction

Transformers cup by Darlie Malaysia

Brand    : Darlie
Product : Toothpaste
Flavor   : Original Strong Mint
Net weight : 225g
Manufacturer : Hawley & Hazel Chemical Co. Ltd, China
Imported by : Hawley & Hazel Marketing (M) Selangor, Kim Teck Cheong S/B KK Sabah, Popular Trading (B) Sarawak.
Status : HALAL
Value : 2 for RM16.00 (price in 2013)

Ingredients : Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, etc.

While waiting for the release of Transformers 4 movie, let take a trip to purchase Darlie toothpaste and get a free Transformers imprinted cup. You will need to but two Darlie toothpaste priced at RM16.00 in local market. Wait no longer as the Transformers cup is limited edition.

Darlie Malaysia made the Transformers cup is under the license of HASBRO and its logo. They have acquired the permission from HASBRO to made this cup. It is not like every toothpaste maker out there such as Colgate had the right to make Transformers cup.

There are 3 different Transformers cup giving out by Darlie. They are Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Lockdown. The image you have seen above is Lockdown. It is unsure whether Lockdown will be the bad robot fighting Optimus Prime who is the defender of the human kind and earth.

Previously, Darlie Malaysia had given out many types of cup but Transformers cup will be first of it kind. Besides, Darlie had organized a contest giving out free ticket to watch new Transformers movie in this end of June. 

Who do not like free items right ? It might be one of the way Darlie Malaysia thanks it loyal consumers years of support. This cup is not the first one I got from Darlie. 

Watch Transformers 4 Movie in Malaysia June 26

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Main actor is Mark Wahlberg and director will be Michael Bay known for making movie with all kinds of explosion and explosive stunts

There is a common practice by Hollywood that every three movies, audiences will see the same title movie without the same main actor. Take for example, Spiderman 1, 2 and 3 was same guy but at the fourth spiderman, they revised a little bit the movie title to "Amazing spider-man" and changing main actor.

I deeply and desperately hoping they will bring back the main actress Megan Fox. Maybe not, we just see her in other movie because it just impossible even for main actress. In this Transformers 4, Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) found a transformer masked as a broken truck. He does not know it was boss of good transformers the Optimus Prime who always want to wear blue metal outfit.

I am happy to know that after the gruesome fighting scenes in Transformer 3 it seem that Optimus Prime got his blue metal body back attached in one piece. Wait ? so it is a sequel of transformer 3 or just another new transformer movie. If it will be a new transformer movie, why they don revise the transformer movie title ? Take for example the batman series, they are using "The Dark Knight " instead of using "Batman" . Director might be thinking movie title "Transformer" is too awesome to be revised.

Assuming Transformers 4 movie is a new one which is highly favorable. But, why there is no changing of director of the film ? It is still Michael Bay as the director. Despite that, in the trailer above you will see transformers is still acting as the protector of earth from any threats from his kinds. Transformer is once again need to regain trust from human kind as you can see some secret agency is finding Optimus Prime at Cade Yeager house. On the other side, new transformer villains with his big alien ship confronted Optimus Prime by firing towards him.

Do not miss the best part Optimus Prime awesome rider a dinosaur-like transformers attacking side by side with the villains. The fighting scene is just so cool. The not so cool part is that knowing human kind cant defend themselves against invasion of transformers. If you must ask who is the greatest threats to the human kind choosing between Aliens and Transformers, It is hard decision to choose but I will choose Transformers because all the Aliens have been killed by Cage in Edge of Tomorrow movie. Time possessed Tom Cruise kills the Alpha. I think it related because both Edge of Tomorrow and Transformer originated from Japan right ??

Hey why don we make it a triple threats to the human kind. Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow "Aliens" and Transformers villain conquerors . If they start invasion on earth in a same time. Will they destroy us all ? I believe not because Amazing spider-man 2 and captain america the winter soldier would not allow that happen

Darlie is giving out Transformers 4 cup to those who bought their Darlie toothpaste

Post by Oreo.

Darlie Malaysia giving out Transformers Cup

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As new Transformer movie will be out at the end of June 2014, Darlie is giving out awesome transformers-printed cups

This time they are not sending away normal cup with Darlie logo printed on the cups. We will have big Transformers logo printed cup if we purchase any Darlie products. Are you excited ?? It could be one-of-a-kind item out there in the market.

It is impossible you can have this cup without purchase any Darlie toothpaste. First of all, we will need to find one in 10 grocery stores that actually have this limited cup. We want to be the early adopter right ? I bet there are many people out there wishing to get this Transformer cups at any costs.

Darlie never published any hints there were limited Transformer cups but I am sure it will not lasts long. Hoping every Transformer fans will get this cup before anyone else. It will be very sad day for those fans who are not getting this cup if they were bought Darlie toothpaste. It is not like everyone who bought Darlie toothpaste can reject this cup. Everyone like free gift

They have published this post on Darlie social media Facebook page on May 28, 2014. However, there were lack of information where is the place will be available first. They should tell us where we can get this whether Giant or 7-Eleven stores ??

Have you get your Transformer Cup ? Do remind your friend about this lovely Darlie giveaways !


Darlie and Transformers promotional video clips . Buy one pack with two Darlie toothpaste today !