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IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus are available in Malaysia

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They are selling it although both new IPhones have not official launch in Malaysia

IPhone 6

DirectD offered to all Malaysian having a look on the new IPhone 6. More info and check the price at IPhone 6 64GB Silver . You may see a cheaper price on the official launching of IPhone in Malaysia next couple of weeks which the date still unknown. Would you want it now or later ?? 

The attractive smartphone market in Malaysia is definitely blossoming. There are many kinds of consumers in the market . One of it is the early adopter. They will try to get the product as early as possible. They like the feeling of getting ahead of many of us. They wanted to be the first Malaysian owning a new IPhone 6 or the Iphone 6 plus.

You probably had heard rumor that there was first Malaysian bought the IPhone with an inflated price. He should be categorized as an early adopter. There was a price he needed to pay in order to be first person to test and hold new IPhone. It was not cheap though he paid roughly RM6000 more or less.

As usual, he got all the spotlight and massive reaction in the social media and magnified by those who are the type of consumers in the category of "wait and see" . New Iphone is a nice phone but it remained as a new phone that needed to be tested by early adopters. A viral Interview video clip gone to a state of tension, the first person who got the IPhone in one of the Australia city dropped to the floor when trying to unbox it.

IPhone continues to get slammed with negative feedback such as the recent celebrities leaked photo alleged from Apple company which they denied it was Apple cloud fault but rather careless of celebrities passwords which rendered hacker to be able to enter thier iCloud Photo storage and the "bendgate" issue faced by IPhone 6 Plus users. Moreover, the recent iOS update sparked media attention due to some IPhone users claimed the new update rendered dropping of cellular service issue. 

New IPhone embraced their strength which is jaw-dropping and breath-taking ergonomic design. It is not much about the competing RAM or camera megapixels. IPhone seem to have elegant style capturing the hearts of many consumers such as the safety of personal information and ton of safety features available. Although Apple smartphone market share is low but their profit is really high.

IPhone is one of the best smartphone in the world with a proven track record they do make development and better smartphone based on their customer feedback. IPhone made big changes in their battery indicator which the battery would not shut down in 10% of battery, IPhone allowed the usage of Google maps and etc.

Take a look at IPhone 6 Plus one can buy within Malaysia without the need to wait another 2 months for the official release of IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus in Malaysia. more info and check the price at IPhone 6 Plus LTE