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BlackBerry Z3 is available in Malaysia 2014

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New BlackBerry smartphone with the title "Z3". It was announced on February 2014 to worldwide.

It came 5 months after the announcement being made by Blackberry to Malaysia. July 7 marks the introduction of new BlackBerry smartphone to Malaysian market. All of the features favored by BlackBerry is upgraded. 

It is categorized as a smartphone below RM1000. An entry level version of Blackberry Z30. Both have difference in price tag and some features such as camera and battery life. Blackberry was designed with a codename "Jakarta". By that, it is a strong evidence this smartphone was meant for South East Asian.

There were no large differences as we speak almost the same language. Indonesia and Malaysia are very similar to each other. If it was meant for Jakarta, the demand in Malaysia for BlackBerry should be no large difference. BlackBerry used to be a significant brand when Malaysian considering to own a smartphone.

Of course mentioning about BlackBerry, our brain would associate them with mini PC physical keyboard. However, in this model there were no that physical feature. It is a smart step for Blackberry making a low-end smartphone without having the physical feature to attract consumers.

I believe there are many Malaysian out there supporting BlackBerry due to their unique features. Get yourself some information about the price at Blackberry Z3 RM699

BlackBerry Z3 Specification 

Processor : Qualcomm MSM8230 Snapdragon 400
RAM        : 1.5 GB Dual-Core
Display     : 5 " IPS LCD
Internal capacity : 8GB (expansion microSD up to 32GB)
Camera              : 5 MP at back, 1.1MP at selfie
Network            : 3G, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 164g
Color                : Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Black, White

Battery              : 2500 mAh
Features : Blackberry 10.2.1 OS, BBM, BBHub, BBWorld