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KFC Tangy Crunch with Doraemon Blanket

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New KFC menu in the month of June 2014. KFC Tangy Crunch hot and spicy chicken recipe and Potato hash-rounds

Cristiano Ronaldo "So Good" commercial ads is ending. The popular soccer player who is now at Brazil with it Portugal squad. The ads started since March till June estimated 3 months. There were no special flavor chicken but there were Cristiano Ronaldo merchandise such as flashdrive, headphone, water bottle and pouch.

The new menu is taking over and surely Malaysian will miss this exclusive promotion featuring top soccer player. The new promotion is KFC Tangy Crunch a promotional title for special flavor chickens. Besides, Boneless Chicken rice is not longer at the menu table in any KFC outlets in case you do not know.

KFC Tangy Crunch Family and Friends Meal Malaysia 2014
KFC Tangy Crunch Family and Friends Meal

Have you tried it the new KFC promotion ?? The special flavor indeed spicy you would notice there is few new ingredients added at your first bite on this chicken. Moreover, they will serve you Lipton beverage rather than Soda Soft Drinks. I would say it way better than serving me Coca-cola.

Did you notice the Doraemon Blanket ? I am not a fan of Doraemon and it was not my decision to purchase it . I know little detail about it, if you wanted to get one of those it costs around RM 15 something.

Just a friendly advice if you do not want to get the Doraemon blanket, it is better you to take Tangy Crunch Individual Meal because there were no obvious benefits for those choosing family and friends meal. If the KFC staff insisted you to take then tell them you are sorry !!

Furthermore, KFC is not the only fast food restaurants offering new menu. One can go McDonald they are having Habanero Burger and free Coca-cola glass promotion. Yet, you can go to Pizza Hut they are having discount everyday after 9PM

I have tried  McDonald Habanero. Have you ?? See this Habanero Reality vs McDonald Habanero ads

Asus G56 New Flagship Gaming Laptop in Malaysia

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You have more choice rather than picking up MSI or Alienware. Introducing Asus 's flagship groundbreaking and breathtaking gaming laptop 

Never underestimate Asus because they have reputation on solid laptop performance and durability. You are completely okay when consider to include Asus into your list of best gaming laptops. There were not a lot of brands out there specializing in gaming category. There are reasons why Asus should be consider.

Firstly, MSI and Asus are Taiwan based laptop maker company. Basically, MSI and Asus are both Asian laptops. It proved to be cheaper compared to Alienware which owned by Dell. It is not surprise to see Alienware peripherals are all not consider to be cheap in Asian point of view. Fortunately, we did not need condone to just Alienware branded laptops which we know their brand is most well known in gaming industry.

Heavily promoted by Asus Malaysia the new Asus G56 is available to every passionate Malaysian. It not really cheap but the specification is just mind blowing. It have everything you need and honestly preserving it nicely you would not need to change another gaming laptop for coming 10 years. For example, a cheap gaming laptop cost you around RM2,000 or even more but only lasts for coming 4 to 5 years as technologies in gaming industry surpassed your laptop. Why don you just pick something really a nice laptop like Asus G56 which you can play 99% of the high-end games today and make yourself worry-free for the coming years.

A true and hardcore gamer would already know which laptops they should get. Don be influenced by the cost try to look at the performance this laptop can deliver instead of the laptops costing you not more than RM2,500 . It is a high-end laptop worthy of the cost you pay. Imagine Ultra high setting on these games Titanfall, Watchdog, GTA 5, Tom Clancy, Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us. It surely can be achieved by this laptop in fact these games will be running like piece of cake.

Let look at this spectacular specification inside this laptop. Remember to blink your eye and close your mouth because you cant handle this laptop awesomeness. Which one to choose among Dell Alienware, Asus and MSI ??

I would pick Asus or MSI. Sometimes Alienware laptops is made for US Europe where their temperature is colder than Asian countries. As for Asus and MSI, it much more concentrate on better quality in dispersing and withstand heat inside the laptops. I might be wrong but I heard Alienware heated up pretty fast ! 


Laptops features : 15" screen size, Windows 8, Intel i5, 12GB RAM & 1TB HDD, GTX760M

Color : Black

Weight : 4KG

GPU cards : Nvidia GTX760M  , GPU Pixel shaders  : 768 , GPU memory speed : 4000 , Memory 

bus : 128 , GPU power consumption : 55W

A total of 12GB RAM is just hold my breath away. Look at the weakness side, it would be the weight, power consumption. A great graphic card would consumer large amount of electricity. It only sell for less than RM4000 last time I check. You can check the price at Asus G56JR Free Gaming Mouse and mousepad

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Local Smartphone Maker Ninetology's First LTE Smartphone

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Support local based smartphone company Ninetology for their first ever LTE enabled smartphone

Will Ninetology brand become like Perodua ? Ninetology new LTE/4G smartphone Z1T liken to Perodua Myvi ? Perodua brand is one of the recognized and well known to Malaysian. You will always see Myvi and Viva car parked at the street and shopping mall. How about Ninetology ? One and only local smartphone maker.

China have Huawei and Xiaomi . Indonesia and Malaysia have Ninetology ! As Malaysian consumers are moving from 3G to 4G/LTE, there will be one more factor for us to purchase Ninetology Z1T. It is still early to talk about shifting fully to 4G/LTE as Malaysian still love using 3G .

Thinking positively on the growth of Ninetology, they are heading to the correct path. Introducing Ninetology Z1T smartphone in 2014 will be a vital product launching ahead of competitor. Ninetology Z1T is categorized as mid-range smartphone. It specification is on par with other mid-range smartphone made by popular smartphone maker such as Sony and Samsung respectively.

In 2013, we have seen growing trend of big smartphone companies  introduced mid-range and high end smartphone with LTE feature. There were already many LTE smartphones in Malaysian market today under RM 1000. Besides, there were many high-end smartphones being manufactured and distributed worldwide ahead of launching of first Ninetology LTE smartphone.

Despite that, Ninetology sustained the test of time maintaining their business in this lucrative market. Before the launch of Ninetology smartphone Z1T, they have been attracting consumers by their promotional campaign. For example, RM 200 rebate and "Guess the Price" contest.

Ninetology Guess the price contest can be found at their Facebook or visit at . 3 lucky winners will be selected to win brand new Z1T. Contest ended on June 15.  For those who want to purchase it with your hard earned money, you could just pre-order first. There is no announcement on the exact date when will it releasing Z1T smartphone to the market.

Good news is that they have release information on Z1T specification. It will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.4GHz quad-core processor. The RAM is 1GB. Internal memory capacity is 8GB with the optional to add microSD card up to 32GB. The screen size is 5", weight is about 164g. As for camera side, 13 megapixel on the back, 1.6 megapixel at the front for Selfie session.

Huawei Malaysia launching Ascend P7 on June 10

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Huawei Brand New Ascend P7 announced on May globally will be available in Malaysia soon

Third largest smartphone maker Huawei set foot in Malaysia on May 2014. They brought first officially Huawei Honor 3C priced at RM499. The news sparked overwhelm response by Malaysian Huawei and smartphone fans. That marketing penetrated deeply into lucractive and vibrant Malaysian smartphone market

To be frankly speaking, Huawei Honor 3C coupled with RM499 were their ultimate marketing plan. Never before with that smartphone specifications, any smartphone companies could bear selling at that price. A wave of consumers stormed their online website tried to get one for themselves. 

It is unbelievable yet it is true but came with a condition. It shocked everyone that Huawei Malaysia announced limited sales of their Huawei Honor 3C. Why don Huawei Malaysia brought more Honor 3C and sell it ? Apparently, Huawei Malaysia cannot cater with the demands of Malaysian smartphone consumers. Simply as that there were many peoples unable to own Honor 3C even though they had the cash to buy one.

Did Huawei Malaysia wanted to send the message to Malaysian and his competitor that their smartphone sales is top of all ? Would you believe Huawei Honor 3C really sold out ? Despite that, they seem like bringing more Honor 3C at later date. I thought doing business is all about sell it quick while demand is there. 

In fact, most of the smartphone company based in China opened up their branches in Malaysia on May 2014. They had similar problem shortage of products. It is same for Xiaomi.  When Huawei first introduced Huawei Honor 3C, they also play a little contest named as "Guess the price" A widely popular and accepted contest. The prizes were exclusively amazing 100 Huawei Honor 3C to be won.

Back to the Huawei Ascend P7, Huawei Malaysia introduced the smartphone to add more fun to it, they introduced a contest. The prizes are 17 units of Huawei Ascend P7 to be won. This contest is required participant to answer few questions with limited time. Lucky winner will be determined by selected ranking.

Huawei Ascend P7 Specifications

Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz quad-core
RAM        : 2GB
Display     : 5" screen size HD (441 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 13 Back , 8 Front (Selfie)
Network            : 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 124g
Color                : Black & White
Battery              : 2500 mAh

Features : Corning Gorilla Glass 3, video 1080p, NFC, autofocus, LED Flash, Android 4.4.2 (kitkat), 

Comparison with HTC One M8, Huawei Ascend P7 strength are at camera technology and lesser weight. As for the price, we will need only able to make comparison on the day they launch Huawei Ascend P7 on June 10, 2014.

While waiting let see Huawei Ascend P7 predecessor P6. Obviously there will be a revised price as new smartphone is rolling out. There were selling Ascend P6 just below RM 1000. Check at Huawei ascend P6 Black

Join the Huawei Ascend P7 contest at :  Huawei Malaysia Ascend P7
Huawei Malaysia social media Facebook :

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Darlie Malaysia giving out Transformers Cup

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As new Transformer movie will be out at the end of June 2014, Darlie is giving out awesome transformers-printed cups

This time they are not sending away normal cup with Darlie logo printed on the cups. We will have big Transformers logo printed cup if we purchase any Darlie products. Are you excited ?? It could be one-of-a-kind item out there in the market.

It is impossible you can have this cup without purchase any Darlie toothpaste. First of all, we will need to find one in 10 grocery stores that actually have this limited cup. We want to be the early adopter right ? I bet there are many people out there wishing to get this Transformer cups at any costs.

Darlie never published any hints there were limited Transformer cups but I am sure it will not lasts long. Hoping every Transformer fans will get this cup before anyone else. It will be very sad day for those fans who are not getting this cup if they were bought Darlie toothpaste. It is not like everyone who bought Darlie toothpaste can reject this cup. Everyone like free gift

They have published this post on Darlie social media Facebook page on May 28, 2014. However, there were lack of information where is the place will be available first. They should tell us where we can get this whether Giant or 7-Eleven stores ??

Have you get your Transformer Cup ? Do remind your friend about this lovely Darlie giveaways !


Darlie and Transformers promotional video clips . Buy one pack with two Darlie toothpaste today !

Hotlink Hot Ticket Extra More Value 2014

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More Calls, more Texts and Data for your hungry appetite using smartphones

More is in your smartphone voice data, SMS and online data. Lesser the mobile service operator take money from you. All your calling to local network will be charge 8sen/min . No other mobile service operator in Malaysia but Hotlink will give you this good deal !!

Imagine 10 minutes calling you will be incurred RM 0.80 . What more, SMS to all networks only incur you as little as RM0.02 . When you send 200 SMS, your credit will only deduct RM2.00

Firstly, dial *100*1# , then pick your price at RM5, RM10, RM15. It really easy everything is done automatically you just have to follow step by step and the first step is inserting the magic codes.

If you feel like you are really in need to call someone you are better choose to use this reloading promotion Hotlink Hot Ticket Extra.

New Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia XL in Malaysia 2014

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Nokia Malaysia introduced budget, low-end with dual-SIM's smartphones to our market.

Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM
Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM

It is a new trend in 2014. Smartphone companies are competing not only introducing their flagship smartphones that cost between RM 1000 - RM 2399, they are starting to unveil new smartphone under RM1000 or even lower RM 500.

 I don think you know what I mean. There were many china based smartphone companies opened their retail store at Malaysia. In less than 2 months, April and May we have seen Xiao Mi, Huawei, Oppo's store at Malaysia shopping mall. Spotlight not only focusing on electronic business, there are China pandas costing RM 60 million to be shipped to Malaysia as a sign of friendship

Despite China's three popular smartphone companies introducing their unbelievable low cost high quality smartphones, Nokia Malaysia confidently responded to this challenge by introducing two highly anticipated low-cost smartphones with capabilities to put more than 1 SIM card. 

Both of this smartphones cost less than RM 600 which is incredible matching the quality and the price together. The value you pay is the quality you will get till you hold it with your hand, you will never let it go !
Let do some research both of this smartphones specification


Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
RAM        : 512 MB Quadcore
Display     : 4.5" screen size IPS LCD (424 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 8GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 5 Megapixels
Network            :  3G, 4.0 bluetooth
Weight              : 134g
Color                : Green, Orange, Yellow, Black

Features : Dual-SIM, Windows mobile phone, Corning Gorilla Glass 3


Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon S4
RAM        : 768 MB Quadcore
Display     : 5" screen size IPS LCD (424 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 4GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 5 Megapixels
Network            :  3G, 3.0 bluetooth
Weight              : 190g
Color                : Green, Orange, Yellow, Black

Features : Dual-SIM, Windows mobile phone, Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Fortunate and grateful that both of this smartphones unveiled globally 2014 before mass production, Malaysian get them as soon as it production completed and launched to the worldwide market.

Are you looking to buy both of this smartphones ? or you want to check current or discounted price of Nokia XL & Nokia Lumia 630 ? Check this store at  Nokia XL Dual SIM Orange. Find out current price of at Nokia Lumia 630 Dual 8GB Black

Nokia Malaysia Social media Facebook : NokiaMalaysia

New Maggi Big Ayam and Kari 2014

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Maggi is introducing new package to Malaysian instant noodle fans . Much more bigger.

New and old maggi package 2014

Just how big is this Maggi big ?? It is 101 grams with 447 kcal or 1878 KJ. It is bigger than the normal Maggi package we have been consuming ! Just for your reminder that normal maggi package contained 78 grams with 348 kcal only

Temptation to buy Maggi big ayam and Maggi big kari is big because the ambassador of Maggi is renowned and well known actor Aaron Aziz. The way he is eating the Maggi instant noodle curry flavor is so delicious. I can smell it from my screen. I just don want watching him eating I want experience it too !

The truth is that the original Maggi kari and ayam flavors are not being changed. It is still the same old flavor however the package is slightly modified to looked like bigger more content.

New Maggi Big ayam RM 5.99 2014
RM 5.99 for 5 Maggi Big Ayam

I have noticed not only the package had changed, the price is increased to RM 5.99 in local store. I am wondering what are the price in supermarket because usually bigger store selling cheaper. Maggi is a big brand and their instant noodle is RM 1 expensive than other instant noodle brand.

New Maggi Big kari RM 5.99 2014

I have eaten numerous instant noodles from Maggi or other brands but the tasty one that can close close to compete with Maggi would be "Mamee" and "Mee sedaap". Mamee instant noodle newest rolled out Mamee Chef is super creative and tasty !  I want to stay at Maggi side since this is about Maggi !

Maggi is so popular in Malaysia sometimes we referred instant noodles as Maggi instead. That how powerful Maggi brand in Malaysia. One is not a Malaysian if you asked about "What are the top 3 instant noodles brand you have eaten"  his/her answers should have Maggi, if it does not he/she is not original Malaysian

Hey !! I got a suggestion since we have so many foreigner in malaysia, to test the original Malaysian, we ask them the question above !

When Aaron Aziz become Maggi ambassador, it made Maggi an instant noodle for gangsters because Aaron Aziz always starring and made appearance on gangsters movies ! Maggi is so gangster with Aaron Aziz ! You are not a true gangster if you had not eaten Maggi !  

New Sony Xperia Z2 released in Malaysia 2014

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Sony Mobile Malaysia said in Facebook they are releasing most anticipated Sony Xperia Z2 with free gifts

Xperia Z2 releasing note Source: Facebook mobileMY

Huge Sony fans in Malaysia will be thrilled to see this announcement. Malaysian have a good trust on Sony products especially youngsters. I don seem to understand is that because it is waterproof or scratch, dust proof ? or whether it sony camera or sony audio speakers?

In recent global news about Xperia mobile, Sony is doing great in mobile business selling almost 39 million Sony smartphones worldwide in 2013. Their annual report released to the public for whole 2013. Comparison 2012 and 2013 Sony annual mobile sales report, an increasing of 5 million sales recorded as 2012 Sony mobile sales was 34 million.

Sony is very optimistic about their mobile sales in 2014. They expected an increasing of 11 million mobile sales this year compared to last year 39 million. Are they expecting too much ? No, they are certainly not because 50 million is not hardly an unreachable sales expectation. Huawei, Samsung and apple each have sales expectation exceeded 50 million.

Back to Xperia Z2, Sony newest LTE/4G enabled smartphone. If you purchase it today or tomorrow they are giving away free gifts a battery dock or battery cable. Let see Xperia Z2 specification !


Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
RAM        : 3GB
Display     : 5.2" screen size IPS LCD (424 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 20.7 Megapixels
Network            : 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 163g
Color                : Purple and Black

Features : Water, scratch, dust proof, Kitkat 4.4.2.

Sony Xperia Z2 is relatively new smartphone released to the market. It is surprising that it will be released so fast in Malaysia market. Sony Xperia Z2 is set to compete with Samsung Galaxy S5, Iphone 5S, HTC One M8, Oppo Find 7a, Xiaomi m 3. 

After review specification of Sony Xperia Z2, the main attractive and unique points of this smartphone are cutting-edge camera technology and powerful and fast RAM. It is able to do movie recording in 4k resolution. I could not think any smartphone out there stand against Sony Xperia Z2's sharpest camera technology.

It always fun to to see user holding Xperia smartphone while raining

Interested to know the price and full detail you can always visit sony malaysia website.

Anyways, if you feel like purchasing white colored Sony Xperia Z2 with exclusive FIFA merchandise, Adidas Mini Brazuca ball and sport shirts, The price is RM 2359 .Please visit here for more detail at Sony Xperia Z2 white free FIFA merchandise and more

Samsung Ultra High Definition TV is available in Malaysia

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World First ever Curved UHD TV launched by Samsung globally. Over 1000 Clear Motion Rate 

UHD TV Samsung Malaysia

If you just bought your TV last 2 years your TV probably stand at 100 refresh rate which is above average rating among LED TV. Unless you bought a plasma TV which the refresh rate could be from 200-600. Refresh rate is one of the main determinant in purchase a right TV

Normal TV shows and news are using on 50/60 refresh rate. Now why would anyone in this world need something bigger than that ? There are plasma TV even goes up to 600 refresh rate not to mention UHD TV which is over 1000 refresh rate. 

It does not matter because consumers are fascinated by promise of better picture quality. In fact, Ultra High Definition TV are not the same of HDTV. It is a successor of High-Definition TV. UHD TV have a humble beginning in 2012 that only less than 100,000 UHD TVs shipped globally. Guess who ordered the most ? 

It would be China consumers. Accounted 80% of the buyers are came from within China. It was not cheap at US$5000. Over the years, UHD TVs gained worldwide attention shipment grow from merely 100,000 to millions. Researchers forecast that end of the decade which is 6 years from now, 40 per cent of all flat panel TV shipments will be UHD variety. It is so expensive who are going to buy ??

They have all figured out the price tag that is why they will introduce entry-level UHD TVs which will cost consumers merely US$1500 or lesser. Indeed, the world technological advancement is growing tremendously and rapidly.

In simple, what are UHD TV ? It is just another term for 4K, 3840 x 2160 p TV. Movie industry and gaming industry is trying harder to provide game in 4K resolution TV. There are few TV shows supporting 4K resolution that will be "Breaking Bad".

UHD TV Samsung Malaysia

UHD TV are mostly a smart and LED TVs. The cost of owning one is still relatively high for this next generation TVs. Most of the TVs review are still ranked UHD TV has a rip off price tag.

Author of this blog Unitedmy does not recommend this year or next 2 years to purchase an UHD TVs. We will see price lowered when consumer are slowly reject HD TVs but it is unlikely to be happened in this year or next couple of years.

Although it looked amazing does not mean you have to buy it now and put at your living room. You can always go back to TV store and spend few minutes enjoy them. 

Samsung Malaysia Curved UHD TVs Promotion

  Back to curved UHD TV, Samsung Malaysia made a promotional campaign to enhance sales on this new generation TVs in Malaysian market. This campaign is started on May 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014.

The curved UHD TVs is 65 inch and 55 inch screen size. For 65 inch will be at a price RM21,999 and for 55 inch it will be at RM 15,999. 

Besides curved UHD TV, you will have rebate on Smart LED TV series 6 and LED TV series 5 in this same campaign. If you are not interested in curved UHD TV, you still have choices to make ! It is a wonderful opportunity for would-be LED TV buyers. Interested buyers can visit here for more information. You could get a Samsung LED TV as low as RM2,099, it is a 40 inch Full HD Samsung TV series 5. 

Unveiling World First ever Curved UHD TV at Malaysia with President Lee Dong Yong

Besides, are you seeking for perfect Smart UHD TVs by Samsung ? Author of Unitedmy introducing you it is a 65 inch screen size, 1000 clear motion rate, 4HDMI ports & USB 2.0, Ultra Clear Panel Quad core for only RM 13,999.00. For more information visit at Samsung UHD TV 65"

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HTC One M8 with contract comparison in Malaysia

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HTC One M8 with contracts offered by Digi, Maxis and Umobile. 

HTC One M8 is the new flagship smartphone for HTC. It has very good specification to compete with ever changing smartphone market globally. The announcement of HTC One M8 amazed HTC fans.

HTC One M8 is set to compete with newly released Samsung galaxy S5 that had been announced previously on April 2014. That is just an opinion. To actually compare both smartphones it is mostly self-explanatory. You will have to come out and guess for yourself which one is good and which one is good to buy

Mobile service provider in Malaysia such as Maxis, Digi and Umobile have taken initiative to provide Malaysian the platform to purchase HTC One M8 with contract. The chart below is taken by 3 mobile service operator website. Take a closer look !!

Prior to that, are you finding contract free HTC One M8? Some buyers are seeking HTC One M8 without contract due to many reasons. Last time I checked it is not over RM2200. Please visit at HTC One M8 16GB

Maxis's  Internet per monthCall per min Text SMS Monthly fee HTC ONE M8 price 12 months HTC ONE M8 price 24 months
Surfmore 30 1GB 15sen / 20sen 10sen / 15sen  RM 30  RM2099  RM1899
Surfmore 50 2GB 12sen / 20sen 5sen / 15sen  RM 50  RM1999  RM1799
TalkMore 28  200MB  F. 200 minutes to all networks
12sen / 15sen
100 SMS to all networks
12sen / 15sen
 RM 56 RM1999 RM1799
TalkMore 48  1GB F. 400 minutes to all N.
10sen / 15sen
F. 200 SMS to all N.
10sen / 15sen
 RM 96 RM 1899 RM 1599
TalkMore 78  3GB  F. 600 minutes to all N.
8sen / 15sen
F. 500 SMS to all N.
8sen / 15sen
RM 146 RM 1799 RM 1399
Digi 's 

SmartPlan 78  3GB F. 100 minutes to all N.
F. 100 SMS to all N.
 RM 78   none RM 1739
SmartPlan 108  5GB F. 300 minutes to all N.
F. 300 SMS to all N.
 RM108   none RM 1499
SmartPlan 148  6GB F. 600 minutes to all N.
F. IDD calls for 30 minutes
F. 600 SMS to all N.

RM 148  none RM 1299


U58  2 GB F. 100mins to U, 200mins to all
18sen to U
20sen to all
No Free
5sen to U
12sen to all

 RM58    none RM 1799
U88  3 GB F. 100mins to U,
200mins to all
18sen to U
20sen to all
F. 100 SMS to U , 200SMS to all
5sen to U
12sen to all
 RM88    none RM 1599
U PLUS  5 GB F. 350mins to Umobile and all .
18sen to U and All
F. 250SMS to U and all .
5sen to U
12sen to all

 RM138    none RM 999

Simple research have concluded that Digi and Maxis charts showed that it did not have a big changes in both Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. If you have been watching Samsung Galaxy S5 contract chart previously on April 2014, you would have noticed that they took it down and replaced it with HTC One M8

The only thing has changed will be Celcom no longer offering HTC One M8. Umobile is taken the lead to offering HTC One M8 with contract. I guess there are limited space in offering new smartphones to Malaysian and that would be just 3 Malaysian mobile service providers. If Celcom to take the offering of HTC One M8, there would be no Umobile involvement !

You could see that in the chart, U PLUS would be offering lowest phone price RM999 with 24 months contract. How about total cost of owning them in the period of 1 and 2 years?

Cost of owning HTC One M8 in 1 year

How to calculate ? Phone price x monthly fee(12months) =

Surf more 30 - RM 2459
Surf more 50 - RM 2599
Talkmore 28  - RM 2671
Talkmore 48  - RM 3051
Talkmore 78  - RM 3551

Cost of owning HTC One M8 in 2 years

Surf more 30 - RM 2610
Surf more 50 - RM 2999
Talkmore 28  - RM 3143
Talkmore 48  - RM 3903
Talkmore 78  - RM 4903

Digi's Smartplan 78 - RM 3611
Smartplan 108        - RM 4091
Smartplan 148        - RM 4851

U58                 - RM 3191
U88                 - RM 3711
U PLUS           - RM 4311

Do visit here if you would like to know full specification of HTC One M8 at HTC One M8 released on May 8

I hope these will help you in your decision making on purchasing HTC One M8. Feel free to drop a comment if you want to see any improvement ! If you like to see more ? Like our facebook page or twitter ! Do not forget to share this page for your concerned friends

Xiaomi is launching Mi 3 smartphone in Malaysia 2014

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Xiaomi announced on Facebook page releasing Mi3 smartphone on May 20th, 2014

Xiaomi  Mi3 smartphone Malaysia RM889
Mi 3 is only RM889. Source: Official Xiaomi Malaysia Facebook Page

OPPO, Huawei and HTC each have unveils their intention to introduce smartphone into Malaysian lucrative market. The response is so great that Xiaomi Facebook page liked by 10,000 peoples and the Mi 3 facebook post regarding releasing of it shared by 1,000 users

Xiaomi is relatively popular smartphone brand in China and Singapore. They boasted all of Xiaomi smartphones in Singapore were fully sold in first 8 minutes of launching. Besides, they had previously boasted that launching in Taiwan, Hong Kong all sold out in 2 minutes. All of the news are reported by Xiaomi itself.

They had not releasing quantity of Xiaomi smartphones being sold off. Everyone can only buy each Xiaomi smartphone at a time. What will it be like in the opening at Malaysia on May 20, 2014 ? Let us wait and see ! Xiaomi is the latest China based smartphone companies to introduce it product. Earlier we have seen OPPO, Huawei and HTC. Although HTC is Taiwan based.

Xiaomi launched in 2010 the biggest news would be Google vice president Hugo Barra left position at Google and become global vice president of Xiaomi. Some claimed that Xiaomi founder is likened to US's late Steve Jobs. I must admit that Xiaomi is very tempting !

What would the specification would be for smartphone under RM1000 ?

Specifications of Mi 3

Screen Display   :  5" IPS display FULL HD with 441 PPI
RAM                  :  2GB with 16GB internal capacity
Processor           :  Qualcomm/Quadcore Snapdragon 800 2.3GHz
Graphic              :  Andreno 330 450MHz GPU
Camera              : 13 MP with dual LED flash, 2MP front
Weight               : 145 grams , 8,1mm thin

Features             : Image stabilization, HDR, 1080p video recording at 30fps, Bluetooth 4.0, consume less power 20%, Android 4.3 operating system with MIUI version 5

Are you interested to check out Xiaomi Hongmi ? A predecessor of Xiaomi Mi 3 !Xiaomi Hongmi Black

Official Xiaomi Facebook page : Xiaomi

OPPO launched Find 7a and other Smartphones in Malaysia 2014

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OPPO flagship smartphone is only RM1598. The first LTE/4G smartphone by OPPO

In month of May, we have seen so many smartphones companies based in China unveiled one by one their flagship product to Malaysian market. First is Huawei, then OPPO and Xiaomi . They can make high-end quality smartphone without selling it higher price. They have a competitive advantage !

Although people generally look brands when buying a smartphone such as Samsung, Apple, Asus, Lenovo and Huawei. How these smartphone companies based in China compete with international brand ? First make the fact clear that everything practically made from China.

China smartphone brand such as OPPO does not have branding power outside of China although OPPO it quite popular within China with poster and heavy advertisement at popular mall and popular tv show. The thing is that they have a competitive edge that consumer will take seriously that would be price tag. OPPO and Xiaomi's flagship smartphone are being introduced to the market but confused a almost same hardware specifications with Samsung S5 costing RM2199 but they can put a price tag RM1598.

Take for example let look at smartphone OPPO Find 7a that would be unveiling soon in Malaysian market. The specification of OPPO Find 7a are 5.5" screen size with 538 PPI, LTE/4G network supported, Quad core processor, 13 megapixel camera with pure image 2.0 and CMOS sensor, 4k video recording with 1080p at 30fps. Many more !!

A normal smartphone experts would tell you that RM1598 for this smartphone is no doubt a marketing scheme because it does not make sense. Samsung Galaxy S5 just unveiled last month 2014 has the same hardware specifications. In fact, it is true that OPPO put Find 7a price tag at RM1598 for Malaysian fans.

To justify the argument, I am not saying the main point is which one is better than other ! it just Samsung Galaxy S5 will definitely won at some software side. Besides, Samsung is worldwide brand trusted by many consumers that could not be broken. It really self explanatory to compare both great smartphones. It is up to you to decide which one is buy !

Until you touch and use it by yourself, you will never know which one to buy ! Besides, OPPO introduced other two smartphone OPPO JOY and OPPO YOYO in prior the release of Find 7a.

OPPO Find 7a is successor of OPPO Find 5. The new Find 7a is yet to be released into Malaysia market. The date of releasing is May 15, 2014. Pre-order begin on April 16, 2014 and it will end on May 11, 2014. Surprise gifts will be send out in return for supporting OPPO in pre-order event. First 500 pre-orders will be receiving the gift package.

Interested to look at OPPO Find 7a predecessor ? It still look good to own it . Visit at Oppo Find 5 Import White

Official website :
Oppo Malaysia Facebook page :

HTC One M8 Smartphone released in Malaysia on May 8

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HTC Malaysia unveiled their most anticipated flagship HTC One M8.  

HTC released a post on May 7 Malaysian fan have 1 day left before to wait brand new HTC One m8Source : HTC Malaysia Facebook

Malaysian now have extra choices to choose either Samsung S5, Iphone 5S or HTC One M8. These are each company flagship product that mean each of these smartphone are in the same level of values. There will be more coming out throughout the year 2014. Despite that, let cherish every single smartphones out there.

Imagine a world without a company releasing new smartphone every year, imagine technological advancement in this world has been ceased operation ? What could you possibly say about these events? Do you want that to happen ? I would say big NO ! 

The price of every new flagship smartphone ranging from RM1800 - RM2500. Most of the case it is average between the number something like RM2200, RM2199. The price tag for HTC One M8 will be determine but each mobile service providers in Malaysia.

The news passed quickly that Maxis and Umobile are first to offer HTC One M8 on HTC Malaysia behalf. It will be contract tied either 1 or 2 years. Unitedmy is keen to provide correct calculation in future post about how much you will need to spend !

Default market price for new flagship smartphone in Malaysia will be RM2399. However, there will be alternative you could get . Cheaper and no contract bundled. There are market which consumer does not prefer contract tied because you would have dire situation like in the event of financial broke you want to sell your smartphone but you cant. The list will go in and it very much self explanatory !

Let stop everything and look at HTC One M8 specifications !

HTC One M8 Specifications

Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz quad-core
RAM        : 2GB
Display     : 5" screen size HD (441 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : Duos 4 MP & 5MP on the front
Network            : 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 160g
Color                : Gold, Silver, Grey
Features : GoogleDrive 2 years free, video stabilization, video 1080p at 60fps, Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Interesting to purchase HTC One M8 ? Finding other alternative rather than purchase with mobile service providers in Malaysia? Want to have cheaper ? There are always alternative for you !! Do check at  HTC One M8 . Variety of color to choose ! 

Maxis, Digi and Umobile each offered their own contract package. Comparison have been made for your ease of decision making Comparison among HTC One M8 contract

HTC Malaysia Facebook:

Darlie Expert White New Toothpaste in Malaysia 2014

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As soon as you get home, first thing to do You will be brushing your teeth using this new Darlie's expert while toothpaste. It smell so good and whiten your teeth ! 

Darlie Expert White Toothpaste Malaysia
RM7.99, 120 grams  at GIANT

A new toothpaste for everyone. When I first using this to brush my dirty tooth, I felt a familiar taste it was like I have been using this before ! It like those toothpaste taste used by komodo lion toothpaste some sort like that you know those toothpaste so called designed for kids. The color of toothpaste is different it usually be white but the color is diamond green.

I lacked the main point is that they boasted it will protect your tooth 24 hours. I have tried and it really surprised me that after brushing my teeth for 2 minutes, I started to develop a sense of fresh breath in my mouth.

About protecting your teeth for 24 hours, I guess it self explanatory it will be just another marketing project. I don believe it myself . I guess you have to try it by yourself. I am just fine using new product by Darlie.

The things is that they have been promoting heavily on their new Darlie product at Facebook or any advertising platform. They also made a few contests and a promotional video !

In Darlie Facebook, There is a lesson on taught us what is the main cause of bad breath ! Really? You think we do not know? In the end, they made a promising chart showing that Darlie Expert White is the best it keep you away from bad breath at least for 12 hours.

I am surprised to discover another Darlie contest. Be sure to participate if you are really interested to win items such as travel package, Ipad and Guardian vounchers. This time it required you to buy Darlie Expert While at Guardian. Check it out at Darlie Guardian Contest May 1- May 31

Samsung Galaxy S5 with contracts are available in Malaysia

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Major mobile service providers in Malaysia are offering their own unique plans for interested consumers

Samsung Galaxy S5 is scheduled to be released on April 11, 2014. Major mobile service provider such as Digi, Maxis and Celcom is launching Samsung Galaxy S5 with contract on same day. It is the latest flagship smartphone by Samsung.

It will compete with it rival Apple Iphone 5S. The battle will be intense will you pick Samsung Galaxy S5 or Apple Iphone 5S? Both of the device key improvement is the embedded fingerprint technology enable user to get extra layer of security.

It is just a fancy technology or something else? What if your thumb got cut bleeding will it still unlock your smartphone device? But, I certainly believed that the technology developer must have the same question as mine and they might have figured out how to solve this before launching it !

Interested to own Samsung Galaxy S5? This is what you have been waiting for ! Review the contract plans below ! Pick your most favorite contract plan now. Samsung Galaxy retail price will be at RM2399

Some of people do not like contract tied plan they prefer contract free Samsung Galaxy S5. If you one of them you might want to check this out. They sell it online and cheaper compared to contract tied Samsung Galaxy S5. Check this deal exclusive for Malaysian.

Contract-free Smartphone Galaxy S5 is officially available at Malaysia please check at Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB White

Maxis's  Internet per monthCall per min Text SMS Monthly fee S5 price if 12 months contract S5 price if 24 months contract
Surfmore 30 1GB 15sen / 20sen 10sen / 15sen  RM 30  RM2099  RM1899
Surfmore 50 2GB 12sen / 20sen 5sen / 15sen  RM 50  RM1999  RM1799
Surfmore 75 5GB 12sen / 20sen 5sen / 15sen  RM 75 RM1899  RM1699
TalkMore 28  200MB  F. 200 minutes to all networks
12sen / 15sen
100 SMS to all networks
12sen / 15sen
 RM 56 RM1999 RM1799
TalkMore 48  1GB F. 400 minutes to all N.
10sen / 15sen
F. 200 SMS to all N.
10sen / 15sen
 RM 96 RM 1899 RM 1599
TalkMore 78  3GB  F. 600 minutes to all N.
8sen / 15sen
F. 500 SMS to all N.
8sen / 15sen
RM 146 RM 1799 RM 1399
Digi 's 

SmartPlan 78  3GB F. 100 minutes to all N.
F. 100 SMS to all N.
 RM 78   none RM1699
SmartPlan 108  5GB F. 300 minutes to all N.
F. 300 SMS to all N.
 RM108   none RM1399
SmartPlan 148  6GB F. 600 minutes to all N.
F. IDD calls for 30 minutes
F. 600 SMS to all N.

RM 148  none 1199


First Prime mBasic  1.05GB RM 40 free calls
15sen rate
RM 40 free SMS
15sen rate
 RM78 RM 1888 RM 1838 for 18 months
FP mAdvance  3.05GB RM 40 free calls
15sen rate 
RM 40 free SMS
15sen rate
 RM98 RM 1888 RM 1838 for 18 months
FP mPro  5.05GB RM 40 free calls
15sen rate 
RM 40 free SMS
15sen rate
 RM128  none RM 1338 
Premier Basic  1GB RM 80 free calls
12 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
12sen rate
 RM118 RM 1788 RM1738 for 18 months
Premier Advance  3GB RM 80 free calls
12 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
12sen rate
 RM138 RM 1788 RM 1738 for 18 months
Premier Pro  5GB RM 80 free calls
12 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
12sen rate
 RM168  none RM1138
Elite Basic 1GB RM 150 free calls
10 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
10sen rate
RM188 RM1688 RM1538 for 18 months
Elite Advance 3GB RM 150 free calls
10 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
10sen rate
RM208 RM1688 RM1538 for 18 months
Elite Pro 5GB RM 150 free calls
10 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
10sen rate
RM238  none  RM988
mPro 5GB Free 60 minutes voice call
15sen rate
Free 60 SMS
15sen rate
RM88  none RM1538

Maxis 's Perks and hidden TOS with Samsung Galaxy S5

1. Usage hit discount once You hit RM150 or RM250. 
2. Free 900 minutes talktime and 1500 SMS with family lines.
3. Maxis one club privillege only for applying 24 months contract with Talktime 78.
4. 3 months free internet access for 24 months and 1 month free internet access for 12 months contract
5. 120 minutes to all network for RM 12 a month, 120 SMS to all networks for RM 6 a month
6. Surfmore 75 entitled extra 2GB free to enjoy Astro on the Go

Digi 's Perks and hidden TOS with Samsung Galaxy S5
  1. Pre-oder S5 get 9GB monthly internet quota effective April 19, 2014
  2. Roaming RM32 per day
  3. Unlimited music streaming with Deezer
  4. Unlimited Whatsapps and Opera Mini apps although exceeded monthly internet quota
  5. Exceeded monthly internet quota will be restricted to use until next cycle. 
  6. Unlimited weekend call Digi to Digi

Celcom 's Perks and hidden TOS with Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Celcom First Prime : Principal and supplementary line maximum 3. RM 5 for a month. Free usage up to 2,400 Voice and Video calls, Free 3,000 SMS & MMS
  2. Switch seamlessly Prepaid or Postpaid
  3. Exceed RM150, one rate become 10sen rate previously 12sen rate
  4. Free data 50MB, 100MB, 200MB.
  5. Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S5 at selected outlets get 5GB internet quota for 2 months. This is in effect April 11-13, 2014
  6. Bluecube Sunway Pyramid lauch event on April 11, 2014. First 200 customers to purchase Samsung Galaxy S5 with Celcom First plus mPro plan, enjoy the opportunity to own Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite or Samsung Y Neo for only RM55.

Total cost borned by consumers among plans offered by 3 mobile service providers in period of 1 year and 2 years

1 Year Expenses

Maxis's Surfmore 30 - RM 2459
Maxis's Surfmore 50 - RM 2599
Maxis's Surfmore 75 - RM 2799
Maxis's Talkmore 28 - RM 2671
Maxis's Surfmore 48 - RM 3051
Maxis's Surfmore 78 - RM 3551

Celcom First Prime Basic - RM2824
Celcom First Prime Advance - RM3064
Celcom First Premier Basic - RM3204
Celcom First Premier Advance - RM3444
Celcom First Elite Basic - RM3944
Celcom First Elite Advance - RM4184

1 & Half Year Expenses 

Celcom First Prime Basic - RM3242
Celcom First Prime Advance - RM3602
Celcom FIrst Premier Basic - RM3862
Celcom FIrst Premier Advance - RM4222
Celcom First Elite Basic - RM4922
Celcom First Elite Advance - RM5282

2 Year Expenses

Maxis's Surfmore 30 - RM 2619
Maxis's Surfmore 50 - RM 2999
Maxis's Surfmore 75 - RM 3499
Maxis's Talkmore 28 - RM 3143
Maxis's Surfmore 48 - RM 3903
Maxis's Surfmore 78 - RM 4903

Digi's Smartplan 78 -   RM3571
Digi's Smartplan 108 - RM3991
Digi's Smartplan 148 - RM4751

Celcom First Prime Pro - RM4410
Celcom First Premier Pro - RM5170
Celcom First Elite Pro - RM6700
Celcom mPro - RM3650

I do not know which plans better taking a blind guess I will pick Maxis Surfmore 75 or Talkmore 48. What do you think? Please leave a comment below or like and share ! 

More info about Samsung Galaxy S5 

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