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NTV7 Golden Awards 2014

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Golden Awards 2014 or 金视奖 2014 by NTV7

Golden Awards 2014 by NTV7

Golden Awards is an significant event in Malaysia Chinese television industry which reward excellence in production and performance. There are 3 award categories Drama, Non-drama and Viewer's choice.

A total of 31 awards will be presented at 3rd Golden Awards on September 20, 2014. 31 celebrities will be selected by panel of judges comprising locally and regionally.

There are a list of local and oversea popular celebrities joining this event. They are Aaron Yan (Taiwan), Yao Yao (Taiwan), Mike He (Taiwan), Chen HanWei (Singapore artist), Kym Ng(Singapore), Joanne Peh (Singapore), Pang Ho-Cheung (Hong Kong) and Lynn.

Date                    : September 20, 2014 (Saturday)
Time                   : 6.30PM arrival, 8.30 award presentation
Venue                : Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) Level G
Official website : Golden Awards 2014 website
Live streaming   : NTV7 /Tonton

Golden Awards 2014 by NTV7

For viewer choice, one can vote for your popular artists and TV dramas. Voting period is August 1 - September 12, 2014

All of these drama and non-drama were produced by Malaysian television broadcasters or Malaysian registered production companies. Besides, program that co-produced between companies whose primary base is in Malaysia is eligible and qualify for the award.

More detailed information and pictures at Winner of Golden Awards 2014

Watching Hercules Movie in Malaysia 2014

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Hercules turned out to be mercenary and working as a team despite what we knew about Hercules in the first movie in this year

Killing Lion, Boar, Wolf and water creature were one of my 12 labors. This is the best because it has thick skin like steel and my arrow is not able to penetrate the flesh.  

I think we can say this safely " another Hercules movie really ? " There were two Hercules movies in less than one year. Surprisingly, both movies have very identical synopsis. Dwayne Johnson acted as Hercules or his stage name " The Rock ", He is really good in this role. It a smart move by Hollywood dramatize the movie portraying Hercules as human as possible to fool audience that he actually can be defeated in this movie. This movie is about Betray, war, superhuman strength and muscles.

I could remembered how much Hercules wanted to know the result of the battle he wanted to know whether it holds any chance of victory. He repeatedly asked that prophet who could foresee his own death and future. I think Hercules is being not honest to himself all this time. Liken to many Hercules movie, Dwayne Johnson pretended half of the movie he was just an ordinary man, bleed like a mortal, wanted to have family and peace especially the human nature of greed. He likes gold that why he formed mercenary right ?

What is the point of watching this movie if the audience knew Hercules is going to kick every bad guy butt ? There were never a single moment I thought Hercules were going to win the war because how the writer and director wanted the audience to badly believe Hercules is going to lose every single battle in the movie. First match was the battle with this possessed dead man. Hercules was leading former business men and farmers to a war they largely do not have any experience and training. In the other hands, the bad guy were totally devastated when the chariot strategy killed every single bad guy who tried to penerate the defense. I thought the good guy is going to lose. Did you see the tattoos they all got on their body ?? It really scary ! 

It all about lies, propaganda and magnifying the strength of the army. The second battle disappointed me ( Not really ) I thought it would have been another bloody The Lord of the Ring fight scenes. But, It turned out was a easy one to fight because the centaur and magician were just simply not existence and only exist in fairy tale story. No one seem to get hurt badly because Hercules and his gang trained an army of true warrior.

There were few amazing scenes worth to be mentioned and few good part of the movie. First one will be the introduction of Hercules team. I believe there were 5 of them. One who could predict his death and future. His life must be very miserable to know his death is on it way. Second one who wield double sword and does not talk much the whole movie he only managed to speak " Hercules " then he died. Third one was the knife thrower who abandoned Hercules and his friends for golds. Fourth is Amazon sharpshooter who apparently too hot for that role I am expecting a little bit darker skin but anyways the movie needed sexy girl. Last one is the talkative storyteller who amplifies Hercules story.

The best part of the movie would be Hercules was chained under a dungeon. He was forced to witness the killing of innocent by wicked conqueror . Besides, Hercules get to know the truth about his family death. Betrayal by his own king who he had been very loyal to. Hercules fought the three dark-skinned wolf not from Harry Potter or Hell, it just normal, hungry, fierce wolves. The moment he shouted " I'm Hercules " thanked to the prophet effort stimulating him, he broke chains with his superhuman strength preventing the dead of a mother.

The deceiving part of the movie I must stressed that the trailer we have seen when Hercules fought Hydra, Lion and boar it were not worth to mention at all. The movie never elaborate much about those fights because it might be due to tight burden. CGI is a very expensive work. We went to the cinema and sit down thought it going to be the movie about Dwayne Johnson fought these three creatures. 

The story is so exaggerated this is my first time seeing Hercules was using a big wooden tree or branch as a weapon of choice. Although he had been showing to us he was good in archery or swordplay but he prefer holding a big tree on his hand like an uncivilized man. He did said something like dislike civilization !

Is just me thinking or that this ending is very familiar ?? The Rock movie " The Scorpian King " has this ending too. He is the good guy and be praised by masses. 

Lose Myself A Song with Avicii and Lee Hom

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Collaboration world popular DJ with super talented singer Lee Hom. 

Taiwanese super singer Wang Lee Hom is working together with World renowned DJ Avicii for a song. Video below not the song but a process of making the song. Both of them are learning together as you can see throughout the video.

Both of them are spotted at Los Angeles studio recording a seemingly new Mandarin song believed to be sang by Lee Hom and Avicii will be doing all the Electronic Dance Music. This video has not get viral because it was just released to Youtube on July 16 but some fans.

This video was watermarked and originated by "You Ku" video platform one of the China best video platform. As you can see the video is dressed with Mandarin language. The only English language is the name of the song in Mandarin language, "Lose Myself".

Who have thought Lee Hom and Avicii would cooperate and make a song. Lee Hom explained in the video that this will be a daring move and fresh mix into a mandarin song he is making. Will this song featuring some short movie ?? It would be completely perfect with some short movie but a single song is just fine too.

Jay Chou held Concert in Malaysia 2014

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Taiwanese pop king singer is back LIVE at Malaysia 2014. His songs is the 90's generation inspiration

Jay Chou Contest is giving out free concert ticket, interested ?? Visit at Be Malaysia Jay Chou Concert

If you are born in end of 80's and early 90's generation, you are like everyone else knew his most popular song " Qing Tian" everyone love that song and to the extend to learn how to play guitar chord of it. His uniqueness in singing skill is unrivaled and one-of-the-kind. Fusing with pop music and his music talent it is self-explanatory and hard to express how and when we started love his songs. One thing needed to clarify mandarin speaking youth are deeply in love with his songs at that time.

In fact, He had been in music industry for more than 10 years. That was his one of the wishes to be a singer. Jay Chou have tried to be host of talk shows, film director, movie star, film producer. His last studio album was on December 2012. The release of the album is related to his promise to all his fans out there especially those in love with his songs. Those who are going to his concert in Malaysia November 2014 you might have a chance to hear his latest songs. What do you like Jay Chou to be a singer, film producer, film starring, host of talk shows ??

Speaking about his last year concert in Malaysia, it was a sold out successful concert. Due to the strong reason Malaysia is having "Visit Malaysia 2014 year". He decided to held two shows in November 14 and 15.  The place is at Putra Indoor Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Talking about concert, there were so many big international singers came to Malaysia performed. There were Taylor Swift, Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider, 2NE1, Avril Lavigne. 

The Opus 2 Jay Chou World Tour Concert will take place in Malaysia 5 months from now. The 35 years old singer is determined looking forward for another amazing concert for Malaysian fans. Ticket are priced lowest RM 180, RM 270, RM 320, RM 440, RM 490, RM 660, and the highest would be RM 850. If you know Putra Jaya Indoor the nearest to the stage platform will be the ticket sold at RM 490 and RM660. Ticket price is varies from time to time.

Tickets have been released since June 21. You are allowed to purchase as early as today. Visit at for more details.

More information at Speedy Entertainment Facebook at

Taylor Swift RED concert tomorrow June 11 in Malaysia

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Taylor Swift beautiful aircraft livery covered up Airasia planes. Airasia is the official airline for Taylor Swift RED ASEAN TOUR

Aireen Omar CEO of Airasia Berhad with Airasia flight attendants and aircraft livery painted with Taylor Swift

If Airasia is airline sponsor of Taylor Swift RED Tour, she is going to take Airasia plane to Malaysia ? Today is Tuesday June 10. But, There were no single news about Taylor Swift is arriving to KLIA 2. Her RED Tour in Malaysia would be tomorrow June 11, 2014.

According to Taylor swift official website, she was having concert at Singapore indoor stadium on June 9. It could imply that she is coming to Malaysia with land transportation rather than air transport. We had enough those news saying Taylor Swift tickets have been sold out at both concert held in Malaysia and Singapore.

There were no leaked news when Taylor Swift will be spotted enter Malaysia territory so that Malaysian fans can get to see her and ask for a Selfie or autograph. How about those fans get no chance to her because ticket were fully sold out. 

Taylor Swift is like a teen pop queen in US. She goes to any places will be filled by peoples who like to hear her album. Her name is no strange to us and we will give her warm welcome screaming out so loud her name. Due to her fame, there were reasons why her daily location cannot be publicize openly.

Source : Hitz FM

From Hitz FM, they have shown us a picture depicts the almost done preparation for tomorrow Taylor Swift concert at Putra Indoor Stadium . In the first day releasing Malaysia RED Tour tickets by official ticket agency in Malaysia, Large traffic congestion at each ticket booths. It also happened to their website large number of online traffic queue up for the tickets. After a few hours approaching lunch time tickets have been half sold from 10.00AM . 

It is an unprecedented decision by Taylor Swift organizing ASEAN RED Tour. Previously, Taylor Swift fans have to purchase air ticket fly to a far country for her concert. It is her first performance in Malaysia.

Hotlink Live Life Loud with Taylor Swift 22 pairs Red Zone Tix

Youtube fans Meet and Greet at KL LIVE 2014

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You could be seeing your favorite Malaysian Youtubers at KL LIVE. Do not miss this rare opportunity to see them in close proximity.  

Youtube Fans Meet & Greet Malaysia

Everyone love watching video clips at Youtube. But, many of us do not know actually there are many local Youtubers doing well in making video at Youtube. Basically, there is something like Youtube celebrities they have so many subscribers which translated as a fans.

If you can make a simple video, you can be Youtuber but in order to become Youtube celebrities, I guess your subscriber must be exceed 10,000 subscribers or lesser . It really self-explanatory. There are people who make videos about gaming, funny, parody, cover song, cute baby. Youtube is the easiest way for you to express yourself ! 

"Gangnam style" song by Psy exceeded 2 Billion views a new height for viewing volume. I guess everyone love to watch pop song and culture in South Korea. Besides, we will have "PewdiePie" channel focusing on humorous and gaming horror and adventure genre, this channel has the highest subscriber in a single channel. Internet is so unpredictable and Youtube influences greatly on us especially the younger generation.

There is more to say about Youtube now and it future. Back to the main topic, do you want to see Malaysian Youtubers performing for you ?? Join this Youtube fans Meet and Greet at KL LIVE on Tuesday June 17, 2014. Don be late come early on 6.45 PM . The best thing is yet to be said the entry is free of charge. 

It really excited to know that priority is given if you register yourself at their official website. Which event in Malaysia do not take entry fee ? I guess it would be KL Twin Tower event but it was canceled this year.  

Biggest names on Youtube will be joining us those have been confirmed are Diandra A, Joe Flizzow, SonaOne, Joseph Germani, Joyce Chu, Namewee, Narmi, Red People. Not to mention there will be some Surprise performance by International Youtube stars. Who else are coming to Malaysia ? 

GOT7 greets Malaysian fans with flying kiss

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Rumor GOT7 will shoot their MV at Malaysia. They have arrived June 8 at the airport with warm welcome by GOT7 Malaysian fans 

Source: @GOT7MY Twitter

As soon as the news came out thank to the firsthand sharer by hardcore GOT7 Malaysian fans who knew they were coming to Malaysia yesterday, it sparked Top 10 Twitter trending in Malaysia. I believe to be able trending at Twitter Malaysia there will be thousand of tweets regarding GOT7.

June 9 2014 Malaysia trend Twitter
Malaysia Trends second place is now about "GOT7"

The next day those who have surprised by the news storming the Twitter platform which resulting "Welcome to Malaysia GOT7" stood at the second place of Twitter Malaysia trends. Numerous Malaysian Youtuber took the rare chance filming GOT7 arriving at the airport and uploaded it to Youtube. Iza Yanti Youtube channel recorded one of the member flying kiss and saying "sarangheyo" to the camera !

It could be true they are visiting Malaysia for filming location. Some fans boasted they have seen GOT7 at Section 13, Shah Alam.  Nearby Holy smoke cafe. If you want stumble with GOT7 at the street, this is your one and only chance to grab because they are here for mv shooting not for fan meeting or held a concert. It will be rare for them and impossible for their manager to organize a fan signing meet up or anything.

Official Twitter Malaysian fans for GOT7 :

Watch Edge of Tomorrow Movie in Malaysia May 29

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Tom Cruise new movie in 2014. Action-packed, fire, explosion, future, mechanical body armour, alien invasion

Directed by : Doug Liman
Starring : Bill Paxton, Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise
Running time : Approximately 2 hours
Distributor/Producer : Warner Bros

4 largest movies will be released in Malaysia in May 2014. Amazing spiderman 2, Godzilla, X-men Days of future past and Edge of Tomorrow. 

As the title suggested, Edge of Tomorrow movie will be on Malaysia cinema silver screen on May 29, 2014. Don get confused by international releasing date on June 2014 at United States. We might have a chance to watch it a day earlier than May 29, 2014 (Thursday) due to early sneak show on May 28, 2014 (Wednesday)

Like every new movies by Hollywood, you will get a chance to watch it on 2D, 2D or IMAX 3D screen. In the trailer, it seem like Tom Cruise is wearing a mechanical body armor fighting off alien race that had violence intention on the Earth. His most epic quote " It seem like I am in this fight for eternity". It further means that the fighting with Alien race is difficult.

Tom Cruise seem to have time travelling ability to the past to set the human race future better. For example, liken to the movie "X-men Days of the future past", wolverine back to the past to set thing right thus set mutant future better.

However, Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise seem to travelling forth and back for many times that He could hardly remember how many times was it. Every time He face the pain of being dead and the pain of watching his world torn apart by violence intended forces.

Will Tom Cruise in the movie Edge of Tomorrow eventually win the formidable alien race. Will Tom cruise a secret weapon his determination and consistent will set a better human future ?

We have seen Tom Cruise have been involved himself for numerous movies that set the time on the future. I guess he really like acting in a futuristic and science fiction movies.


Malaysian raged on twitter for One Direction concert

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One Direction is unlikely held concert in Malaysia 2014 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014

Twitter trends Malaysia 19 May 2014

They are online protesting that why One Direction boy band is not going to perform a concert at Malaysia. Some even left comments or complain to the management of One Direction at this opportunist time

Hashtag #MalaysianeedsOTRAT have been trending on May 19, 2014. Outraging due to the decision by One Direction mangement that concert will be held at other parts of Asian countries excluding Malaysia.

This hashtag sparked nationwide as well as worldwide attention demanding a Malaysia tour by One Direction. I guess Malaysian love express their concern and opinion on Twitter. I mean in order to be a hashtag by worldwide is incredible . That must be a lot of people tweeting this hashtag that day

Will Malaysian fans get a chance to meet up One Direction in Malaysia by a concert ? Will they hear the our  outcry ? This hashtag is a proof to many we are indeed wanted them to come here. It could be possible due to this year is "Visit Malaysia year 2014 " anything could happen.

Don be too much unrealistic because One Direction concert is fully booked this year. In fact, their asian tour is scheduled next year 2015. How I know ?? because One Direction manegement made an announcement Asian concert is likely happening on next year !!

Too early get excited ? They are touring Singapore and Thailand. Singapore on March and Thailand will be on May 2015.

I believe Malaysian fans is in agonizing because some of them claimed they have been waiting One Direction concert in Malaysia for more than 2 years. Whne they heard the news One Director is going to open concert in Asian countries. They must be so happy ! That is a sign of hope they have been waiting for

I would suggest you take a ride to Singapore if you really want to hear they singing and meet them in close proximity in this coming March 2015. 10 months ahead from now !

How to win Taylor Swift RED Contest by Cornetto

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Taylor Swift is performing in Malaysia in the month of June. In the meantime, Let join this wonderful contest

Organized by Cornetto Malaysia. This will be so fun. Author of the blog personally joined this contest. I have not won anything but looking forward to crack this.

No doubt to see Taylor Swift in a concert is way too much demand that lead to concert ticket price inflated. Those who have time and money are having higher chance to see her performance. I don think Malaysian fans have seen her concert LIVE at home.

Her first ever concert in Malaysia is amazingly shocked in fact neighboring countries such as Singapore and Indonesia are very much in the state of joy. Her message of RED touring the Asian countries spread fainted Asian fans

No doubt it will attract large crowd and people will likely traveled to Malaysia just to see Taylor Swift concert. But, she announced way to early. It will be in the month of June. It also the month of FIFA Brazil 2014

I think Cornetto done a great marketing job in promoting it brand by introducing this contest. Taylor swift and Cornetto Ice-cream. It seem like a great match.

There is no other way to get Taylor Swift limited merchandises than join this concert. Find and eat Cornetto Ice-cream now and redeem your prize !!

You could won meet & greet passes if you collected certain points.

I hope the merchandise is enough for everyone who have taken the contest!!

First thing you need to do is go to nearest 7-Eleven stores or 24 hours store. These are the place where you have higher chance to get the exclusive ice-cream with Taylor Swift cover on it.

Fret not if you not discover one ice-cream with Taylor Swift cap. You just need to collect normal ice-cream cap just shown in above image. Remember take a piece of the contest form and look for ice-cream with the date of expiry beyond November 2014. My ice-cream is January 2015 to be safe as a contest entry.

If you encountered with exclusive Cornetto ice-cream with Taylor Swift cap, your process will be easier. Redemption can be done at Cornetto contest website. For those who are using Cornetto Contest form, you are required to send it back to the office, then, they will send you the code and you will key in to Cornetto Contest website. You are ready to redeem with the point. 1 Cornetto ice-cream equivalent to 1 point

I am giving out 3 cornetto Taylor Swift codes . This event started from May 26 - May 29, 2014. If you are collecting codes for redemption on better items then this is your chance. The reason I disposed because I have already claimed and wish to give to lucky persons who try to win big in this contest

All you have to do is like my facebook page at the right and then comment "why you need these codes" with your Facebook home page at comment section below !! Thanks ! Should you win, I give you this 3 codes to you by your Facebook account !

Cornetto Malaysia Facebook : Cornetto Malaysia

Astro On The Go Fan Choice Awards 2014

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Vote the best TV series, Actor, Actress, Movies that you like ! You only have 6 entries

Astro Fan Choice Awards
Astro's Fan Choice Awards

You will count as one vote per Facebook account for your favorite one. There are 6 category. "Gempak", "Vaanavil", "Hen Hao" , "International ", "Sports". 

Each category is different. Gempak category is more focusing on Malay actor/actress, Malay movies and TV series. Besides, Vaanavil category is more focusing on Indian TV. Moreover, Hen Hao category will be focusing on what Chinese like to watch in Astro. International category will be focusing on international movies and celebrity. For sports, it mainly about Malaysian favourite sport channels

On April 30, the highest voting for Gempak category is Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013. For Vaanavil, it is Gala Gala Vaanavil. For Hen Hao category, the highest will be the movie The Journey 2014. As for International category will be Korean variety show Running Man.   Last category in Sport, the highest vote given to Cristiano Ronaldo

Beside voting, there are attractive prizes to be won. Iphone 5S, Ipad mini, Free access to Astro-on-the-go, Logitech headset, Powerbank

Visit main official contest page : Astro Fan Choice Awards

Abang Long Fadil Movies Starring Zizan Razak

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Syafiq Yusof Director of "Abang Long Fadil" is brother of the Director KL Gangster. Both of them are great talented movies director

Release date : May 29, 2014

Language : Malay

Genre : Action / Comedy

Director : Syafiq Yusof

Casts : Zizan Razak, Kamal Adli, Tauke Raja Lawak, Soffi Jikan, Syamsul Yusof, Aaron Aziz

The movie trailer is released and I am very tempted to watch. Actor Zizan Razak has a very unique personality that fit to be the cover guy in this movie. He is humorous and in the same time actor personality.

Commenting on the movie trailer, it seem that there are doing very good job in the looking of CGI effect. I cant say it is perfect but certainly it is up to the standard of cinema movies. I cant comment further until I have watch the movies on May 29.

One thing for sure that the movies will not be just fighting scenes and martial arts like in the movie KL Gangsters. I am not stressing and it could prove me wrong on my next statement It is resemblance of Transformer, Kung Fu hustle and matrix movies elements into it. Although there are similarity but to make it look alike and making own storyline and blending three of the those hollywood movies into one, it will challenging. Abang Long Fadil will be a glory achievement that will leave excitement mark to Malaysian movies fans.

Will this movies be top 1 in movies ranking 2014 beating the current crowning love story " The Journey" movie ? It is unfair to compete head to head because both movies are different genres but we can look in term of the earning in the end of the year. Who will the the top earning between "Abang Long Fadil" and "The Journey".

The vote is yours. No matter what is the outcome would be local movies should be fully supported.  

Movies is produced by SKOP production and visual effect is by Viper Studios.


Zizan Razak plays as a Abang Long Fadil. He dreamed to be a gangster instead of samseng. His life turned around when he thought Aaron Aziz escaped from prison.

Abang Long Fadil movies trailer reached 200,000 views in a week. Know more about the movies in this video clips.

More about "Movies Malaysia" 

1. Top 10 Malay movies 2014

Shila Amzah Held Concert in Malaysia 2014

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First ever Shila Amzah concert in Malaysia 2014. She said this in an interview

There are so many Malaysian fans would go to this concert. She made a good choice joining China Voice in past year and really won big in an international stage.

In another angle watching Shila Amzah and her singing talent. She is the Malaysian Taylor Swift. They are both just great singer. Well, Taylor swift wrote her own song but Shila is a great vocal singer. I am just saying she look like Taylor Swift.

Shila Amzah is taking another participation in China singing competition with many participants are come from all around the world. It further brighten up her singing career. Good comments by Shila Amzah fans that her singing in Chinese songs have improved tremendously.

She is living up her potential and she is now living in her best dream ever. Shila Amzah Love Concert 2014 will be held on September this year at Megastar Arena.

China's Asian Wave TV singing show Champion Shila Amzah will perform in China this coming August 2014. It is her first ever concert. Will she perform again the song "Zheng Fu" that made her the champion in Asian Wave 2012 ?

Shila Amzah Love Concert 2014 is successful thank to sponsor from Mega Ultimate Sdn Bhd and Shila Amzah Entertainment, Official Radio Station is My FM & Era FM, Warner Music Malaysia is official recording label.

The ticket will released on later date and the price will be in the range VIP RM268, PS1- RM138, PS2 -RM88 (Excluding admin fees RM3)


Title : Shila Amzah Love Concert 2014
Date : September 13
Time : 8PM
Online ticket sales :
Venue : Mega Star Arena

Shila Amzah announced she will held her concert at Malaysia