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Winners of NTV7 Golden Awards 2014

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Aaron Yan and Mike He arrived at red carpet Golden Awards 2014

Aaron Yan Golden Awards 2014

The crowd went a little bit lost control during the arrival of Aaron Yan to the show. His white outfit and laser starring turned the Golden Awards 2014 more joyful.

Mike He Golden Awards 2014

Mike He is one of the spotlight in the Golden Awards 2014. All the fans in Malaysia were grateful Mike He came all the way from Taiwan to attend this event. 

List are the winners in Golden Awards 2014 broadcast on NTV7

Best Mandarin TV Drama produced in Malaysia

- 香火 / The Descendant

Golden Awards 2014

Most favorite & welcomed TV Drama


Best Actor

- 李洛中 / Frederick Lee

Best Actress 

- 吴天瑜 / Debbie Goh

Best Supporting Actor

- 叶良财 / Steve Yap

Best Supporting Actress

- 杨雁雁 / Yeo Yann Yann

Best Newcomer

-  陈浩严 / Tan Hau Yen

Best Telemovie

- 夺命游戏 2

Best Drama Theme Song

- 灰 BY 杨家辉 in drama "The Descendant"

Best Director

- 郭福华 in the drama "The Descendant"

Best Original Screenplay

- 陈钰莹

Best TV Drama Montage

- 一次就爱对 / Love Compulsory Season 2

Best Variety & Entertainment Program

- 非常好歌 / The Ultimate Song

Best Variety & Entertainment Program Host

杨雁雁 / Yeo Yann Yann

Best Newscaster

- 陈丽亭 / Tan Ley Teng

Best News & Current Affair Program

- 抢救苏丹街 / Save Jalan Sultan

Best News & Current Affair Program Host

- 徐嘉得 / Chee Kah Teik

Best Festive program

- 古都西安 / Let's Go Xi An

Best Magazine program

- 聆听世界 / Listen To The World

Best Magazine program host

- 林佩盈 / LYNN LIM in a magazine program "跨世纪“ 

Life achievement awards

- 傅志坚 / FU ZHI JIAN