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International Coffee Day with Wonda

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It good to learn today's international coffee day

The Star front page international coffee day with wonda

Guess where I have learn about the international coffee day, the first page of the star newspaper published on September 29, 2015 does a great job informing me this jaw-breaking information.

Always wonder what kind of surprising news every time I try to buy a newspaper. I guess that overwhelm feeling of wanted to know what is going on around.

If I have not bought today newspaper, I would not have learnt today's International Coffee Day. Awesome discovery just make anyone day better.

Admitting that there are not all newspaper pages I like to read but, it is enough if there are one page that worthy to read and this is it.

I spent about 20 minutes getting to know all these perks and decided to work it out. It smell adventure !

I have known Wonda coffee and tasted it. I did not boast it, You can check it out, blogged somewhere here is the link Wonda wonderful Coffee. At that time, I was really curious the taste of Arabika Coffee.

You and I would not believe it that Wonda Coffee advertisements on the star newspaper took three whole pages. The thing is that The star newspaper is smart enough to hide the third pages containing all the perk information. The first and second pages are all about wishing "International Coffee Day" and nothing else. It did not actually indicating there are huge freebies. Only the people who flip to the 13 pages get to know it.

Yeah !, the 3rd hidden pages of Wonda Coffee advertisement shown at 13 page. One has to read about all these promotions from RHB, Celcom.

I would consider it as a freebies if most of the 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia offering Wonda Coffee as low as RM1.00. I do not want to expose most of the perks because I am not that cheerful to share. But I try to compel it together, there are free TGV cinemas movie ticket, Tesco Buy 1 Free 1, Myteksi free wonda coffee treat (request via myteksi app), Mesra RM50,000 worth of fuel to be won, Domino's Pizza RM10 with any purchase of two cans of wonda coffee, RM1 buying from 7-Eleven.

It was not my priority to share all the perks, I just wanted to share the joy of International Coffee Day

7 Eleven Wonda Coffee promotion RM1

The promotion is going smoothly, That was a relieve indeed as if that would spoil my day if the promotion was not going so well.

Wonda Coffee

That me sip some premium coffee !

Malaysia Chairman of Asean 2015 at Suria Sabah

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Educational Entertainment and free gifts  

Program Seranta & Diplomasi Awam

Celebrating Malaysia is the chairman of ASEAN in the year 2015. The official handover by President Myanmar to Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Free gift performed in the middle of the event. Crowd could not resisted it but there were limited quantity of this T-shirt.

Everyone want to have a piece of the T-shirt.

Some of the most eye-catching banner will be like the above picture !

Winners of NTV7 Golden Awards 2014

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Aaron Yan and Mike He arrived at red carpet Golden Awards 2014

Aaron Yan Golden Awards 2014

The crowd went a little bit lost control during the arrival of Aaron Yan to the show. His white outfit and laser starring turned the Golden Awards 2014 more joyful.

Mike He Golden Awards 2014

Mike He is one of the spotlight in the Golden Awards 2014. All the fans in Malaysia were grateful Mike He came all the way from Taiwan to attend this event. 

List are the winners in Golden Awards 2014 broadcast on NTV7

Best Mandarin TV Drama produced in Malaysia

- 香火 / The Descendant

Golden Awards 2014

Most favorite & welcomed TV Drama


Best Actor

- 李洛中 / Frederick Lee

Best Actress 

- 吴天瑜 / Debbie Goh

Best Supporting Actor

- 叶良财 / Steve Yap

Best Supporting Actress

- 杨雁雁 / Yeo Yann Yann

Best Newcomer

-  陈浩严 / Tan Hau Yen

Best Telemovie

- 夺命游戏 2

Best Drama Theme Song

- 灰 BY 杨家辉 in drama "The Descendant"

Best Director

- 郭福华 in the drama "The Descendant"

Best Original Screenplay

- 陈钰莹

Best TV Drama Montage

- 一次就爱对 / Love Compulsory Season 2

Best Variety & Entertainment Program

- 非常好歌 / The Ultimate Song

Best Variety & Entertainment Program Host

杨雁雁 / Yeo Yann Yann

Best Newscaster

- 陈丽亭 / Tan Ley Teng

Best News & Current Affair Program

- 抢救苏丹街 / Save Jalan Sultan

Best News & Current Affair Program Host

- 徐嘉得 / Chee Kah Teik

Best Festive program

- 古都西安 / Let's Go Xi An

Best Magazine program

- 聆听世界 / Listen To The World

Best Magazine program host

- 林佩盈 / LYNN LIM in a magazine program "跨世纪“ 

Life achievement awards

- 傅志坚 / FU ZHI JIAN 

Watch LIVE Asian Games 2014

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Malaysian is exciting to be able to watch Asian Games 2014 opening at Incheon, South Korea

Asian Games 2014

Thank to Media Prima, Malaysians who like sport and those K-pop fans are able to witness the grand opening of the prestigious Asian sport 2014. Incheon is the third largest city in South Korea was selected to be the host of 17th largest sport event in Asia countries. It will be held from September 19, 2014 - October 4, 2014.

Due to this event, Malaysia cup 2014 quarter-final was halted in order to focus on this groundbreaking event. Malaysia soccer squad was selected to be a rival for South Korea at a friendly-match. It more likely an opening match for soccer category in Asian games 2014. Although lost to South Korea, Malaysia did not lost any point. The good news is Malaysia won Laos in a 4 and nil score. 

K-pop fans in Malaysia will be enormously grateful one of their favorite K-pop band is perfoming on the stage. JYJ band was selected to represent South Korea as an icon for the sport. Their Korean song "Only One" has 1.8 million hit even before the match begin. The video has been uploaded as early as last year.

Take a guess on their official mascot, it Seal. 3 different color Seal wearing a medal or badges. They are staggering 45 countries would make appearance at this exclusive sport event. One of them are Malaysia. Sport and Youth minister expected Malaysia to get some medals back especially in the sport of Squash and badminton. Lee Chong Wei and Nicol David are showing up in this cant-miss opportunity event.

Do not miss the opening of LIVE Asian Games 2014. Stay alert for the date September 19, 2014 (Friday) and the time 6.00PM. Tune to TV9 and wait for Malaysia national flag to show up. One will be able to see athletes competing each other tomorrow of the opening ceremony. Some of the sport events in Saturday are badminton, cricket, basketball and many more.

NTV7 Golden Awards 2014

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Golden Awards 2014 or 金视奖 2014 by NTV7

Golden Awards 2014 by NTV7

Golden Awards is an significant event in Malaysia Chinese television industry which reward excellence in production and performance. There are 3 award categories Drama, Non-drama and Viewer's choice.

A total of 31 awards will be presented at 3rd Golden Awards on September 20, 2014. 31 celebrities will be selected by panel of judges comprising locally and regionally.

There are a list of local and oversea popular celebrities joining this event. They are Aaron Yan (Taiwan), Yao Yao (Taiwan), Mike He (Taiwan), Chen HanWei (Singapore artist), Kym Ng(Singapore), Joanne Peh (Singapore), Pang Ho-Cheung (Hong Kong) and Lynn.

Date                    : September 20, 2014 (Saturday)
Time                   : 6.30PM arrival, 8.30 award presentation
Venue                : Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) Level G
Official website : Golden Awards 2014 website
Live streaming   : NTV7 /Tonton

Golden Awards 2014 by NTV7

For viewer choice, one can vote for your popular artists and TV dramas. Voting period is August 1 - September 12, 2014

All of these drama and non-drama were produced by Malaysian television broadcasters or Malaysian registered production companies. Besides, program that co-produced between companies whose primary base is in Malaysia is eligible and qualify for the award.

More detailed information and pictures at Winner of Golden Awards 2014

Events Schedule for 57th Merdeka Week 2014

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Exciting and Fun Events during Week of Celebration of National Day 2014

All the information can be obtained by visiting KKMM website. Original list of Merdeka week Event
Besides, some of the crucial information including official Malaysia Merdeka Facebook page Malaysia Merdeka official Facebook Page

Furthermore, you should know this Malaysia Merdeka Official website . What more, if you have interesting story, photo, videos. Make sure includes Hashtag #IniMalaysiaKita, #Merdeka57 


August 28 - September 1, 2014

  1. Aset Negara                                (Location : Perkarangan Parkir Stadium Merdeka)
  2. Perkampungan Belia & Kerjaya   (Location : Padang Merbok )
  3. Perkampungan Sains, Teknologi & Inovasi  (Location : Laman Tunku Abdul Rahman)
  4. Perkampungan Santai Seni                        (Location : Perkarangan Hadapan Pasar Seni)
  5. Autoshow Merdeka                                  (Location : Loading Bay Stadium Negara)
  6. Perkampungan Dunia Wanita & Si Comel (Location : Laman Wakaf Buta)
  7. Perkampungan Dunia Usahawan                (Location : front of Starpoint Hotel & front of Madras)
  8. Laman KKMM                                         (Location : KL central )
  9. Memori 57: Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival 2014  (Location : Stadium Merdeka)
  10. PC Fair & Jualan Boom Merdeka                         (Location : Padang Merbok)

30 & 31 August, 2014

  1. Fiesta Blog Shop (Location : Dataran Medan Pasar)

29 & 31 August, 2014

  1. Memori ChowKit 2.0 (Location : Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, In front SOGO)

30 August, 2014

  1. Amanat Merdeka (Location : Saloma Bistro, MATIC Kuala Lumpur)

31 August, 2014

  1. National Day Marching (Location : Dataran Merdeka)

16 September, 2014

  1. Malaysia Day 2014 , (Location : Dataran Kipas, Miri, Sarawak)

Interesting video advertisements by Proton, Maxis and Petronas. 10 Best 57th Merdeka 2014 Ads and Video

Wash your Hands and Body with Life Buoy Bar Soap

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Unilever Malaysia encourage using Life Buoy soap to wash your hands from dangerous bacteria especially your children hands

Brand           : Life buoy
Name           : cool fresh with menthol & active 5
Net weight     : 80KG
Manufactured : Indonesia
Imported by   : Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings
Distributors    : Unilever Singapore & M.S Makmur Trading Company
Ingredients        : Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Glycerin

Consumer careline : 1-800 88 1315 or

Lifebuoy bar soap is one of the best soap in Malaysia apart from Dettol. Lifebuoy is made by main ingredients taken from palm oil seed. We are a proud nation one of the largest palm oil exporter and producer in the world. It really interested Lifebuoy taken few good initiatives such as promoting heavily on Global Handwashing Day. It is a brand new awareness campaign and beautifully presented by Lifebuoy newest video "Lifebuoy tree of life".

How many of us in Asian countries being educated wash our hands by our parents ? despite numerous campaigns again and again about hand washing we still forgotten to wash our hands. We are getting used to it ! What are the problems or sickness we will potentially getting infected as if we do not wash our hands ?

It is ironic to know that most of us were having shallow knowledge about hand washing practice because mainly we do not really need to wash our hands to eat foods as we use spoon and fork. When we have this shallow knowledge it will trigger a chain effect. If restaurant patron do not need to wash hands then, those kitchen helpers and cookers prepared our food without washing hands ??

A logical thinking will be everyone should wash their hands with soap and eventually make it a strict practice although we will use spoon and fork at any restaurants. If we do not become the role model, our children will not learn ! Use Lifebuoy bar soap today to wash your hands frequently at least wash your hands before eat ! it is most likely Malaysian use hands to eat KFC drumsticks and McDonald burgers.

Besides, It not just for washing hands it can be a soap for your body too. If you have not use Lifebuoy soap you definitely need to try it out. According to Lifebuoy, there are more than 1.6 billion people trust them. For your information, they have been championing health through hygiene sine 1930 with the campaign in US was titled " Clean Hands Help Guard Health".

Lifebuoy soap is saving every children in the world from diarrhea and viral diseases. Save yourself with Lifebuoy soap today !! No other soap company knew the importance of washing hand practice better than Lifebuoy does

10 Things Malaysian prepare for FIFA World Cup 2014

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The sport event that unites all of us but not all of us support the same team though

Owned by Jafar

It is very true ! and tell everyone we will be watching at home or watching at any where there is a big High -Definition Television and huge crowd of people waving their favorite team banner. What else were important than this event that uniting us all ??

1. Apply for MC or paid leave !

The most crucial part will be watch the LIVE of your favorite team. Nobody want to watch after-game match. 85% peoples want to know the result as soon as it come out. They want to brag and boast about it tomorrow at workplace. It even worse for those who have been doing some seasoned betting. It is wise to just bet one Milo ice or Chicken rice more than that it cant be consider.

I am not encouraging you but when come to Spain vs Brazil or Germany vs England who will sleep soundly during LIVE action? Aim your date for MC and paid leave accurately, pick your date and apply it.

2. Subscribe to Astro channel

RTM did not have full access to every match. They did have FIFA World Cup 2014 broadcast right but they only broadcast half of the LIVE match. If you are a sport channel addicted person subscribe to Astro sport channel and watch it LIVE every single match .

3. Buy Football merchandise

If you have not see the news. Many big companies in Malaysia is organizing contest giving away Football merchandise as a gift for your support to the brand. Such as Maggi, Jack n Jill, Nestle and many more. 

Not everyone can win a contest but when you do have money, you can buy merchandise inspired by Football Fever and World Cup 2014. Sport shops will sell them like hot cakes. Can you resist when your friend all are wearing some kind of support to their favorite team and you just wearing your Kpop shirts?

More details visit at 10 best and popular football merchandise

4. Invite all your friends to Mamak stalls

Yes, you would need to book like going to cinema watching a movie just coming out. I think it will be much more terrible because you only can watch LIVE once. It would be a long sold out seats at every strategic placed mamak stalls at big cities. If you have not booking a round table today . It is better for you to give up the hope and go now buy yourself a HD television. Because, you will not get any chance to sit at popular restaurants cheering your favorite team. For example, Brazil vs Croatia although it not very highly competitive match it still be still in a fully booked condition.

Unless you bring your own table and chair, I assured you there were a desperate situation it really occurred. In order to be at the place you like to eat the most while watching your favorite team playing with the crowd you familiar the most anything can happen. They literally do anything.

Get your hope back purchase LED HD TV or else in less than 2 days from now you will be regretting. If you purchase LED HD TV now you might be discounted price. If you have big LED TV at home invites all your friend to your house for party !! 10 best LED TV under RM 2000

5. Buy Maggi Instant noodle Cup, Junk Snacks

When the last time you watched FIFA World Cup ? It will be last 4 years and you probably not remember
that every moment you cant miss especially your favorite players are playing at the field. Keep your body hungry free because you are going to get hungry at 4 AM. 

You will need those energy. Instant noodle and Junk Snacks are your most preferable choice. What you do when you have full energy ?? Shout at the moment they goal !!

Maggi organized a contest giving out free sport wear try your luck to get one free too at Maggi and Brazil contest

6. Install smartphone apps inspired by FIFA 2014

There are many smartphone game maker out there created addictive football game. Play the game and choose your favorite country soccer team. Strike the goal with your favorite players. Make sure your opponent did not get a chance to enter your penalty area.

Some top smartphone football game is interactive one. You could play with friends !! Install and play

7. Argue with your friends which team will be eliminate and which team is going for semi final

This happened a lot. It had happened in English league and it will surely happen in this grand event. In the past there were in the extend to ending people life. Support your favorite team and it is not necessary telling people to support your favorite team because everyone is not the same.

It is like the title suggests " Uniting us all but not everyone support the same team" If you like Brazil who won 5 times previously then do not anger the group of people who supporting their favorite team England. Control your emotion do no be so stress ! Let it go , let it go cant hold it back anymore !

8. Wake up 4 AM for the LIVE action first match Brazil vs Croatia

Source : Google search

Most of us are sleeping at 4AM. Research study concluded that human are the weakest at the time 4AM-5AM. The only way for you to watch your match will be drink coffee or nescafe. There is no guarantee you will survive till the end of the match. Besides, first match will be on Malaysian time Friday before sunrise at 4AM. I guess in the middle of the game, Muslim will go on praying.

Set your clock now at this coming Friday 3.50AM , 10 minutes earlier for the time being to open up television  !!

9. Sing the FIFA World Cup 2014 anthem by Pitpull or Coca-Cola

It is incomplete without a World Cup anthem. Search the song at Youtube memorize it and sing it throughout the month making it the most popular song in the month of June. Besides, Coca-cola have a different anthem song inspired by World Cup 2014. Visit at The World is Ours by Coca Cola Malaysian version

10. Prepare for the worst

It not like my favorite team England or your favorite team Brazil won the last FIFA World Cup 2010. You have Joyful laugh if your favorite team was either Spain or Netherland , most of us " tearful eyes " because our most unexpected thing become reality.

More about "FIFA World Cup 2014" in Unitedmy

  1. watch-fifa-world-cup-2014-on-rtm-1.html

Youtube fans Meet and Greet at KL LIVE 2014

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You could be seeing your favorite Malaysian Youtubers at KL LIVE. Do not miss this rare opportunity to see them in close proximity.  

Youtube Fans Meet & Greet Malaysia

Everyone love watching video clips at Youtube. But, many of us do not know actually there are many local Youtubers doing well in making video at Youtube. Basically, there is something like Youtube celebrities they have so many subscribers which translated as a fans.

If you can make a simple video, you can be Youtuber but in order to become Youtube celebrities, I guess your subscriber must be exceed 10,000 subscribers or lesser . It really self-explanatory. There are people who make videos about gaming, funny, parody, cover song, cute baby. Youtube is the easiest way for you to express yourself ! 

"Gangnam style" song by Psy exceeded 2 Billion views a new height for viewing volume. I guess everyone love to watch pop song and culture in South Korea. Besides, we will have "PewdiePie" channel focusing on humorous and gaming horror and adventure genre, this channel has the highest subscriber in a single channel. Internet is so unpredictable and Youtube influences greatly on us especially the younger generation.

There is more to say about Youtube now and it future. Back to the main topic, do you want to see Malaysian Youtubers performing for you ?? Join this Youtube fans Meet and Greet at KL LIVE on Tuesday June 17, 2014. Don be late come early on 6.45 PM . The best thing is yet to be said the entry is free of charge. 

It really excited to know that priority is given if you register yourself at their official website. Which event in Malaysia do not take entry fee ? I guess it would be KL Twin Tower event but it was canceled this year.  

Biggest names on Youtube will be joining us those have been confirmed are Diandra A, Joe Flizzow, SonaOne, Joseph Germani, Joyce Chu, Namewee, Narmi, Red People. Not to mention there will be some Surprise performance by International Youtube stars. Who else are coming to Malaysia ?