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Winners of NTV7 Golden Awards 2014

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Aaron Yan and Mike He arrived at red carpet Golden Awards 2014

Aaron Yan Golden Awards 2014

The crowd went a little bit lost control during the arrival of Aaron Yan to the show. His white outfit and laser starring turned the Golden Awards 2014 more joyful.

Mike He Golden Awards 2014

Mike He is one of the spotlight in the Golden Awards 2014. All the fans in Malaysia were grateful Mike He came all the way from Taiwan to attend this event. 

List are the winners in Golden Awards 2014 broadcast on NTV7

Best Mandarin TV Drama produced in Malaysia

- 香火 / The Descendant

Golden Awards 2014

Most favorite & welcomed TV Drama


Best Actor

- 李洛中 / Frederick Lee

Best Actress 

- 吴天瑜 / Debbie Goh

Best Supporting Actor

- 叶良财 / Steve Yap

Best Supporting Actress

- 杨雁雁 / Yeo Yann Yann

Best Newcomer

-  陈浩严 / Tan Hau Yen

Best Telemovie

- 夺命游戏 2

Best Drama Theme Song

- 灰 BY 杨家辉 in drama "The Descendant"

Best Director

- 郭福华 in the drama "The Descendant"

Best Original Screenplay

- 陈钰莹

Best TV Drama Montage

- 一次就爱对 / Love Compulsory Season 2

Best Variety & Entertainment Program

- 非常好歌 / The Ultimate Song

Best Variety & Entertainment Program Host

杨雁雁 / Yeo Yann Yann

Best Newscaster

- 陈丽亭 / Tan Ley Teng

Best News & Current Affair Program

- 抢救苏丹街 / Save Jalan Sultan

Best News & Current Affair Program Host

- 徐嘉得 / Chee Kah Teik

Best Festive program

- 古都西安 / Let's Go Xi An

Best Magazine program

- 聆听世界 / Listen To The World

Best Magazine program host

- 林佩盈 / LYNN LIM in a magazine program "跨世纪“ 

Life achievement awards

- 傅志坚 / FU ZHI JIAN 

RTM Kuiz Terkumpul Contest for FIFA World Cup 2014

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Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 at RTM 1, RTM 2 or TVI to win attractive prizes. Glue your eyes on Kuiz Sambaria 

Life is just wonderful in the month of June. Get your TV remote control tune into selected RTM channel for LIVE World Cup 2014 at Brazil. As you watch your favorite team such as Spain or Brazil, win yourself some attractive prizes exclusively for RTM audiences.

There will be two contests. One is require audience to call on the spot for answering a question given. Another one is Kuiz Terkumpul, it will be required password code. There are 35 password codes to be collected. The password codes is given before and after the LIVE match. For example, Brazil vs Croatia 4AM- 6AM you are required to watch it on 3.30AM and 6AM.  

For Kuiz Terkumpul, previously RTM TV hosts will unveil the password codes before the match and then after the match. As for Kuiz mingguan, you are require to watch at RTM 1 or RTM 2 on 12.30AM - 1.30AM every Friday and Saturday. TV Host will give an question and you are require to give the correct answer by phone call 

Radio Television Malaysia tried their best to garner public attention to watch LIVE match at selected RTM channels. In a news reported that, RTM will keep broadcasting anticipated sport matches in the future if demands is high. They are targeting 3 million Malaysian viewers for each World Cup 2014 LIVE match.

I have seen two LIVE matches FIFA World Cup 2014 at RTM 1. The Best part about that it was free of charge. Spain versus Netherlands was a fantastic match. Do not miss and remember the date June 15 LIVE match between Colombia versus Greece 12AM only at RTM 1.    

Samsung Ultra High Definition TV is available in Malaysia

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World First ever Curved UHD TV launched by Samsung globally. Over 1000 Clear Motion Rate 

UHD TV Samsung Malaysia

If you just bought your TV last 2 years your TV probably stand at 100 refresh rate which is above average rating among LED TV. Unless you bought a plasma TV which the refresh rate could be from 200-600. Refresh rate is one of the main determinant in purchase a right TV

Normal TV shows and news are using on 50/60 refresh rate. Now why would anyone in this world need something bigger than that ? There are plasma TV even goes up to 600 refresh rate not to mention UHD TV which is over 1000 refresh rate. 

It does not matter because consumers are fascinated by promise of better picture quality. In fact, Ultra High Definition TV are not the same of HDTV. It is a successor of High-Definition TV. UHD TV have a humble beginning in 2012 that only less than 100,000 UHD TVs shipped globally. Guess who ordered the most ? 

It would be China consumers. Accounted 80% of the buyers are came from within China. It was not cheap at US$5000. Over the years, UHD TVs gained worldwide attention shipment grow from merely 100,000 to millions. Researchers forecast that end of the decade which is 6 years from now, 40 per cent of all flat panel TV shipments will be UHD variety. It is so expensive who are going to buy ??

They have all figured out the price tag that is why they will introduce entry-level UHD TVs which will cost consumers merely US$1500 or lesser. Indeed, the world technological advancement is growing tremendously and rapidly.

In simple, what are UHD TV ? It is just another term for 4K, 3840 x 2160 p TV. Movie industry and gaming industry is trying harder to provide game in 4K resolution TV. There are few TV shows supporting 4K resolution that will be "Breaking Bad".

UHD TV Samsung Malaysia

UHD TV are mostly a smart and LED TVs. The cost of owning one is still relatively high for this next generation TVs. Most of the TVs review are still ranked UHD TV has a rip off price tag.

Author of this blog Unitedmy does not recommend this year or next 2 years to purchase an UHD TVs. We will see price lowered when consumer are slowly reject HD TVs but it is unlikely to be happened in this year or next couple of years.

Although it looked amazing does not mean you have to buy it now and put at your living room. You can always go back to TV store and spend few minutes enjoy them. 

Samsung Malaysia Curved UHD TVs Promotion

  Back to curved UHD TV, Samsung Malaysia made a promotional campaign to enhance sales on this new generation TVs in Malaysian market. This campaign is started on May 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014.

The curved UHD TVs is 65 inch and 55 inch screen size. For 65 inch will be at a price RM21,999 and for 55 inch it will be at RM 15,999. 

Besides curved UHD TV, you will have rebate on Smart LED TV series 6 and LED TV series 5 in this same campaign. If you are not interested in curved UHD TV, you still have choices to make ! It is a wonderful opportunity for would-be LED TV buyers. Interested buyers can visit here for more information. You could get a Samsung LED TV as low as RM2,099, it is a 40 inch Full HD Samsung TV series 5. 

Unveiling World First ever Curved UHD TV at Malaysia with President Lee Dong Yong

Besides, are you seeking for perfect Smart UHD TVs by Samsung ? Author of Unitedmy introducing you it is a 65 inch screen size, 1000 clear motion rate, 4HDMI ports & USB 2.0, Ultra Clear Panel Quad core for only RM 13,999.00. For more information visit at Samsung UHD TV 65"

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