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Malaysia and Neighboring Countries Electricity Prices Comparison

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Comparison Electricity prices per kWh on other Asean countries. Malaysia electricity tariff 2014 against others

I do not know whether average Malaysian household felt the new electricity tariff pricing system effective January 2014. For myself, I kind of curious and felt a little bit. So, I set myself on a simple research that can be done by normal secondary students.

I just want an answer for my question in my mind. You and I know it not difficult we just have to do some search on Mr Google. Although Google is a powerful search engine, it did not mean once you type your questions you would like to find out, Mr Google may or may not give you a satisfy answers within few seconds. I have spend some time on this small research !

Based on the research, accuracy of the information is quite high. However, as the electricity price per kWh vary every year in various countries, it is very hard to find out respective country exact electricity price per kWh. There might be a prices difference mistakes for some countries but all the information are based on within 3 years. Despite that, the price gap is not really wide as if some country implemented new electricity tariff system.

It is up to you to fully or partially believe it or not on the chart above. I am quite convinced that. Take a look at Malaysia vs Singapore electricity price per kWh, you will see that Singapore 1 kWh is so high currently stood at RM 0.63. I believe there is tier system in Singapore electricity tariff.

I don think Singapore has this electricity tariff tier system. In Malaysia, First 200 kWh, it charge on RM 0.21 or USD $0.09 

Brunei new tariff on 2011 is incredibly cheap. First 500 kWh is RM0.3 , which they pay for RM 15.00. 501 - 1500 kWh charge on RM 0.30 .  On 1501 kWh and above , they are charging RM0. 45 . I think they are still using 2011 electricity pricing tariff.

Which countries has the lowest consumer electricity per kWh ?

Brunei definitely stood the top at the ranking. RM0.03 for first 500kWh .

For orderly manner it would be Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippine, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore. 

Which countries has the highest consumer electricity per kWh ?

Reverse the order it would be Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Philippine, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei.

All of the information provided here is just my personal opinion. I am just normal Malaysian just like other Malaysian in the street. Be moderate !


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