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Oligo and Milo Chocolate Drinks Comparison

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Oligo Vs Milo Chocolate Beverage 

I cant believe drinking Oligo is like I was drinking Nestle Milo. There was nothing wrong with my tongue. I cant differentiate the taste. Despite some people said Oligo has bad taste. When people said Oligo, a not so good chocolate drink I thought to myself that "how bad it can goes" ?

Oligo is one of the many beverage brand under one big company. It Power Root. I believe you have seen Power Root advertisement. It always triggering my human desire to win RM 1 million. Even the oldest chocolate beverage in Malaysia such as Milo, it did not had this kind of RM 1 million advertisement. 

Believe it or not both of these chocolate beverages tasted the same. It like a replicate of it or they just has different packaging. That all of it ! Speaking about Power Root, they have extensive beverages products for Malaysian consumers. They have their own version of Red Bull and wide selection of Nescafe.

It is up to Malaysian consumer whether to support Power Root or other brands. There is one important noticeable factor among those beverage products, particularly Power Root, all of them has no price range gap compared to other brands. For example, one go to shopping mall picking up Oligo and Milo and notice the price are same. Why is that same price ??

I thought popular brand such as Milo should sell higher whereas Oligo should sell in lower price. It does not work like that in beverage industry. If price and taste were the same what really a concern for consumer will be the brand. It seem like Nestle brand is stronger compared to Power Root and consumer are most likely to choose Nestle Milo over Power Root's Oligo. 

Give it a try for Oligo chocolate drink if you have seen them at supermarket or 7-Eleven stores nationwide. Both are great chocolate beverage in Malaysia 

Redmi 1S vs Moto E Review

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Moto E and Redmi 1S are officially joining the RM500 below smartphones selling in Malaysia

Redmi 1S vs Moto E

Looking at the chart above the only huge difference were the Android section and camera. Moto E clearly has advantage on this Android update. As for other sections, you would see Redmi 1S dominate each of them. The RM50 difference is not a big gap between Redmi 1S and Moto E. Redmi 1S obviously defeated Moto E in term of technical specification. Just look at the screen size, Moto E is 0.4' smaller than Redmi 1S

News reported that Xiaomi dominated China smartphone sales in second quarter. Sending a wave of overwhelmed response towards Samsung and Apple brands. Xiaomi is now the top 1 smartphone brand in China large population. China smartphone brands such as Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei were expanding to various market tapping lucrative and ever-growing economy in many part of the worlds especially Malaysia and Indonesia.

Redmi 1S is exploring the market in India. The announcement just made as were writing. Among all the Xiaomi smartphones, this prove to be best of all Xiaomi smartphones selling in Malaysia. On August 5, Redmi 1S smartphone sales in Malaysia sold out in merely 3 minutes and half for 5,000 units. Reflecting the acceptance of the market towards Xiaomi brand.

Xiaomi company took the rare business model on smartphone sales. They wanted the potential buyers in the market to wait for selected releasing date to buy their product. A practice that do not perform by many smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. They provide the reason that saving cost on warehouse expenses and so on.

This selling method reminded of a celebrity concert ticket selling so fast the fans bought all the tickets within hours. For example, Taylor Swift concert in Malaysia sold out in mere hours. There were 16,000 seats. A few thought,, it seem like Xiaomi sales is relatively faster sold out than Taylor Swift concert ticket.

Love by most of the Malaysian, Xiaomi Malaysia released a note that Lazada will be handling Redmi 1S selling on August 27 and the time set on 3PM.  Xiaomi Malaysian has certainly chosen a right partner working for a business deal. Want to own Redmi 1S ? remember the date and now all you need to do is jam the Lazada website I am pretty confident there will be a mass online traffic flowing at the time and date. It has been proven on the Xiaomi website before

As we are talking about Moto E, this smartphone released in Malaysia on August 13. More info please visit at Moto E review

Malaysia and Neighboring Countries Electricity Prices Comparison

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Comparison Electricity prices per kWh on other Asean countries. Malaysia electricity tariff 2014 against others

I do not know whether average Malaysian household felt the new electricity tariff pricing system effective January 2014. For myself, I kind of curious and felt a little bit. So, I set myself on a simple research that can be done by normal secondary students.

I just want an answer for my question in my mind. You and I know it not difficult we just have to do some search on Mr Google. Although Google is a powerful search engine, it did not mean once you type your questions you would like to find out, Mr Google may or may not give you a satisfy answers within few seconds. I have spend some time on this small research !

Based on the research, accuracy of the information is quite high. However, as the electricity price per kWh vary every year in various countries, it is very hard to find out respective country exact electricity price per kWh. There might be a prices difference mistakes for some countries but all the information are based on within 3 years. Despite that, the price gap is not really wide as if some country implemented new electricity tariff system.

It is up to you to fully or partially believe it or not on the chart above. I am quite convinced that. Take a look at Malaysia vs Singapore electricity price per kWh, you will see that Singapore 1 kWh is so high currently stood at RM 0.63. I believe there is tier system in Singapore electricity tariff.

I don think Singapore has this electricity tariff tier system. In Malaysia, First 200 kWh, it charge on RM 0.21 or USD $0.09 

Brunei new tariff on 2011 is incredibly cheap. First 500 kWh is RM0.3 , which they pay for RM 15.00. 501 - 1500 kWh charge on RM 0.30 .  On 1501 kWh and above , they are charging RM0. 45 . I think they are still using 2011 electricity pricing tariff.

Which countries has the lowest consumer electricity per kWh ?

Brunei definitely stood the top at the ranking. RM0.03 for first 500kWh .

For orderly manner it would be Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippine, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore. 

Which countries has the highest consumer electricity per kWh ?

Reverse the order it would be Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Philippine, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei.

All of the information provided here is just my personal opinion. I am just normal Malaysian just like other Malaysian in the street. Be moderate !


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