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World Wrestling Entertainment LIVE in Malaysia 2014

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Get to see WWE Superstars John Cena, Ricky Steamboat, The shield and Intercontinental Champion

WWE live will be held 2 days on October 11 - 12 in Malaysia. Thank to Malaysia major events that successfully brought number 1 international wrestling event to Malaysia. Malaysian fans surely overwhelm about this news.

On May 22, 2014, there were announcement by Astro and WWE that there will be 2 days WWE LIVE in Malaysia. So much happening events in the year of "Visit Malaysia 2014". We will be seeing Taylor Swift concert, 2NE1 concert, Avril Lavigne concert and many more to come. We would have been seeing Rain on March but it was canceled due to Malaysia Airliner incident.

Despite that, We have been watching WWE since the beginning before it even had WWE brand and logo, it was World Wrestling Federation(WWF). WWF is the predecessor of WWE. There were good old days wrestler. For example, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt angle, Goldberg.

It is a surprising news for most of us that our childhood and favorite wrestling TV show will be able to be hosted at Malaysia.  We have seen growing trend of introducing wrestling entertainment into Malaysia market. Such as the Malaysia Invasion Mixed Martial Arts(MIMMA) by Tunetalk .

In fact, WWE 2014 in Malaysia will be the second time after 12 years. The first WWE was held in 2002 at Putra Indoor Stadium with 16,000 seats. This time will be at the same venue as before Putra Stadium 

There were so many WWE fans missed the opportunity to see WWE LIVE 2002 in Putra Stadium but now they have chance to see them in close proximity. Entrance tickets to WWE LIVE arena at Putra Stadium October 10-11 have been allowed to be purchased since May 31. Cheapest one will cost RM 128 while the most privilege VIP ticket cost around RM 1230.  

Don miss the bus to witness WWE LIVE in your country buy the ticket online at

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Correct me I am wrong, Hitz FM's Ean was with WWE Ricky Steamboat in this short video clip.