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10 Sad News in Malaysia April 2014

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A compilation of news stories emitting expression of sadness. 

What are the saddest news stories Malaysian felt in the month of April ? What are thing you have missed ? All of these are merely expression of individual opinion. Information are gathered by Malaysian media. Viewer discretion is advised 

1. Sea Turtles and A Dugong Carcass floating on the water

Discovery of decomposing carcass at Pulau Mantanani, Sabah. The island is often named as "mermaid island in Chinese translation or "Mei Ren Yu Dao" in Chinese. Most of the Chinese tourists always refer the island as mermaid island.

A month ago, state wildlife authorities went to an investigation at Pulau Tiga found that there were mass turtle carcass. On the research by University Malaysia Sabah, there is lucrative market for turtle meat it can be priced as high as RM300 per kilogram fresh meat while dried meat will slightly priced at lower price.

Will it jeopardize the marine life at the island? What are the impression to the tourist visiting Sabah ? Did they caught the culprits behind all that and stopped them completely ?

2. Traffic Accident took the life of ADUN Paloh wife

ADUN Paloh Datuk Nozula Mat Diah involved in a traffic accident at Cameron Highland at Pulai crossroad. Traffic accident in the month of April could the worst as a result Traffic ministry is enforcing and strengthening the law on the road and public road safety.

As a respected leader, public mourned the loss of his family. Prime minister of Malaysia tweeted hoping his health is recovering in fast pace.

3. MH370 Black Box battery is running out

Malaysia Airliner MH370 has gone for a month. The black box is still yet to be discovered. Mystery of the missing aircraft will be unearthed if black box is retrieved

The time waits for no one they are against the time to locate Black box transmission. It indicated that when black box run out of battery, the hope discovering the black box will be much more difficult and diminished.

What really happened to the aircraft is still a mystery? one of the passenger next of kin said to the media hope that there will be a good ending closure to the MH370 incident.

4. Karpal Singh involved in an accident

A series of bus accident at the highways causing panicked atmosphere to the news readers. It rendered transport ministry an explanation to the public how safe is our road ?

Karpal Singh 's automobile Toyota Alphard travelling on the highways with his long-serving driver rammed by a lorry with his family inside. The accident caused left seat of Toyota Alphard completely destroyed. Passenger on the left seat suffered tremendous damage died on the spot.

Passenger of the lorry remained unhurt. Hospital diagnosed lorry driver and found out that he had a history of drug consumption

5. Road and Air traffic accident

There were 3 cases of aircraft failure in the month of April. Several cases of bus accident that involving a British traveler. Authorities are raging on the bus companies. Stripping licenses for those who were not comply with terms and conditions

Bus drivers are not fully trained due to high staff turnover in few business premises. Most of the accident occurred by newly employed bus drivers. In order to get business running, bus companies resorted to using bus drivers with fewer experiences as a captain of bus express driver.

6. Policemen shot at the stomach

Incident happened at Taman Lembah Maju, Ampang. Policemen believed a tiger tattoo bearer involved in an incident shooting of a policeman.

Special police team from Crime Investigation Unit of Ampang Jaya police district office formed to investigate the case and led to a raid at a house in Taman Gunung Rapat, Ipoh, Perak. A chinese women who attended the house was found with the suspect

In the same month, two believed to be Nigerian nationality fired gunshot aiming at policemen after refused to be identified. They flee the scene resorting to use of gun.

7. Veteran Artist Passed Away

Sidek Hussain a well known actor among Malaysian passed away. He suffered 30 years of facial disfigure due to cancer. He is diagnosed with the fourth stage in cancer development.

He had been hospitalization since March 2014. The tumor-like cancer grow at his face weighted 2 KG. He is the main actor in the film "Toyol" in the year 1982. Rose to fame quickly, he made second acting at the film "Potret Maria".

8. No cure for chronic disease at Middle East

Deadly virus named as Mers-Cov is the main cause of the death Malaysian after pilgrim travel. He was diagnosed positively at a hospital. In a report, he had taken camel milk in a camel farm at Saudi Arabia. He died on April 13 after become ill on April 4.

It is the first case happened in Malaysia. Although the group of pilgrim travel consist of him and few peoples they were not contacted with the deadly virus. WHO stressed that individual with Mers-Cov should be highly taken care of. There is no cure on this virus. This news sparked nationwide worry and sadness afraid there will be an epidemic outbreak.

It seem that the virus is contained by Malaysian health practitioners from widely spreading.

9. Newborn found in the toilet bowl

Newborn baby found dead in a toilet bowl at a flat rented by college students in Pahang Hiliran. Student contacted Terengganu police after discovered flatmate fell unconscious at toilet.

10. GSC cinema is not hygiene enough

Although it is a big case but there are many people is visiting cinema everyday. A young girl was bitten by alleged rat while watching a 2 hour movie. Chrisanne Chin was interrupted watching her favorite movies at Golden Screen Cinema.

Her feet is stained with blood after finish watched movie at GSC Mid valley. GSC operator soon alerted by the incident and apologized with her at a news release. Her facebook post regarding this incident quickly caught attention and were publicly shared 300 times with many of her Facebook friends

He also said that treatment at hospital took her 2 hours away involving injection and prescription medicine to prevent diseases.