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Malaysia vs Japan Thomas Cup Final 2014

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Thomas Cup Final this Sunday 5.30PM . We are in final this time after so many years.

Sunday 5.30 PM is the time most of Malaysian are at home resting. Wait, there is something coming and better than resting, what is so important than resting on Sunday ?? Tune to RTM or your Astro channel for Thomas Cup 2014 Final match Malaysia vs Japan.

Tell your friends, parent and relatives, we are in the middle of getting Thomas Cup back to our own soil. We are not alone hoping the best for our athletes Malaysian wife of the Prime minister, Datin Seri Rosmah has called every Malaysian to give support to the country badminton team.

We cant reduce the chance will we lose the match as both team are shown to have great badminton players in the ground. Winning is nothing compare to greatest match. We week glory, fantastic, once in a lifetime match. Who winning is not important but putting a good show for everyone with all the sweat and tears they have put through. Winning is nothing the important is the process. "Fail is part and parcel of the quest to glory" said wife of Malaysia Prime Minister.

Who do not want to see Japan's Kenichi Tago and Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei match in Thomas Cup 2014 ?? World No.2 badminton player Chen Long lost the badminton match with Kenichi Tago. It is important to know that Lee Chong wei once beaten by Chen Long as for Lee Chong Wei facing Kenichi Tago will be something worth to watch as we have seen Chen Long vs Malaysia this year

Before the match begin, RTM was told broadcasting right for Thomas Cup Final is about RM 4 million and they were unable to buy that right and broadcast it . As soon the news came out, It stirred not satisfy for some group of people. Twitter May 24 trending #ThomasCup4All  , it is part of a online community discussing the said news about RTM and Thomas Cup Final most of people just voiced their dissatisfaction about it. They can only watch the match LIVE by Astro channel.

The miracle does happen, after few hours authority said the right to broadcast were taken by private TV station,  RTM regained the right to broadcast Thomas Cup Final for free. It seem like everyone can watch the anticipated match tomorrow either at Astro channel or at RTM. 

This online twitter trending could be an online pleading or an online petition proved successful in contributing RTM regains their right to broadcast tomorrow Thomas Cup final.

Who will win tomorrow match ? Let see the game tomorrow ! Thank Astro for giving out the right to RTM ! 

Malaysia 2 - 3 Japan . Thomas cup belong to Japan 2014.