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Sukma Final Soccer Perak vs Johor 2014

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17th Malaysia Games (Sukma) Who will win the title Soccer champion this year ?

If you love soccer sport definitely you need to know who will be the soccer champion in 17th Sukma. Intense battle between Perak and Johor at our TV screen yesterday night. They have come so far battling other state team only one team will be glorify as champion of this year 17th Sukma game

As I watch the game LIVE yesterday night, I definitely have a feeling Perak would win the game. They have good maneuver skill. They are controlling the ball all the time and their position is very successful to goal. They scored first and second goals easily. Breaking Johor defense with 3 strikers. Perak team did not hunger for goal they waiting for the best opportunity. They utilize passing skill at the right end soccer field to ensure strike get the best open opportunity for goal kick.

As for Johor team, they eager to strike a goal at the goal gate of Perak. Numerous attempts free kick and penalty kick straight to earn goal points but failed. Although they broke through Perak defense, they lacked strikers get the best open opportunity for goal strike.

The end result Perak vs Johor would be 3-1 battling at stadium Tuanku Syed Putra on June 3, 2014.

First goal for Perak were by Muhammad Shahrel Fikri Md Fauzi, Second goal at 17 minutes by Perak team Khairul Asyraf Sahizah. Third goal performed by Muhammad Shahrel.

Johor scored 1 goal were by Shafiq Shahruddin. They played well in the match.